“Wow!!! Podcast in a Weekend exceeded my expectations! The repurposing content that my eyes have been opened to was an unexpected BONUS. Everyone who has a business needs to take this class! It’s simple and well laid out format is great for every individual. Thank you” 

– Christie Garcia

“Yong Pratt and her revolutionary podcasting process are making history by giving the quick step-by-step instructions to implement in one weekend her powerful system. She is known as the Repurpose Queen for a reason! I now have a podcast and have saved more time during my week than I would if I didn’t have a podcast. Seems crazy but true!!!” – Kim White

“Going through the class I gained a new avenue to reach my audience without adding more time to my already busy schedule.

The work that you do in the beginning also helped me focus on what and how I deliver content in my Facebook live videos.” 

– Mary Jo Staebler

“Technology has never been easy for me, but Yong Pratt makes this course so user friendly that I felt confident that I could ROCK this in my 50s!”

I was able to manage the course in my free time as a mom of 3 with a hectic home, work, and business schedule. And I’m so proud to say I DID IT!

– Sheri Dyas Mellot

What can I say – to go from dreaming of having a podcast to actually launching one in such a short period of time. It was a true dream come true and has allowed me a platform to begin sharing my message with the world.” – Cyndilu Miller

“I have a podcast! Setting everything up was so easy. The way the class is taught is right for everyone because you can go at your own pace. I learned so much and look forward to putting everything into action now that it is all set up. Thank you, Yong.”

– Cheryl Stevens

Don’t forget the Content Marketing Toolkit