Have you noticed the explosion in audio-only content?

From Clubhouse to Spotify’s Greenroom to Audio Rooms on FB and FB’s announcement of in-app podcast feeds?

I’ve been a lover of audio-based content since launching my first podcast way back in 2013.

Today, in part 1 of this new mini-series, FB Ads Ninja, Tammy Pereria and I are going to dive deep into the world of audio.

In Episode #344 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast, you’ll discover…

  • Why audio is growing so rapidly
  • How you can jump on the audio bandwagon with your own message
  • How you can leverage audio content using FB ads

And we’re going to share an upcoming opportunity for you to work with Tammy and me LIVE in August to Amplify Your Awesome™ through audio and ads.

Today’s episode is taken directly from a live stream Tammy hosted in her FB group yesterday, FB Ads for Women Entrepreneurs.

We’ll be streaming part 2 of the series LIVE inside my FB group tomorrow, the Arena of Awesome at [9:30] AM PST, July 21, 2021.


When you join live, you’ll be able to ask us your questions about audio and ads.


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Quotes & Images to Share

The Audio + Ads Advantage - Yong Pratt - Tammy Pereira