[0:00]  What does the Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow have to do with your content? Well today on the Amplify Your Awesome podcast, we’re going to dive into this very topic. 


[1:34] If you missed last week’s episode, press pause and go take a listen 


[2:45] How the feedback from last week plus St Paddy’s Day inspired today’s episode


[3:34] Monetizing your Content Gold Mine 


[3:55] Why helping you mine for the gold in your content is so personal for Yong


[5:23] Wanna see the new brand video? Come on over to the Arena of Awesome and check it out


[7:06]  Mixing up your chocolate for maximum benefit


[8:59] Using your ladder of offers/value stack to build relationships


[9:40] Yong’s St Paddy’s Challenge for you


[10:13] What type of content do you love creating? Come share inside the Arena of Awesome  


[11:59] More details about Yong’s challenge of creating LESS content


[15:15] Why you have more gold than the Leprechaun and its pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


[16:18] Interested in talking about your content gold mine? Message Yong over on Facebook


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Yong Pratt 0:00
What does the Leprechaun's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow have to do with your content? Well today on the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast, we're going to dive in to this very topic. So buckle your seat belts, and let's dive in.

Yong Pratt 0:17
Have you ever felt like there is something missing in your business? Something holding you back from the success you're seeking? If so, you are not alone. For nearly 20 years, that's exactly how I felt as a business owner. It wasn't until I discovered Human Design, that it all became clear. And it turns out that I was the missing piece in my own business. Join me on this journey of discovering the real me and hear stories from other business owners building businesses around all of their awesomeness. I'm Yong Pratt, and it's time my friend to Amplify Your Awesome™!

Yong Pratt 1:03
Hey there, everyone. Welcome to this live recording of the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. As always, I'm so grateful you are tuning in live, catching the replay inside the arena of awesome or listening on the podcast. I'm Yong Pratt, Content Gold Miner, and today we're going to talk about how there's gold in them thar hills and talk about your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Yong Pratt 1:34
Well, last week I came and shared with you about what m&ms chocolate bars and what they have to do with your content. And I have to tell you got so much amazing feedback. from last week's analogy. I love teaching in analogy. I love teaching via story because it makes it more relatable. Plus, I will have to admit that once last week's video was done, I did enjoy a bit of chocolate. And this week, I actually upgraded my chocolate to a little more tasty versions. Still not the ones I was looking for but these were the ones that I found at the register when I was checking out last week. So here we are. So if you missed that episode, definitely come back into the Arena of Awesome, watch that video. Or if you prefer and you're like me you like to learn on the go, grab your earbuds, head out for a walk and listen to last week's episode of the podcast called chocolate m&ms and your content. It was such a delicious episode for so many different reasons.

Yong Pratt 2:45
Lots of people messaged me and said that they finally understood the whole idea of repurposing content, right? There's kind of a buzz word with the idea of repurposing content. But what I want to share today is not really so much about repurposing content and making it into lots of different things. It's about really digging in to your goldmine that you have all ready, as we're celebrating St. Paddy's day here in the US. You know, there's that legend of the leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And I do want to share that you right now have access to more than that. You have more than just a single pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Yong Pratt 3:34
You, my friend, have a literal goldmine of content at your fingertips. And today we're going to talk about digging in and figuring out what is inside your gold mine that you could actually monetize today. Are you ready?

Yong Pratt 3:55
I'm so excited to bring you this topic because over the last week, I have been digging into filming and producing my brand new brand video. Now if you don't have a brand video, it's basically the about story behind your brand. And in this video, I share the story about you know being from Nevada and how Nevada is one of the largest gold producers in the world. And because I have lived here for so long and gold mining is part of my everyday life - my husband is employed tangentially to the gold mining industry. He doesn't work for the mines specifically, but he works for a contractor that works for the mines. So gold mining is really important in our lives. It allows us to live our lives and enjoy our lives and live where we want to live because of gold mining. So it's really important to me and so this idea of really thinking about your content, as your veritable Gold Mine is a huge one. It's so personal to me. And I really want you to understand that as a course creator, as a coach, you already have so much gold or so much content that is just buried really deep right now. And it's our job to dig in and figure out what is there.

