Rebel, Rule Breaker, Entrepreneur

Rebel, Rule Breaker, Entrepreneur

[0:00] Tammy Pereira, Tammy P. has been in marketing for over 20 years. She a Facebook Ads, Facebook Ninja expert. She’s a speaker. She’s an online business owner that practices what she preaches


[2:08] Tammy’s back story and how she found her way to live video and Facebook Ads


[8:41] Choosing simplicity and consistency in business and how Tammy leaned into visibility


[11:24] Doing it scared


[13:42] Creating, reinventing, and a thirst for knowledge


[20:52] Choosing alignment, being a rebel, and doing things her own way


[27:15] Connect with Tammy inside her Facebook Group


[28:10] Tammy’s recommendation for showing up and Amplify Your Awesome


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Yong Pratt 0:00
Have you ever felt like there is something missing in your business? Something holding you back from the success you're seeking? If so, you are not alone. For nearly 20 years, that's exactly how I felt as a business owner. It wasn't until I discovered Human Design, that it all became clear. And it turns out that I was the missing piece in my own business. Join me on this journey of discovering the real me and hear stories from other business owners, building businesses around all of their awesomeness. I'm Yong Pratt, and it's time my friend to Amplify Your Awesome™.

Welcome back to The Amplify Your Awesome™. I am so glad you are tuning in today because today's guest is someone that I've connected with a couple times before and every time we connect and chat, we just there's this inspiration that happens. And I cannot wait to introduce you to Tammy Pereira, who actually has been on the show before. So let me tell you a little bit about Tammy. Tammy has been in marketing for over 20 years, which is an amazing feat to be in one particular industry for that long. In that time, though, she has morphed and changed and now really focuses in on Facebook ads. But she is definitely more than just a Facebook ads expert. She is also helping people in the corporate space with their marketing and advertising, consulting. And she's a strategist. She's a speaker. She's an online business owner, who definitely definitely practices what she preaches. Tammy, I'm so glad you're back for another interview here on the podcast.

Tammy Pereria 1:46
I'm happy to be here, Yong. And thank you for that wonderful introduction. You're amazing too. So amazing.

Yong Pratt 1:53
Yeah, my pleasure. So tell me, can you take us back because you you've been in business for a very long time, and you've done different things in this realm. Can you take us back to the beginning of your story about, you know, why you chose to be an entrepreneur and what that has looked like for you? Yeah, actually,

Tammy Pereria 2:08
I want to go a couple years back, because, for me, it was really what I've been thinking about most recently, over the past weeks and months, is kind of my my step into the online space. Because as you said, I've I'm not new to marketing and advertising, definitely not. I pretend like I am younger than I am don't tell anybody

And um, but yeah, it was an interesting journey. Even coming in from working, I was working in advertising. I've been also working as a corporate consultant, with marketing teams and things like that. And when I started to see other opportunities, and specifically starting to kind of dip my toes into the online space. I started to realize that it's a whole nother world out here. Like it's a whole nother world. And it was almost like learning a whole nother language. And so it was an interesting journey, because I was unaware even of how to market my business in the online space versus corporate. It's a totally different world, totally different world. Um, but I'm so grateful that I have done that, because I've really worked to really work to make my business successful, and especially over the past year. So I'm excited about that. But I'll take you back a little bit. I actually, this is going to be funny.

