Using your voice for change

Using your voice for change

Ready to use the power of your voice and video to create positive change?


Have you ever been afraid of something and didn’t do it?


How did that feel? 


At some point in all our lives, we’ve all experienced fear and we’ve let it stop up from:


  • Moving forward.
  • Taking action.
  • Speaking up.


Today on episode 282, we’re diving into getting past our fears by using the power of our voices and video.


Welcome to episode 282 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast.


I’m your host Yong Pratt and this week we’re taking a bit of a departure from our regular topics like content creation and repurposing to dive into something that’s been on my mind and in my heart and probably yours as well.


Let’s dive in…


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t normally watch the news because it tends to make me anxious and often puts me in a state of fear and a lack mindset.


When I began seeing some very heated posts in my social feeds, I went to investigate. 


When I did. I was mortified. I was angry. I was sad. I let the fear of what I knew I needed to say out loud to all of you creep in. 


Total transparency…I hesitated whether or not to even RECORD THIS PODCAST EPISODE. 


Do I continue releasing the episodes I had already planned on releasing?  




Do I want to open up and have a conversation about hard things and the injustices that have risen to the surface?


I’m choosing the latter and I hope that’s okay with you. 


Before we dive into the deep conversation, I want to give you a little backstory that’s been stirred up and has risen to the surface as of late.


Some of you may know this about me. Others may not…


Yong’s Backstory


I grew up in a small town in Northeastern Nevada, just down the hill from where I live now. That fact in and of itself is totally unremarkable. 


What made a mark on me during childhood was the dynamic of being raised by bi-racial parents in a predominantly Caucasian town. My dad is caucasian and my mom Korean. There was a smattering of Hispanic families in town along with those of Basque and Italian heritage. 


For years, my brother and I were the only Asian kids at our elementary schools. My brother, who was dark-skinned with black hair and brown eyes, was often passed off as being maybe Hispanic. He was fiercely confident and the life of the party and was always surrounded by friends. 


I, on the other hand, was a fair-skinned, red-haired, freckled-faced kid with a weird name that rhymes with some rather unpleasant words that kids on the playground would often chant. 


Looking back, I see a kid with very little self-confidence and because of that, I was extremely shy – never wanting to get called on in class, never wanting to stand out and be remarkable in any way because I looked so different. This was in stark contrast to my desire to figure things out in my own way but heaven forbid I break a rule.


I remember hearing people ask if I was adopted, especially when I was with my mom because other than maybe the shape of our eyes and faces, we looked nothing alike to most people.


I remember the way some people looked at and treated my mom. Today we call it racism. Back then, no one thought differently of it, at least where we lived.


I remember just being embarrassed to be Asian because it made me different. 


And when I went back to Korea at the age of 9, I stood out like a sore thumb. So much so, in fact that everywhere we went, strangers would literally surround me and reach out their hands to touch me. They’d pinch my cheeks. They’d rub my skin because it was so white. They’d stroke my hair. 


The worst part is that they thought it was okay to treat me like an object – like a doll on display because I looked different from them. 


Even as an oddity, my life was never in danger because of the color of my skin, like so many are today.


So as the events over the past few weeks have unfolded, it’s brought back these stories and the realities of race in our country.


Dealing with hard topics


As I so often do when faced with a situation or event that comes with big emotions, especially those that cause me to question my own beliefs, I tend to retreat inwardly and objectively observe the world around me in order to process. 


To some, me not showing up and voicing concern or anger or sadness may look like I’m standing on the sidelines doing nothing. Like I’m letting the fear of speaking up stop me from using my voice for good, for change.


That’s not the reality at all.


I’ve come to learn that as an Emotional Projector according to my Human Design, part of my strategy when it comes to making decisions [like the decision to create this email] is the necessity of riding out my emotional waves – experiencing all the highs and lows. 


And holy cow, have there been some low lows lately in the face of the terrible injustices that have befallen our world. Riding this emotional wave brings me the clarity I need before speaking or acting. 


Now that I’ve gained some clarity, have really looked into my beliefs, and have started hard conversations with my girls, here’s what I know with certainty.


  • It’s time to examine or reexamine our own beliefs
  • It’s time to have more hard conversations
  • It’s time to think about what the future will look like if we do nothing or don’t say anything
  • It’s time to think about what the future COULD look like if we DO take a stand
  • It’s time to stand up and speak up, my friend.
  • It’s time to be part of the positive changes that are so desperately needed in our world, especially in the US right now.




