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[1:26] Today’s spice – frequency or how often will you publish your podcast episodes.


[2:05] What’s your frequency?


[2:07] You get to decide how often you’ll release episodes to your listener based on a number of factors like goals, audience, and commitments on your calendar.


[2:30] The BIGGEST myth Yong hears about podcasting


[2:54] How am I ever going to squeeze one more thing into my already packed schedule?


[3:17] Yong’s here to help make sure your life is easier and more simple by focusing on doing less.


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[4:07] In the class, Yong covers frequency and what makes the most sense for you and your business right now.


[4:33] Yong’s recommendations for frequency


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[5:10] An example and average of how much time graduates of Podcast in a Weekend are saving each week WITH a podcast


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