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Our Fav way to create ebooks is by using an app called Otter. It’s FREE and includes 600 minutes per month of transcription you can use for your eBook, to work with your team, create a grocery list, and much more.

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Success Stories

Writing a book not only boosted my credentials, positioned me as an expert, and helped me build my perfect audience, it also made me feel accomplished! I recommend eBook in a weekend to everybody and anybody who has an idea and wants to get it out in the world! Yong and Kim will take you through the process step by step!!

Christie Garcia

Sparkle Your Star: The Dance Competition Guide

This class is the fastest and easiest way to get it done. I wanted to write stories for my grandbabies for years to teach them about life. And now with this process, I have.

Troy Vaughn

The Adventures with Papaw Troy Series

The e-book launch was surreal, fun & a bit scary. Accomplishing writing an e-book is still like a pinch me moment. I actually created something from my experience.

Tasha Cole AKA Tasha Knows

Host, Break the Cycle Podcast

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