By using the power of our voices to bring about the changes we wish to see in our world. 


And one of THE best ways to share your voice is with video – especially live video because it’s real, it’s raw, and it’s unedited. 


So, my friends, I have an invitation for you.


If you’re ready to be a voice for change, I invite you to join me inside my Super 7 Live Video Challenge that kicks off on Wednesday, June 10.


And because I know so many of you want to find a way to use your voice, I want to GIFT you this challenge. All you have to do is request to join our new community, Creators Landing.


It’s a challenge I’ve sold for $77 and includes a simple framework to make the most impact with your voice on video. 


It’s a framework that’s taken me from being scared of pressing record to now loving the medium. 


It’s a framework that’s cost me literally tens of thousands of dollars and over a decade to create and I want to gift it to you because I believe in you. 


I believe in your business and your message.


I believe in the power of your voice to create positive changes in this world.


And just think about the momentum, not to mention the compound effect we could create by uniting our voices for good.


If you’re ready to use your voice for change, request access to Creators Landing and get the challenge as Yong’s gift. s


For 7 days, we’ll dive into the whys and hows of live video and a single week, you’ll have all everything you need to show up confidently and consistently on video and be a voice for change.


Video is powerful.


Your voice is even more powerful and it’s absolutely time to use it to create the positive changes you wish to see in our world. 


Cheers to using your voice and video!


See you inside the challenge as Yong’s gift to you.




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Using Audiograms to Multiply Your Message

Using Audiograms to Multiply Your Message

Today on episode 220 of the In A Weekend Podcast, we’re going to talk about how to Multiply Your Message by creating Audiograms.

Thank you for tuning in today to this episode. My name is Yong Pratt, your host and the Chief Dreamer of the In a Weekend Series of Classes where we help you to simplify, to automate, and to leverage the often hidden assets (like your kiddos) inside your business quickly.


This is part five of a series called Multiply Your Message.


If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, I’ve linked them below.


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Let’s start at the top.

What’s an audiogram? 


It’s a mini video clip. In that video, you’ll see a still image in the background. On top of that still image, you will have a little wav form – that little bar that moves up and down to show you that a video is playing. The audiogram can also include the transcripts or the text that we created on Episode 216. All of this – image, wav form, and the transcription – happens in one singular little video clip, and they are awesome.


You’ve likely seen these across social media. Here’s an example of a Podcaster:

  • Podcaster creates full length video and audio shows
  • Podcaster takes “clips” or “snip” from the audio (i.e., quotes from Episode 219); this can be hired out or done in house with software (I’ll share my fav tool later in this post)
  • Podcaster shares audiograms across social media and links out to the full episode on a website, iTunes, etc.


Some, not all audiograms have text overlaying the still image. If you took action on Episode Episode 216, you already have text you can use.


Here’s an example of one of our Audiograms:

Episode 219 Clip with Yong Pratt – In a Weekend Podcast

Why create audiograms?


People learn in many different ways: some learn best visually, others by reading, still others by listening. With the Multiply Your Message Process, we’re hedging our bets, as it were (a girl can learn a thing or two growing up in with all the gambling in Nevada). We’re taking that one, great piece of content, and transforming it into Multiple Pieces to help people consume our content in a way that’s most friendly to them.


An audiogram hits 3 types of learners right out of the gate – those that are auditory, those that learn visually, and those that learn through words (verbal/linguistic)


By the way, if you’re interesting in learning more about the 8 different types of learning or Superpowers as I call them, check out my first book, Raising a Superhero.


Bottom Line:


Audiograms are the bomb dot com (is that even a relevant phrase in 2019?)…at any rate, you get my point that they’re awesome.


Sounds good. But Yong, HOW do I create these audiograms?


I’m so glad you asked. I first introduced this tool back on episode number 214. And it does exactly what the name implies it repurposes your content. Of course in my world, when I refer to repurposing, it’s all about Multiplying Your Message – turning that one singular piece of content in to multiple.


I’m not exaggerating when I say that Repurpose changed my business by saving me TIME & MONEY. Who doesn’t want that?1?


At the time I was introduced to Repurpose, I had a full-time Virtual Assistant based in the Philippines (the cost of living if FAR less than the US). At the time, I was paying her $500+ monthly do to a portion of what Repurpose could produce automatically plus spending increasing time training and overseeing the work being produced. I could not believe what I was able to stop doing manually or what I could stop paying someone else to do for me with Repurpose.  


One of the many, many, many things Repurpose can do for you, without you doing anything other than upload your time-stamped transcriptions with your audio podcast, is automatically create these audiograms for you.


