[0:04] Yesterday, on my weekly Wednesday live on Facebook, I asked you the question, “What legacy Do you want to leave?”


[0:13] Legacy isn’t something that most of us think about all that often.


[0:27] It’s time to think beyond goals and think legacy…are you ready?


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[1:56] Podcast planning and philosophical questions


[2:08] Is it worth it?


[2:30] Am I making a difference?


[2:52] Am I helping enough people with my gifts and knowledge? PLUS Yong’s public declaration for the next year.


[3:36] After philosophy comes practicality and questions to ponder as the year comes to a close:


[3:49] Did I meet my goals?


[3:51] What new goals do I want to set in the new year?


[3:55]} What can I do with the remaining days and weeks to meet any unmet goals, or even surpass them?


[4:02] All the questions in this episode are part of the legacy you want to create


[4:22]  Here’s the quote about legacy from WikiEthica: “A legacy is a story of someone’s life. The things they did, the places they went, the goals they accomplished, their failures and more. Legacy is something that a person leaves behind to be remembered by.”


[4:40] Yong’s simple definition of legacy


[4:47] Jim Rohn on legacy: “All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we can only imagine.”



[5:23] “One is never too old or too young to start building a legacy.” – Yong Pratt


[6:28] Imagine being able to gift your family and future generations your podcast…


[7:13] Reframing podcasting


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[8:01] Comment below and share:

(1) What legacy you want to leave; and

(2) if you feel a podcast could be part of your legacy.


[8:14] Next week: It’s the end of the decade as we know it…