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[1:36] Today, we’re adding complexity with a new spice – your audience.


[1:44] Knowing who you’ll be talking to before launching your podcast or recording that first episode will go a long way in helping you craft a show that serves your audience.


[2:31] There are lots of terms that have been used to describe who you’re targeting or who you want to talk to with the message of your podcast.


[2:58] No matter what you call it, identifying your particular audience will go a very long way in helping you reach more of the right people.


[3:21] Over the years, Yong’s ideal customer has changed tremendously, especially since coming into this online space just a few years ago.


[3:35] Yong’s audience as a performing arts school owner


[3:52] Yong’s audience for her first online business


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[4:49] 3 questions to ask yourself as you’re considering the audience for your podcast


[4:56] Question #1 plus Yong’s example


[5:07] Question #2 plus Yong’s example


[5:27] Question #3 plus Yong’s example


[5:41] How knowing the answer to these 3 questions will make podcasting easier


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