Yong Pratt 5:23
One of the ideas I talked about in the brand video, which I'll be sharing inside the Arena of Awesome. So if you're not already part of my Facebook community I would love for you to come over, hang out, give me your feedback, meet some other Content Gold Miners here in the group, because it's really about recognizing our gifts, recognizing what we already have, because it's so easy to look past all of that, and want to create content continuously, because that's what we've been, quote unquote, told to do. Right. And I talked about that in the brand video as well.

Yong Pratt 6:01
So digging into your content, we talked about chocolate. Last week, we talked about how each of these big chocolate bars, these big nuggets actually have a little square. And those squares are shareable. And I talked to Kim, who's in this group last just a couple days ago. And she told me that actually was a specific name for the squares up a little Hershey bars. So if you happen to know that, come and share that with me, I have not taken the time to research that yet. I would love to know. So we talked about how each square is then shareable. So you can take one big piece of content, you can take your video, I can take this video, and I can break off three pieces, three big chunks and share them out. Within those chunks, though there are smaller pieces. So the m&ms, how many m&ms can you fit into a square? I don't know that math either. However, there's gonna be quite a few, especially if you get the mini m&ms, you can fit quite a few of those into one chocolate bar.

Yong Pratt 7:06
The even cooler thing with your content, though, is that you can mix up these squares and your m&ms. And you can melt them down. You can add in ingredients. You can take out ingredients. And you can make anything from hot chocolate to chocolate cake, to chocolate fondue,to all sorts of different chocolate delights, right, and it all starts with this is one piece of content and all the little pieces you can add in and all the micro pieces, a little m&ms that you can also add in. And if you are listening on the podcast or you're listening live, you'll notice that you might hear some crinkling it's because I have some props that I'm actually showing you on the video because, you know, as a former Performing Arts owner and a dancer myself, you know, having props and being visual is definitely part of who I am and what I love to bring here to you. So you can mix all these down in different ways.

Yong Pratt 8:17
And in the brand video that I'll show you inside the Arena, I talked about how you can literally with the content you already have. Put them together in different ways, the big pieces, the little pieces, package them up, tie a bow on them and offer them up in the marketplace. It could be something small, it could be a free gift, it could be your freebie for people to get on your mailing list.

Yong Pratt 8:43
For instance, you could package some things up together. You could upsize that and give them maybe some videos to go along with that. And that could be your low-priced offer. You can package even more things together, and up and up and up.

Yong Pratt 8:59
In business, we talk about the ladder of offers or your offer stack. How are you going to move people from the free thing to the paid thing? And there are lots of little steps in between. This is really the what I call the Relationship Roadmap. So even even though you want to get them to go to this big thing, it's not likely they're going to go from zero to 100 miles an hour. Right? There needs to be some gradual increase. People need to spend more time with you get to know you a little better, like you a little more trust you even more. And then they love what you have, then they can ascend up the ladder. But we need to give them a reason to do that.

Yong Pratt 9:40
And right now, today, my friends with your content, you could literally put dozens, several dozens or even hundreds of things together in different ways and sell them. So that's my challenge for you today. On this St. Paddy's Day. I'm recording on St. Patrick's Day. If you're listening on the podcast and it's gonna be after St. Paddy's Day, however, this idea of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and your literal goldmine that you actually have more than a pot of gold is relevant to you.

Yong Pratt 10:13
So I would love to know, what types of content Do you love creating? Let me know underneath this video. If you're listening on the podcast, come on over to the Arena of Awesome. Find this video. And let me know...

Yong Pratt 10:28
Do you love to create video? Video has become one of my favorite ways to create content. It took me a very, very long time to be able to come here, share with you live, and even just hit that dawn record button. I was so scared of this medium. And I literally had to find mentors. I had to practice. I had to join groups like Toastmasters to work up enough courage to even stand in front of people and speak let alone come here on video, which will then be turned into a podcast and shared out across the world. So do you like like me? Do you like to do video, let me know that?

Yong Pratt 11:10
Are you someone who prefers to do audio? You have a message to share, you want to speak it out loud, you want to turn your words into a product, like a podcast. Let me know that if that is more your speed.

Yong Pratt 11:22
And I know some of you out there are are authors, your writers you like to blog, you like to write books, you like to write all those social posts, no matter what kind of content you start with.

