Have you hired your first VA?

Have you hired your first VA?

Happy Friday and first day of September!


How’s your search for a VA going?


If you’re anything like me, the idea of onboarding a VA sounds good. Heck, it even sounds awesome!


There’s one little problem….TIME.


Can you relate?


When I set out to hire a VA, it DID take time. I had to step away from being “busy” to focus on growing my team. And along the way, I experienced lots of doubts about myself and the process of bringing on a virtual team member.


Fast forward a year and a half and I still have the same VA on my team. She continues to support me, the growth of my businesses, and is an indispensible member of my team. To this day, I make time to train her on new tasks, to refine tasks she’s been doing so they’re more efficient, and to let her know she’s important to me.


In reality, she’s like every other member of my team and plays a key role. She allows me to practice my delegation muscle and keeps me


During this, the busiest of the year with the start of a new season, it can feel as though there isn’t a drop of time to spare. And adding a new team member feels like it’s the LAST thing you want to do.


Let’s imagine together for a moment, shall we?


Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that tasks have been completed overnight…


Imagine walking into the studio with the confidence that you get to go home and tuck your kiddos into bed because you have someone to support your efforts…


Imagine letting go of the small, repeatable tasks that need to be done (but NOT by you)…


Imagine not having to stress about the cost of bringing on this new team member (especially if it’s your first)…


Imagine letting go of the stress of doing it all alone and wearing all the hats in your business…


Well, how’d you do?



Close your eyes and REALLY imagine these experiences. Breath them in and out deeply and let yourself experience any emotions that may arise. Pause right here and stop reading for a moment.


You stopped reading, right???


As a studio owner, I know you work hard to build your business. You are so passionate about your mission and the families you serve. You work tirelessly, often without thanks and forsaking sleep, hunger, and even your family, to create amazing experiences and opportunities for your students.


Wouldn’t it be great to re-create this life of yours and buy back your most precious resource, TIME?


That’s what I experienced when I brought on a VA full-time.


The stress of trying to do it all myself slowly dissipated.


Making payroll on a limited budget became far less daunting as the candidates I was looking to hire were requesting just $3 US per hour.


The joy I gained by delegating repeatable tasks and being less “busy” grows daily.


The TIME I’ve gained back for my family, myself, and hobbies (can you believe it?) is priceless.


You absolutely DESERVE the same!


Hiring a VA is scary. It takes time. But what could you GAIN by hiring one?


As the studio buzzes with activity and you’re feeling excited (yet overwhelmed), do yourself a favor. Hire a VA today!


Let me know if you need any support in this area. Join us over in our FB group, the Tech Savvy Insider. Ask your questions, get feedback, receive support from studio owners just like you. Most importantly, let’s celebrate your successes together!


I’d love to get to know YOU and your VA needs a little better. Would you mind taking a few minutes to complete this SURVEY?


Onboard a VA a let the benefits of doing so wash over you! And then let me know how it’s going.


Need help hiring a VA? Grab my FREE guide today! 


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Need help hiring a VA? Grab my FREE guide today!