Ahhh Valentine’s Day.

A day dedicated to the giving and receiving of love.

On this day of outwardly expressed love, it’s easy to forget that love – the open giving and receiving of it – is an inner game.

Often, we reserve the words, “I love you,” for others.

When’s the last time you said those words to yourself???

If you’re like me and many of my clients, the answer is never or hardly ever.

Lovability is one of the biggest challenges faced by many of us and it’s one of THE biggest needle movers in the work I do with clients.

If you struggle with feeling lovable of being loved for who you I invite you to watch this video.

I shared a simple practice I use for myself and my clients to shift your sense of lovability.


If you want more practice to improve your sense of livability, you’re invited to join me for a live Energy-shifting, story-rewriting live session next Tuesday at 10 am pst in person or virtual.

All you have to do to join is say TAPPING

xo, Yong