Say what???

Now it’s YOUR Turn…Here are today’s Action Steps:


  1. Get yourself a free 2-week trial with Repurpose. Trust me you will not be disappointed. If you choose is to invest in this tool, which is a mere $20 a month BTW, which equates to maybe four fancy coffees a month…You can use this software in your business every day to create audiograms and so much more.
  2. When you choose to invest in it, message me on Facebook, or DM on Instagram and let me know. When you use my link to purchase this monthly software,I will send you some video content to help you get started quickly and easily.  Once you get into the software, you’re totally going to be hooked and that $20 a month will be the best $20 a month you will ever spend. And you’ll probably begin to wonder how you lived without it – just like me!



Next time on the podcast:

Multiplying Your Message with Graphics (Images)


We’re going to talk about how to turn your text in to some beautiful images. Plus, I have a special guest for you that’s a 28-year graphics design pro. I’m betting (there’s that NV girl shining through again), you’ll learn a thing or two.


Before you head out on your day, go and check out Repurpose. Get your 14 day free trial start using Repurpose to Multiply Your Message today.


Don’t Forget: Kids are Creators, too…

Don’t forget that your kids (or someone else’s) can be instrumental in helping you to Multiply Your Message.


Wanna hire a Young Creator to help you, tell us how we can help.


Don’t forget, any of our In a Weekend Classes are ideal for helping you bring your kiddos into your business in meaningful ways – ways which can equip them with real-world skills they can use to fund their own brighter futures.


This post contains affiliate links. When you choose to purchase the product/service recommended, I may receive a commission. Thank you in advance for that cup o’ coffee 😉

216 – Multiply Your Message Part 3

216 – Multiply Your Message Part 3

Now that you’ve turned your video content into audio content, what else can you do with that content?

Well, today we’re going to dive into the third piece of our five-part framework to talk about how and why you want to turn your video and audio into text.

Are you ready to dive in?

Welcome to the In A Weekend Podcast where we help you Simplify, Automate, and Leverage the often hidden assets (like your kids) in your business. I’m your host, Yong Pratt, and I am thrilled you are tuning in today.

If you happened to miss any of the previous episodes where we talked about audio and video, you definitely want to go back and listen to get a full picture of all the steps that we go through for all of our content.

Did you miss any of the Multiply Your Message Podcasts? Click below to listen:


