[0:00]  What does the Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow have to do with your content? Well today on the Amplify Your Awesome podcast, we’re going to dive into this very topic. 

[1:34] If you missed last week’s episode, press pause and go take a listen 

[2:45] How the feedback from last week plus St Paddy’s Day inspired today’s episode

[3:34] Monetizing your Content Gold Mine 

[3:55] Why helping you mine for the gold in your content is so personal for Yong

[5:23] Wanna see the new brand video? Come on over to the Arena of Awesome and check it out

[7:06]  Mixing up your chocolate for maximum benefit

[8:59] Using your ladder of offers/value stack to build relationships

[9:40] Yong’s St Paddy’s Challenge for you

[10:13] What type of content do you love creating? Come share inside the Arena of Awesome  

[11:59] More details about Yong’s challenge of creating LESS content

[15:15] Why you have more gold than the Leprechaun and its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

[16:18] Interested in talking about your content gold mine? Message Yong over on Facebook

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