But when I came into the online space, I was on Pinterest. This is like my point of entry, I would say back in way back in 2016. Yong. So I think it was 2016 pretty sure. And I went on Pinterest and Pinterest told me that I needed to blog every day in order to build a successful online business for real. So that was like the advice that I did four years ago. So I think I went through about 100 blog posts and I was like, This is exhausting. This is not for me. And this is not really working. So there's got to be something else out here that I'm not seeing. I don't know, like I wanted to figure it out. I felt like for some reason, I had this I had this calling for whatever reason, I can't even explain it. But um, to to kind of kind of shift my business a bit and I didn't know exactly why. And so I started to I joined a mastermind I actually was in this kind of digital marketing mastermind because at the time, I considered myself a digital marketer. I was just doing digital marketing. I was filling in that gap for marketing people from marketing teams and corporate. So it's like okay, yeah, I could call myself a digital marketer. And I was in I joined some different groups. I joined some masterminds, I joined some courses, things Like that. And I started to realize that this is great. And there's like a whole nother world that I definitely want to jump into. I was really started to be interested, I really started to see kind of where this could go where this could take me. And one of the things that was really, it's so, so basic, but it is also about creating content. And it's always also about using the skills that we already have, is I had something to say, and a lot of us I know are experts. And we have something to say we have something to share, we have something that can help other, you know, can help other people, right, because everybody's at different stages along their path along their journey.

And for me, I just started talking, and specifically, I wasn't super fancy about it. But I just started talking into my iPhone or onto my computer, publicly, not in public, but in the like, on the computer, on my Facebook page. That's it, or on the computer, not mostly on my personal profile, because I was too shy. And a lot of people now are like, you're too shy, what are you talking about? You talk all day long. And I was shy because I was used to being this person that was behind the scenes, I was used to be this person that was not in the front, that I wasn't I didn't know what that was like. And when I started to go on camera, so to speak, just in a small way I found my voice. And so that was really, really instrumental for me more so than blogging, was putting my face on camera talking about something that I know marketing for five or 10 minutes. That's how it started. For me Simple as that. Not any more complicated than that.

Yong Pratt 6:45
Well, isn't it interesting that when we find these things in our lives, it usually is the simple things. It's not the things that are super complicated, because for me, when I switched from, you know, brick and mortar business to online, everyone's like, oh, it'll be fine. It's all the same. But like you said, it's a different language. And you know, brick and mortar businesses have their work cut out for them. Because not only do they have to do that, they also have to be really good at online marketing, in order for the businesses to stand out in their particular areas. So yeah, it's the simple things that are usually the things that lead us to success, the fastest. And the most, I guess I'll say, easy. And I know in the digital world, the entrepreneur space, the word easy, is not always one that people celebrate. Because sometimes, you know, we think, oh, it has to be complicated, we need a funnel, we need all these things with 55 steps, and everyone has to go through this way. And we're going to hide behind all of this technology, we're going to hide behind all of these things that we build, which are exciting because we build them. But then when you realize that, oh, gosh, all those years, it didn't have to be so hard. So I love that you made it simple. You just pulled out your camera, and you just started talking. And that really kind of propelled this whole business of yours now where you just got on camera, and I love it because you always have the pink headphones on. So I know you're very identifiable. But yeah, it is just those little baby steps. It doesn't have to be huge. This doesn't have to be, you know, webinar right out of the gate, it can be five or 10 minutes. And then what Tammy can do with that on the back end, you know, that's really where the magic comes in. Because you just show up as yourself. And you know, then she takes it and makes sure that you have all the right people coming to watch your video and supporting you. So amazing. Simple is always best love it.

Tammy Pereria 8:41
Yeah, and the other piece of it was talking and doing live video. But there is a piece there that it was me becoming unseen me becoming. And people talk and throw around the word visibility a lot. But it really was that simple. And there was a thing of consistency. So I did decide that I was going to show up every single week. I didn't, I didn't really set it as like, Oh, I'm going to do this as a goal. It's just something that evolved over time is that I enjoyed doing it. I didn't enjoy doing it. When I first started, I was terrible at it. But I kept going with it. I'm not I don't I can't tell you why I just did it was one thing that I was able to be very consistent with where I would do one video a week, go show up live on my Facebook page five or 10 minutes. And I would talk about what I already know. And I would do that one time a week. And I would do that one time a week. And I would do it consistently until I did it for a solid year. Um, and that's how I started actually growing my business in the online space. It wasn't any more complicated than that.

