[0:01] Superpowers. What are yours? You know those things that make you unique, that make you who you are. Those gifts, those talents that you possess, those experiences that you have. The things that come easily to you, and the things that light you up. 


[1:14] What you may have missed on last week’s episode, #253  


[1:48] Today’s show is all about you – your unique gifts, your unique talents, the way you view the world, your experiences, the way you help others and the things that light you up. HINT: these superpowers are things that tend to be easy for you. 


[2:20] Time for Action: make a list of five or 10 or even 20 things that come easily to you. The things that you would love doing even if you didn’t get paid to do them. And the things that just light you up and bring you joy. 


[3:08] How the idea of superpowers has come full circle for Yong   


[4:13] Are you ready to share your superpowers with the world? 


[5:18] What superpowers do you want to lean into in 2020? 


[5:27] Questions to ask yourself regarding your superpowers  


[6:48] Examples of Yong’s superpowers to help you think about and discover your own


[10:18] Don’t Forget: Be sure to take time today to write your list of superpowers  🥳


[13:11] NEXT STEPS: Narrow down your list and figure out which superpowers you want to lean into this year and then share them ⬇️


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Superpowers. What are yours? You know those things that make you unique, that make you who you are. Those gifts, those talents that you possess, those experiences that you have. The things that come easily to you, and the things that light you up. Today on episode number 254 of the In a Weekend podcast, we're diving into unleashing your superpowers. Are you ready, my friends?

Welcome to episode number 254 of the In a Weekend podcast. I'm your host, Yong Pratt and here on the podcast, we are all about helping you take fast, massive action to see the kind of results you want to see and create the kind of things like a podcast, you've been dreaming of creating for a long time. We show you a framework. We help you get there and take action and we help you create things fast. Because if you're anything like I am, if you don't get things done quickly, sometimes they don't just get done ever, so we're not gonna let that happen. Agreed?

Well, last week on the podcast, our first of 2020, we talked about what is your word? And we talked a little bit about this idea of superpowers. Now when I talk about superpowers, I am not referring to the things you see in the movies or you read in the comics, like x-ray vision or the ability to leap buildings and climb up them using your spider webs. That is not the kind of superpowers we are referring to in today's episode, although I have to say having those things would be super cool.

What we're talking about today is you and your unique gifts, your unique talents, the way you view the world, your experiences, the way you help others and the things that light you up. And often these superpowers are things that tend to be easy for you. When you do them, they're quick and kind of almost brainless sometimes. But when other people see you do them, they think, 'wow, you're really good at that.'

So right now, if you are listening on the go, I want you to come back to this episode. But if you are sitting someplace and you have a pen and paper or you have your phone with, with your notes open, I want you to quickly make a list of five or 10 or even 20 things that come easily to you. The things that you would love doing even if you didn't get paid to do them. And the things that just light you up and bring you joy. Pause right now, write your list or if you're on the go, come back and make sure you go through this exercise because figuring out what your superpowers are and how you can use those to serve others. build your business to make the kind of impact you dream of making, it all starts here with these superpowers.

Last week on the episode I shared with you as well that this idea of superpowers is not a new one. Years ago, I wrote my first book all about Raising a Superhero - about tapping into your kids superpowers, and helping them excel in the school system and helping them feel really good about how they learn and who they are and their unique gifts and talents. And after I published that book, I kind of put it aside for a while and didn't really think about superpowers. It was kind of always there in my subconscious. But lately, this word superpowers has come back into my life and really come full circle. I invested in a new program over the Christmas break. And these mentors talk about superpowers. And the cool thing is, they refer to them in the same way that I I like to refer to them - that your superpowers are things that you can do. They are things that you can do well, the things that bring you joy, the things that come easily to you.

And I just thought, Oh my goodness. All these years ago, I talked about superpowers and this idea of being a superhero and helping you to become the superhero of your business by sharing everything that makes you awesome, has kind of been a theme that's been running in the background, but I'm ready, my friends, to help you bring your superpowers to the forefront. To help you not only discover what they are, but to help you lean into them, and to help you then take those superpowers and help other people by sharing your knowledge. Are you with me?

This is a really cool time in history. This new decade has really lit a fire under me like pretty much no other time in history I feel because it almost feels like the slate has been wiped clean. It's time to let the past stay in the past, take our lessons learned, move on and really Dream Big about what you're going to create in 2020.

So let's talk about that. What do you want to lean into in 2020? So think about that in the context of your superpowers.

How can you take your superpowers and the things that you love to do and are good at how can you take those things and lean into them more? How can you bring them into your business? How can you use those things to serve at a higher level? How can you take those superpowers and really amplify everything that makes you, you and makes you a completely awesome person?

