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[0:05] It’s the end of the decade as we know it and I feel fine…I don’t know about you but I definitely want to end the year, feeling more than, fine.

[1:32] Have you thought about how you want to wrap up this year?

[1:59] Do you slow down when it gets close to the end of the year? 

[2:05] Let’s make a pact to not slow down as the year comes to a close. Let’s celebrate YOUR podcast as we raise our glasses on New Year’s Eve.  

[2:55] With only five weeks left in the year, is there still time to launch your podcast?

[3:03] It’s time to stop waiting to launch your podcast!  

[3:55] Why women often put off their dreams of starting a podcast.   

[4:32] How a podcast can help you craft your legacy  

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[5:50] Why most Black Friday/Cyber Monday won’t be as impactful as Podcast in a Weekend  

[6:54] How Yong views podcasting  

[7:48] Podcast in a Weekend will be held the first weekend in December, 2019 [Dec 6-8]. 

[8:08] Why Yong has opened the doors now instead of on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

[8:51] A podcast is possible to create and launch faster than you may think is possible. One student did just that in only 4 hours!   

[10:42] How one student enrolled in Podcast in a Weekend just to prove it wasn’t possible  

[11:40] A podcast is a game changer. If you have a message that you know that can affect more people positively, a podcast is a great way to do that. 

[11:53] Why podcasts are an indispensable tool in your marketing toolkit   

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[13:35] Why do don’t want to wait to get in on this last round of Podcast in a Weekend in 2019

[14:03] You can end your year, feeling fine, or you can end your year feeling on fire by creating and launching your Podcast in a Weekend. 

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[15:28] Will YOU be one of the 1000 women Yong will help launch their podcast in the upcoming year?