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As a Content Creator, you’re out there every day creating AWESOME content to serve your tribe. When it comes to tools to turn your ideas into content, there’s no shortage of tools available to you.

The purpose of this page is simple…

To share the BEST tools we’ve found that help us accomplish our Big 3, here at Amplify Your Awesome™:

1. Organizing and Centralizing Content so it’s easy to find

2. Systematizing and automating content creation and distribution, and

3. Monetizing our content (old and new)

The tools on this page allow us to make all the behind-the-scenes magic happen. They’ve been tried and tested (some for years). Nothing makes this page without having been thoroughly vetted by our team and are tools we use every day.


Affiliate Disclosure.

Some of the tools listed below may contain affiliate links. When you purchase through our links, we may be compensated for recommending these products. Please know that we NEVER recommend products, services, tools, etc. that we don’t absolutely adore and use ourselves.

Yong Pratt - Content Gold Miner - Amplify Your Awesome™

Cheers to you, Content Creator!


Website Building Tools

Web Hosting


Want a website? You'll need a hosting company. I've used many, many, many hosting companies over the years. I recently moved to SiteGround on the referral of many pro web designers/developers. And I am so glad I did. In the short time I've been with them, their tech staff has helped me quickly through some tough challenges. Top notch support, security, and speeding up my website and just a few of the many benefits. Click the button below to check out what SiteGround can do for you.

Jarvis - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome

Conversion.ai AKA Jarvis

Need copy for your website, social posts, blogs, and more? Look no further than Jarvis, your new best friend. Jarvis, the most advance AI copywriting tool in the world, can helps you write all of your marketing copy and content so you could get back to actually working on your business?  Jarvis is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to generate winning marketing copy on demand...in under 30 seconds so you'll never be stuck staring at a blank page again. Grab Jarvis today and you'll get a 10,000 word bonus from me...how cool is that???


Looking for an all-in-one platform to start or scale your business? Look no further than my Podia. No more connecting multiple tools (i.e., email service, landing pages, sales pages, payment processing). Get a free 14-day trial and you could make your first (or next) course, membership, or digital download. Exceptional tech support and robust features make Podia a must have for any business.

Divi WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes

Building a website doesn't require you to become a coder or web developer. All you need is a great theme and you definitely get what you pay for in this case. Free Wordpress themes are abundant, however, very, very limiting.  Elegant Themes gives you access to multiple themes so you can create the site of your dreams. My current fav theme? Divi. Get ready to build your dream website with Elegant Themes!

Tools to Automate & Simplify


This and the following tools in the sections have LITERALLY changed my business! In particular, these tools have changed what I no longer have to do manually or pay someone else to do for me. Want to turn your Facebook Live video into an audio for your podcast? No problem. Want to send that same video to YouTube automatically? No problem. Repurpose can do these things plus loads more! Ready to repurpose your content?

Simple Social Press

Automatically build your website's blog by leveraging your FB videos. Simple Social Press is a Wordpress plugin that takes the hassle out of downloading your FB videos and then uploading them to external video hosting platforms. Simple Social Press auto-magically embeds each FB video (live or uploaded) directly to your Wordpress website as a new blog post.

Simple Podcast Press

Have a podcast? Simple Podcast Press is a Wordpress Plugin that auto-magically creates a new blog post for every episode. Each post has an audio player along with buttons to access your podcast across the platforms YOU choose. Did I mention that your Apple Podcast reviews can be displayed across your website? If you're podcasting, you most definitely need Simple Podcast Press to simplify the backend of your business and leverage your content on your own platform.

Otter Transcriptions

Need to transcribe your videos or podcasts to turn them into blogs, quotes, books, and more? Otter.ai is my go-to for real-time or uploading files for transcriptions. The best part? It's FREE!

Graphic Design Tools


Canva is our go-to tool for everything graphic design. It's easy to use interface, templates, and free images (many more when you upgrade to Canva for Work which we use) make it a simple solution for creating the graphics you need in business or in life. My girls also use Canva for school projects, party invitations, book covers, and more! Get designing today!


When stock images just won't cut it, head to Unsplash.com to find unique images to capture the designs in your imagination. Images are free to use and you can give attribution to the photographer if you choose.

Productivity Tools

Google Everything

When it comes to the day to day operations of our business, we rely on Google Drive. From spreadsheets to documents to presentations, email, YouTube, and much more, Google is our main hub. We can share and collaborate with our team in real-time which helps us save time and be efficient.


