[0:37] In this bonus episode, we’re diving into 3 kids of stories to tell plus a 3-part storytelling framework  

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[2:43] Have you ever shared out loud the story of why you started your business? Was there a story behind why you transition maybe into a new business? Or do you have a story of your clients And the wins they’ve had because of working with you. 

[3:05] Why it’s more important than ever to share stories with your tribe right now  

[4:57] Grab out a pen or a piece of paper and write down some ideas or a list of things you could share stories about. So let me give you some examples just to kind of set the framework here. 

[5:14] Story Type #1 plus examples

[8:08] Story Type #2 plus examples

[11:12] Story Type #3 plus examples

[16:00] ] A 3-part story framework you can use 

[20:46] It’is time to embrace technology, and to really lean into becoming a great storyteller using live video

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