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Read Full Transcript

0:03  Now that you've turned your video content into audio content, what else can you do with that content?0:11  Well today we're going to dive in to the third piece of our five part framework to talk about how and why you want to turn your video and audio in to text. 0:25  Are you ready to dive in?0:28  Welcome to the In A Weekend Podcast where we help you Simplify, Automate, and Leverage the often hidden assets (like your kids) in your business. I'm your host, Yong Pratt, and I am thrilled you are tuning in today.0:46  If you happened to miss any of the previous episode where we talked about audio and video, you definitely want to go back and listen to get a full picture of all the steps that we go through for all of our content.1:03  If you haven't already grabbed our free five part framework, you can do so on today's show notes at yongpratt.com/216.1:16  Today we're going to talk about text, and three ways you can use text that you get from your audio and video content.1:28  The three reasons, you want to turn your audio or video into text are:1:35  Closed captioning; Creating blog posts; and Creating a book. 1:43  Now if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will because the idea of taking one piece of content and multiplying it and not really doing any more work is super exciting! When I first learned about repurposing and multiplying my message, I honestly felt like I was cheating because it was so easy once I found the right tools, and the right mentors.2:12  I had this vision that business and everything that was worth accomplishing needed to be really hard, and had to be a struggle. But once I discovered this idea of multiplying and really transforming one thing into many, my life changed completely. My business change completely. And now I get to spend more time doing the things that I love like being here on the podcast with you. 2:38  A lot of what happens to multiply the message we have here is done automatically. Now if you want to know what tools I'm using, you can definitely go back and listen to the podcast that come before this, and I will link them up in the show notes, so you can take them right there, take some notes and dive into some of these tools that we use every single day.3:05  Why text? I've shared that there are three reasons why you want to transform your video and audio into text, and we're going to start with number one: Closed captioning.3:18  Did you know that up to 70% of people watch their videos with the sound off?3:26  I know. I was totally blown away when I saw that stat because I like to listen to the person on the video. However, these days, a lot of people are watching videos at work, which I don't advocate by the way, or they're watching them at night when their family is in bed. They don't want to disrupt that portion of their day or their other family members, so they're listening now with the volume off.3:56  So say someone comes to your video and there's no captions. People may actually click away because they want to read what you have to say.4:11  I think most of us are missing out on the opportunity to reach more people and make a bigger impact because we are actually not using captions on our videos.4:24  Now if you are a fan of Facebook Live, like I am, this step can actually be done for you by Facebook.4:33  When you go to edit your video after you've recorded it, you can actually turn on the closed captioning. I do have to say that for me because I speak quickly, the captions are sometimes quite comical because what Facebook thinks I said is not really what I said so I have to go in there and do a bit of cleanup.4:56  For that reason, I actually choose to use another tool which is absolutely free. One of my new favorite tools, and I'm going to share with you at the end of this podcast, how you can get your hands on this tool because it has really changed the way that I view transcriptions, and how I can now use my text with the least effort on my part after that.5:22  So that's number one. You want to be able to transform your video or audio into text to create those closed captions, which can go on your videos on Facebook and on YouTube.5:36  Number two: Once you have your transcription you have a closed caption. You can actually go through and do a little bit of light editing on that text and turn it into a blog post. Now I know lots of people tell me they want to start a blog, but they're not good writers, they don't have time. I've been blogging this way for quite some time now, and it has really, really tightened up the amount of time that I'm spending blogging.6:07  I do of course, spend some time on other blog posts that are not video connected. However, a lot of our blog posts on our website are actually the cleaned up transcriptions with some punctuation and put into beautiful paragraphs. So it looks like a blog post.6:28  All right. Number three. The third way you can use the text, the transcription from your videos and audios, is to compile them all into a book.6:42  Did you catch that? A book.6:45  Now when I first thought about writing a book I had this vision in my head about sitting at my desk and spending hours and hours, staring at a blank screen with the cursor flashing and mocking me the whole time. And today when I think about writing a book, it's about how can I make a video and transcribe it? And then once it's transcribed, I can actually put a book together pretty quick.7:14  Now this was the exact process that I just went through a couple weeks ago I was in Dallas, at his #bizbesties retreat. I had the opportunity to do three talks or three presentations. All of those have since been transcribed. Two of them are actually the basis for my second book. Now there is still some editing and organizing of the book to do, but literally, I spoke, my book into existence. 7:46  That my friends is exciting! Starting with one piece of content (a video or audio), transcribing it, using it for closed captions, using it for a blog post, and creating a book out of one thing that is totally mind-blowing!8:04  I hope you are as excited as I am about all the things you can do by spending time on this great piece of content each week, and then Multiplying Your Message, by listening to this podcast and taking action on the steps.8:25  Tomorrow, I'm hosting a free live workshop, all about the Top 3 Myths, I hear from would-be podcasters that prevent them from starting. Well, we are going to bust through these myths and show you how you can overcome them in this live workshop. 8:46  If you want to join me, head over to yongpratt.com/216, and you can get access right there. If you're not able to make it live, don't worry, there will be a replay. You just need to get registered, so that I can send out the replay to you via email. 9:06  Okay, my friends, I look forward to the next episodes where we're going to dive into more of this five part framework, so that you can work smarter, not harder to Multiply Your Message and make a bigger impact in a faster, easier, and more joyful way. I'll catch you next time. Cheers.

Multiply YOUR Message

If you’re ready to Multiply YOUR Message, you’re gonna want to tune into this interview.

Yong interviews Hani Mourra, creator of Repurpose.io, one of Yong’s favorite and most-recommended tools to automate.

Sneak peek of what’s coming up in Repurpose.io.

? LinkedIn Video Publishing
? Video Trimmer
? Video Resizer

Try Repurpose for free today 

Drop your questions or feature requests in the comments below.

Please note this post may contain Affiliate Links. Our Young Creators/In a Weekend may be compensated if you choose to purchase through these links. Your purchases support this website, the podcast, and contribute to our programming for kids. Be aware that Yong only recommends products and services that she and her team personally use. 

BONUS 215 – Are you repurposing your videos?

Multiplying your message and turning one piece of content into many may be the difference between reaching hundreds of people and thousands. On this BONUS episode #215 you’ll discover more ways to repurpose your videos to Multiply Your Message.

Did you already grab a copy of my free 5 part framework to Multiply YOUR Message? Grab yours here as my gift at http://www.yongpratt.com/multiply

PLUS a live workshop for you – The top 3 myths that keep most would-be podcasters from launching. Save your seat at http://www.yongpratt.com/myths