Yong Pratt 9:44
Oh my gosh, I love it. Simplicity and consistency. Deciding. Making a choice in the moment that I'm going to do this and the way I'm going to do it is this and it doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be complicated. I'm just going to go on camera and share and I know video for a lot of people is daunting. In the beginning, it was for me as well. And I've shared with you before, Tammy that, for me to be here on video to like, it feels so natural, and I have so much fun doing it. It's my favorite way to create content out of all of them. However, it's been a really long time in the making to get here. And the way it happened was to do it over and over again. And to feel insecure about doing it. But then just saying, you know what, Okay, next time, it's going to get better. And next time, I'm going to get better. And you'll learn every time you do a video, and then to do a whole year being consistent on weekly video. That's a huge accomplishment. So if you're out there listening, thinking, marking, marketing is super complicated. Take Tammy's words of advice to heart. Think about the simple. Think about the easiest path, what is the easiest way for you to to let people know that you do awesome things and that they need to connect with you. I mean, that's all it took. And I love that and to see the progress because we've known each other now for a couple years, I think to see this transformation of, you know, you just showing up in the beginning. And now like you're you're rocking it's like, I mean, you're helping other people be seen now. Because you you went out there, you were the scientist, you tested out what worked and what didn't work. And now you're giving your clients such huge results. So congratulations.

Tammy Pereria 11:24
Thank you. Thanks a lot. I love that. I love it. Yeah, it's great. And it it really, um, it really propelled me it really was the kind of the catalyst I guess would be the word. When I was dipping my toes in, I was a little scared. But I just did it. And I got so much encouragement from others to keep going as well. They would tell me that they watched my videos and things like that. And now it feels so natural to me to just come in and do a podcast with you. It feels natural to do a live video. I have interviews this week. I have presentations this week. And I just love it.

Yong Pratt 12:03
So good. And I think that part of the moment you get there in your business and you love what you're doing, that's when things get really, really fun. Because it doesn't feel like work. It just feels like you're playing it, it feels like you get to show up as the real self. You don't have to hide behind anybody else or anybody else's rules. You just get to go out there and make your own rules. And that's really what this podcast this season is all about about us being able to as entrepreneurs, take the reins and say, You know what, okay, I like these things over here. But no, like, not everything on this list works for me. So to take the things that were for you that serve you, and then leave out the rest. So if you're out there, and you're someone like me, who is a course junkie. I love learning. I love different marketing tactics, and just learning about a lot of different things. I have a lot of courses. And I say that proudly now, because now I know, from each of those things, I gleaned at least one nugget that I have literally applied, it may not have been what they were promoting in the program. But I have gained something from every single investment that I've made. And I know Tammy, you create a lot of courses and your courses are so fun, so full of value, and they're so actionable, which I get. I love I love courses where you can actually go in, do the thing, and then you see a result. So amazing. I want to commend you also for the courses you're creating, because you're able to impact more people who may not be able to hire you one on one quite yet. But they have access to you in a different way that you can actually leverage that in your business.