I know this is a lot to take in it. Almost leans into the woo field about superpowers. But I really want you to, you know, put your adulting hat aside and step into that childlike wonder you had when you were young, a time when anything was possible, and dreams were just that they were dreams. And you can visualize what things were going to be and you visualize who you want it to be. I'm really asking you today to step into that sense of wonder, digging deep into you, and who you are and who you love to serve and how you love to serve them, and the ways that you can serve them that bring joy. We're going to put all those together as we unleash your superpowers.

So let me give you some examples of myself to kind of set the stage and help you to really kind of a springboard and write your list of superpowers down. Okay? Here we go. So for years, for 17 years, in fact, I ran a performing arts studio. The really interesting thing is that when I close the studio and moved into the online space, and started working in tech and working with other business owners, helping them with their technology challenges, and speaking the language of tech between creatives and the tech people, I discovered quickly that that was one of my superpowers. I was able to decipher, if you will, tech speak, to help non-techie people understand tech, but then help them get the people in their lives, to help them with their tech by being able to speak that language as well. So it was interesting to be somewhat of a translator, if you will. I never thought about that as a superpower. But I discovered quickly that in my world of the performing arts, being in the tech space and being able to make sense of a tech was not in the wheelhouse of most of my peers. So that became one of the superpowers. That kind of stood out from the rest. And I can lean into that by helping my fellow Performing Arts studio owners understand and tackle theirs.

Another one of my superpowers is being able to be somewhat of a sleuth. Meaning that I feel a little bit like Nancy Drew in the sense that when I go into a business, or I talk to somebody about their business, and they fill me in on some of those questions that I ask, I can quickly see some of the things that they themselves maybe overlooking, or they have not thought of, in regards to growing their business, to monetize their business to help their business more run more efficiently. And when I talk about efficiency, that really boils down to the systems and the processes. So from being the strategic person, seeing the gaps, being that sleuth, and then being able to couple that with what systems and what processes does a business owner needs to put in place that will help them run their business more efficiently, be more profitable, and save more time with automation.

Now, if you've been listening to the podcast for any length of time, you know that I am a huge fan of automation and time savings. So I look at people's businesses from that lens. And I discovered that these are superpowers of mine. They have risen to the top and they're superpowers that I am now leaning into in this new year. I'm leaning in as we rebrand the business and the podcast because this new name and this new space that we're going to occupy in the world really kind of encompasses all of these superpowers and helps me package them in a way that makes sense This re-brand is all about helping you to unleash the superpowers and really lean into them in a big way. And to take those superpowers and package them up to serve others in a big way.

On the last episode, you learned that my word for 2020 is soar. And I want you to come on this journey with me. So if you didn't pause this episode before, I want you to make sure you do this for me. Pinky promise? I want you to take some time today, or at least in the next seven days, and write down a list of all the things that you love to do. The things that you love to teach. The things that are easy for you. Answer or write down some of the questions people tend to ask you about certain things in your life. And these things do not have to be related to your business. If they do, that's cool. If not, it's okay too, because sometimes, we often overlook the superpowers that are right in front of us.

And that's how it was when I discovered that speaking tech, and making tech easy for non techies was a superpower. And then lately I've learned that helping people be strategic in their businesses, particularly with their marketing and how they reach the people they want to reach. That's a superpower. And then the craziest one is being able to help business owners create systems and processes it because my friends, I went in kicking and screaming when I had a mentor who helped me to create not one or two, but hundreds of systems that ran my Performing Arts studio, even in my absence. Because of those systems, I was able to take a month off, be in another country on another continent. My business still ran without me because these systems were in place. My employees knew exactly what to do, how to do them with what resources and what the outcome needed to be. So as weird as it seems, for a creative to also be a systems and process person, kind of a strange combination, I have discovered and have even started to embrace that. I kind of love systems and processes, and being strategic.

So my friends, I want you to make sure you write down your list. And then once you have done that, go through and circle a handful of them that you would love to explore or lean into this year. And maybe these things can help you serve your clients to a higher degree in 2020 because as a business owner, it's always about your ability to serve clients in unique ways, consistent ways. In ways that resonate with you and your brand, or speak about your business even when you aren't there.

So my friends, here's what I want you to do. Now that you've made your list, you've narrowed it down, you figured out the things you want to lean into, come on over to the show notes for today's episode at Yongpratt.com/254 and share the top five superpowers that you have discovered in this process. I cannot wait to find out what your superpowers are. I hope that by me sharing what my superpowers are and kind of how I discovered them that's going to serve you and help you discover what yours are as well because 2020 my friends is the year that we unleash your superpowers in a big way - we amplify those superpowers and we help you to make the kind of impact that you know you were meant to me. Until next time, my friends I wish you a tremendous day. Cheers.