Yong Pratt 11:35
When you break apart pieces of all the different things you have, and reconfigure them in lots of different ways, you're going to be amazed at how many things, how many products, for lack of a better word. How many packages you can put together from what you already have without having to create all sorts of other pieces of content.

Yong Pratt 11:59
What if, instead of creating content for the next two weeks, you just dug into your content gold mine, and you pulled out some big nuggets? And from within these big nuggets, you sprinkle in a couple of the m&ms? And you were to do that a couple of different ways? Could you create 1, 2, 3, a dozen? The possibilities are really endless when you get down to it, because you can take these these bits of chocolate, and you can serve them up as is you can mix them together with different things, you can order them differently.

Yong Pratt 12:36
And in my brand video, I show some images of the different ways that you could actually turn your content into lots of goodness, lots of gold, because that gold is something that at the end of the day, helps your bottom line, right, you're in business to make money. And I know sometimes for me, I don't always feel that because I just love showing up and sharing and helping and the money is secondary. However, I do know that there are some hard costs in business and I know you have them as well.

Yong Pratt 13:09
So what if you could just take all the goodness, package it up together, put a gold bow around one, put a silver bow around the other and offer these up to the people who already like you? I'm not even talking about people who are brand new to you. What if you could offer up your goodness, your goodies, your gold in different ways to different people who are following you here on Facebook or following you over on Instagram, or hanging out with you over on YouTube? Wherever you like to hang out? What can you offer from the content you already have.?

Yong Pratt 13:47
So again, I want you to hear this. I don't want you to create a bunch of new content in the next two weeks. I want you just dig in really deep, because I know sometimes the very best content we create gets forgotten. We get so excited about creating the next thing and I know I'm like this. I'll create something and I get excited about it. And I share it for a little bit and then I forget about it. And then what happens. It gets buried deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. And to find it again, we have to do some digging. We have to dig up that goodness. We have to dig into our gold mine and root around a little bit, find that goodness. And I've share a couple times that in Nevada that most of the gold that is produced in our state is actually microscopic. It is not visible to the naked eye. This is what happens to your content. When you create it and you forget about it, it gets buried deeper and deeper and deeper. And so before you know it, it's just at the very bottom of the pit, right. We have to dig it back up. We have to look for those microscopic pieces that rise to the surface or better in the surface from within our bigger chunks of content. There's lots of little microscopic bits, microscopic elements, some goodness, some breadcrumbs. However, you want to think about all the different ways that you can turn your chocolate bar into loads of other things and offer them up to the people who already know like and trust.

Yong Pratt 15:15
So my friends, that brings me to the end of this live recording, I'm excited that you join me live or watching the replay or listening on the podcast. Because this is a really important critical piece of building your content gold mine. You need to look at all the things you have, you need to look at the hills, the mounds of content you have and you need to realize how much gold is actually in them thar hills. And it's way more than just a single leprechaun with this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Yong Pratt 15:51
You my, friend, have a literal gold mine of content, you just need to dig in. Maybe a little deeper than you thought and extract it, unearth that goodness to share it. If you would like my help in this process. Let me know under this video, raise your hand or just say me, I'll reach out to you personally because one of the things I want to gift on the St. Patrick's Day is time with me.

Yong Pratt 16:18
If you're interested in talking about your gold mine - what it could look like, how you can excavate how you can unearth it, how you can share more goodness without having to create more content all the time. I'm your girl. I'd love to help you out. I cannot wait to dig into your content gold mine and discover right alongside you. What's there, what's possible, and how much more of an impact and income you can make with your very own content gold mine. Thanks for tuning into today's episode. I look forward to connecting with you. Let me know if you would like me to walk this journey with you because it would be my honor to be your guide in unearthing your content goldmine. Until next time, my friends. I wish you an amazing day. Cheers.

Yong Pratt 17:16
Thanks for tuning in, do the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. Let's continue this conversation inside my Facebook community arena hub awesome. While it's still free and open to new members, come share your biggest takeaways and Aha. Plus, every week inside the arena, you'll get access to me and I may even share content I don't share anywhere else. Until next time, my friend, go out there today and Amplify Your Awesome™!

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