[0:03] When it comes to technology, it’s inevitable that Gremlins will come out and play. Today we’re going to dive into strategies you can put into place right away whenever those Gremlins come to play.


[1:06] Happy Halloween, and welcome to episode number 245 of the In a Weekend Podcast. I’m your host, Yong Pratt, and I help female business owners launch their podcasts in as little as a weekend by repurposing the content they’re already creating, so that they can grow their audiences, expand their reach, and gain more new clients.


[1:32] The inspiration for today’s podcast episode


[2:05] See examples of artwork Yong’s youngest daughter, Daphne, has created for the podcast  http://www.yong pratt.com/245


[2:38] Why including your kiddos in your business might just be what you and your business need


[3:07] You may need your sleuthing hat on to discover what gifts and talents your kiddos have and how they can contribute to your business


[3:40] Today’s episode has 3 scenarios of gremlins you may face and 3 solutions for each


[3:46] Scenario Number one: The internet goes out, right before your scheduled live event.


[4:19] Solution #1


[4:29] Solution #2


[4:39] Solution #3


[5:12] Scenario number two: Your live video freezes


[6:17]  Solution #1


[6:21] Solution #2


[6:26] Solution #3


[6:57] Scenario number three: Your audio recording has unusual spikes or sounds.


[7:54] Solution #1


[8:29] Solution #2


[9:05] Solution #3


[9:39] Why facing down these Gremlins is always worth the effort.


[10:00] The reasons these gremlins cause so much distress for business owners


[10:52] Head over to http://www.yongpratt.com/245  and share the Gremlins you’ve faced when recording your podcast episodes or live videos.


[11:07] What’s coming up next week.Have a fun-filled Halloween and face down those Gremlins and show them who’s boss!