Tammy Pereria 13:42
Yeah, and I actually love creating courses as well. That was something that I started doing actually over the past year. And that was something that I realized, you know, I used to be, this is another lesson. Actually, I learned over the past year. I don't know if this will help anybody to say it, but I'm just going to say it is I used to only believe that I could serve people on only the highest level. So this is kind of a bit of a I don't know, mindset issue or limiting belief like I can only help them if I work with them one on one. And what I discovered and it still comes back actually sometimes for me, although I still enjoy I enjoy working with clients one on one, but I discovered that I also love creating courses. And this is this whole other thing that opened up for me this past year. And again didn't plan for it kind of stepped into it a little bit backwards. Just like anything else kind of going with Okay, let's see, I have this idea. I'm just gonna put it out there. Um, and so I truly love one of the things that I love doing is I love creating like, I have eight ideas lined up already over the next like I can't stop coming up with ideas. So it's and I know that's a lot of entrepreneurs have that, but the difference for me over this past year was that I had a lot of ideas in the past as an entrepreneur. And I didn't actually do them, I didn't take the action. So I've broken it down recently into three parts, it's almost like the decision part. So for me, like deciding that I want to create, do a course, right, like, I like doing courses, I'm going to do courses, and they help people enjoy them, right. And so once I got anchored into the fact that courses can help people, and that people have can can learn from me, and I enjoy teaching, and I enjoy people learning from you, then I then I will create the course idea. So it's sort of like deciding what it is that you want to do. And then creating, which I love creating, like, literally, I can't stop creating. Um, and so whatever the idea is, I always have new things that came up with, I just came up with something new today. Always reinventing all these things. And so if you're a person that loves creating, um, then definitely, this can work. And courses can work. And I still believe that there is a place for courses, I know people talk about the market saturated and all this stuff. But some people they are busy, the like you said, they don't have a ton of time, they don't have a ton, you know, maybe they don't want to invest right in a kind of a bigger program. Or maybe they don't have time to have time, right. They just want to learn on their own, but they still want to learn there's still a thirst for knowledge and thirst to learn, then you can still create these courses. And what I learned was that it's a way for people to come in and kind of experience experience a little of me, right and experience kind of what I'm all about and how my perspective on teaching what I teach. The other piece, though, is that before I had all these ideas in I did not execute on the idea. So what changed for me this past year, and this is why I'm sharing this with you is that I actually took action. And I know, I know, I know, I know that when we are creative people when we are people that like to create for me when I create it like comes from my heart. So it's like I know what it is it comes from my heart. I know that people are going to love it. Um, but there's something about actually putting it out there creating something and then saying, hey, people, do you want this thing that I created? And it's almost like, it's an artistic thing, even though what I create is courses, and quite quote practical, I guess, practical marketing advice. But um, yeah, there's something to creating something and then actually taking action and putting that thing bringing it to life, and having people experience it. So the big step for me this past year was actually the fact that I created courses. But I actually allowed myself to put them out there and allowed people to experience them them by basically saying, Hey, guys, they're for sale, I created some things, and here they are, and do you want them? And then people were like, yes. And I'm like, oh, why didn't I just do that before? Like,

Yong Pratt 18:07
I love that Tammy, and I've been giggling throughout this process, because you and I have talked off camera several times about this idea that we are compulsive creators. We never stop creating, and to have these ideas. And, you know, I'm sure people who are listening can relate to the fact that these ideas spring up. And you know, sometimes inspiration hits us when we are least expecting it. And then we just don't know what to do with this thing. You know, we we think about it like, Oh, that's a good idea. And then we just, we talk ourselves out of doing it. So I love that your first step is making the decision that you're going to do this. And then and then asking people if they're interested and then taking action and making the thing and putting it out into the world where people can actually consume your information and get to know you and have a result in the process. I think that's such brilliant advice that you just have to decide. So if you have a course inside of you, and you're thinking, Oh, I would love to teach people this. People always ask me about doing this. What if you could do this, you go out there, you make a decision. You ask people, if they're interested, you put the thing together. And then you offer it to the world. I mean, that coupled with just showing up and doing the thing, like the action piece, I think for a lot of us gets lost in the shuffle of the everyday to do list. Like there's so many things that we're all doing every day, but to commit and then to take action on me like I think you have summarized several different courses I've created, or several different courses I've taken on creating courses and marketing courses. Like it really can be that simple. And I just again, I'm going to come back to that word because in business, yeah, it's almost a bad word to say simple or easy. When you find the right things. When you find the right tribe of people and you find this place where it feels like it's more fun. It doesn't feel like work. You're excited to get up every day. That's what business needs to be. And not everyone experiences that in the beginning. And, you know, you've been on this road for a long time, as have I. And so finally to get here, you know, 20 plus years later for both of us, and like, all those years of hustling and thinking, we need to get into the blogging every day, and following all these rules, and this is the way to success. And if you do this, you'll make a million dollars. And that's never the case. Because there's always a bit of disconnect in those scenarios about who I don't, I don't feel good about that part of it, or like, you, I don't want to do that. You know, so wouldn't when marketing can be fun, creation can be fun, and it's just joyful to, to have this business of yours. And you're eager to serve people. I mean, that's really what business, I would love that to be business for everybody, because it feels amazing.

