[0:02] Welcome to part #4 – the finale – in our miniseries “Variety is the spice up your podcasting life.” Today we’re diving into another spice – how you want to record your podcast..



[3:39] Yong welcomes Nicole Thompson, host of the Build Your Wealth Podcast, and graduate of Podcast in a Weekend to today’s live podcast recording



[3:50] Nicole’s podcasting story and how long she had a podcast on her wishlist



[5:03] A story Yong hears all the time about when people are researching podcasting



[5:33] Why Nicole purchased Podcast in a Weekend even though she had just spend big $$$ on another podcasting course



[7:23] Find out how quickly Nicole launched her podcast with Podcast in a Weekend even though she was completely skeptical of being able to launch in a weekend



[7:41] How Podcast in a Weekend is structured to help even the busiest of moms and business owners launch fast without all the fluff



[8:38] Find out how Nicole was feeling as she got closer to launching her very own podcast



[10:53] How Podcast in a Weekend lit a fire in Nicole



[11:32] The ways in which Nicole felt Podcast in a Weekend was different than the other course she purchased



[13:18] Cutting out the fluff when it comes to podcasting and giving you soup to nuts to launch successfully



[14:03] “Podcasting isn’t all about launching. It’s really about building those systems and processes so that each time you launch a podcast episode, it’s the same” – Yong Pratt



[14:45] What you really need to focus on when launching a podcast – it’s not what you think



[15:35] Have podcasting questions? Head over to http://www.yongpratt.com/244 and ask.



[16:01] One of Nicole’s big questions before she took Podcast in a Weekend



[18:01] Yong’s favorite and fastest way to create podcast episodes. Can you guess what it is?



[18:29] How Nicole prefers to create her podcast episodes



[21:27] Podcasting and technology



[24:12] Connect with Nicole and listen to her podcast, Build Your Wealth. Save your seat inside of Podcast in a Weekend.