You may be wondering why we use Dropbox if we spend so much time inside of Google Drive. Great question! Let's just say we might be a *tad* obsessive with backing up everything we create in multiple places (videos, podcasts, meetings, etc). We use Dropbox as our full library of goodness that holds literally everything.

Last Pass

If you're always losing your passwords or have to re-set them every time you log in to a website, Last Pass can help you overcome these challenges. You'll only need to remember ONE password to login into yur Last Pass Dashboard. We use Last Pass to store passwords for the entire family and we can share passwords securely with our team. Don't waste more time looking for your passwords! Just get Last Pass. And did I mention, plans start at FREE???

List Building, Sales Pages, Opt-ins

Jarvis - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome


Podia is a tool I've returned to twice in the last couple of years because it's that good and their pricing cannot be beat for all they offer! It's an all-in-one tool that helps you easily create sales pages, opt-ins, send emails, offer courses, and memberships including a community feature.  Podia's free migration service and 24/7 tech support made switching back worth its weight in gold. This is now our all-in-one solution to build our email list using the built-in landing pages plus so much more! If you're ready to start building your email list, you'll get 14 days to try out Podia by clicking on the links on this page. Get ready to build YOUR list.

Conversion.ai AKA Jarvis

You may have noticed that this is the second time you're seeing Jarvis on this page. It's because Jarvis is the bomb dot com. He helps with will ALL my content every single week. I no longer have to start with a blank page. I give him ideas of what I want to create and he generates blog posts, social posts, headlines and more for me in matter of minutes. I can now create all my content for the week in under an hour! Get ready to meet your new best friend, Jarvis, PLUS a 10,000 word bonus from me!

Video Production Tools


Why go live on only one platform at a time when you can go live on MULTIPLE? Going live is about meeting your people where THEY hang out and that's the power of Restream. If you're going live anyway, stream it out to as many places as possible. When it comes to streaming live, Restream is one of the easiest to use and one of the most consistent. Whether you're doing a solo live or want to host a panel, Restream has the tools you need. You can even customize the "look" of your video by adding in your branding - logos, colors, etc quickly.

eCamm Live

Ecamm was the very first tool I used when I started streaming live on FB. Even though I use BeLive for most of my interviews, I LOVE Ecamm live because I can share pre-recorded videos and stream them as live.  If you're ready to use your Mac as your video production studio, eCamm Live is a tool you need.


If you're not thrilled about creating face to camera videos, you can still create great looking videos using screencasts - showing what's on your school without being on camera. Screencast videos can be used to teach classes, train your staff, and so much more. Quickly add in background music, overlay text, insert intros and outros, and more.


We use zoom nearly every day to meet face to face with our team - to plan launches, to prepare for presentations, and more. Zoom meetings with one person have no time limits. When you meet with multiple people, you're limited to 40 minutes per meeting with the free account. Happy meetings!

Podcasting & Live Streaming Tools

Ready to upgrade your hardware to improve sound and video quality? Here’s a complete list of Yong’s Favorites.

Looking for a complete studio set up at a budget-friendly price. This is a great all-around microphone for recording not only podcasts, but videos, and audiobooks.

Just need a standalone mic for recording? Great mic for podcasts, videos, and audiobooks. Getting a pop filter/windscreen is highly recommended.



This is my go-to tripod for travel and everyday use. It has a built-in level to ensure your videos aren’t askew and its legs wrap around just about anything.


When you’re ready to scale your lighting and set design this out-of-the-box studio allows you to create great videos showcasing YOU.


 This USB camera plugs directly into your computer. It broadens your picture and picks up more light so you look crisp and clear on every video. 

When you’re on the go and need a little extra lighting, clip this to your smartphone so you always look great.


Want to produce a multi-host or guest podcast in a single location? Here are some recommendations from my fellow pro-podcasters with multi-host and guest shows. 

Need to record multiple hosts or guests?  Connect up to 4 microphones to this portable recorder. Records audio directly onto an SD card for easy editing.

Just need a standalone mic for recording? Great mic for podcasts, videos, and audiobooks. Getting a pop filter/windscreen is highly recommended.


A foldable desktop microphone stand makes portability and storage a breeze. Includes a pop filter to reduce the harshness of sounds.


Make listening to your podcast audio a breeze with these studio headphones.


Record podcast audio with the Zoom 6 directly onto an SD card. 

Connect your microphones directly to the Zoom 6. You’ll need one cable for each mic.


Ready to Amplify MORE of Your Awesome???