Tammy Pereria 20:52
Yeah, and I got to say with that last part of like, people telling me what to do. I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm a rebel. And I'm also an I'm a rule breaker. So when people give me like a linear line to follow, it never works for me. So that was another thing that I discovered, is, uh, I have to do it my way. And if it's somebody says, you have to do these eight things, and four of those things don't feel aligned for me, and I'm not going to do them. I don't care what they say, like, you can make a million dollars if you do these four things, or eight things, and I can only do four of them. It's actually me wanting to do it. Because if we don't want to do it, then we're not going to do it. So, um, there's many, like you said, there's many, many different ways to market a business, many, I mean, I've been doing this for 20 years, it's, it's really all the same. And I have so many of these discussions every day. But that is the point. I mean, actually, that's what I love about marketing and advertising is that there are many ways to do it. And the point is, we get to decide. So once I realized that piece was like, I don't actually need to follow advice. But I like this little advice over here, and I like it over here, and I'm going to mix it up, and I'm going to make it into my own recipe, then it works for me, then it all of a sudden started to work for me. And if somebody said to me, okay, in order to sell 80 of your courses, you need to post eight times a day. And I don't want to post eight times a day, because that doesn't feel good to me. Because I feel like I'm spamming people, guess what, I'm not going to do it, right, just not going to do it. So that was a huge realization. Also, for me this week, this past year, I would say, I do things my way. Now I it's not like I'm not ever taking other people's advice. But when it comes down to it, I already know, it all comes from me, actually, it all comes from me. So I so I have to be the one that decides like this, I have to you know, I want to feel it's not I have to that is totally the wrong word. I want to feel proud about things that I'm creating. And I want to also like, the way that I'm putting it out there, it can't feel icky to me. So again, it doesn't matter. Because if I don't feel good about the way that I'm creating, if I don't feel good about the way that I'm marketing, it's just not going to happen for me. Um, and so that was another big thing. And so many people come to me because I do some coaching and things like that. And they say, well, so and so told me, I had to do it this way. And I'm like, do you want to do it that way? And they're like, no, and I'm like, you don't have to, you don't have to. Nobody says, and once I realized that that was the truth, my business just absolutely changed. It changed. Because every day I get to decide. Every day I get to decide, it's every day could be a blank canvas, I could just decide, you know what, I'm gonna do things completely different tomorrow. And that's it.

Yong Pratt 23:54
So good. So for all of you out there, you have been given permission to break the rules and do things your own way and do in a way that feels good. Because sometimes I know, I was that rule follower as a kid, I didn't ever want to break the rules. So when it came to thinking outside this, these boxes of do it this way, this way. I had a really hard time with that because, like, ooh, I don't want to break the rules. But I think somewhere deep down for all of us. We all do know the way we sometimes get in our own way and say, Oh, that's that wouldn't work because oh, because of this, right? We put these excuses in these roadblocks. And I think we all do it. But as an entrepreneur, you know, entrepreneurship is really about taking these risks and and doing these things and going out on there. You know, jumping off the ledge, knowing that there's going to be a parachute and saying, Oh, awesome, okay, I get I get to choose I get to wear, you know, the cap or whatever. Whatever it is for you, like signifies like your headphones, and I love it. Yes, we all need a pair of pink headphones in our lives for sure. But yeah, knowing that, at the end of the day, I think we all deep down know, we just don't always take the time to stop and listen to what is already inside us. And that real us bury deep inside. It is now time like this year has thrown us for a lot of loops, it is time to dig down, you know, grab out those big dreams, grab out those things you've been putting off and do them, you know, reach out to Tammy reach out to me, you know, let us help you get to where you want to go. Because it really is possible to build these amazing businesses had just feel amazing, that really shine the light on who we are as humans, how we can offer those things to the world. You know, and since my background is in performing arts, I always think about, you mentioned earlier that even though what you do is not necessarily creative, it's a creative process to put all these things together. And I always think about everything that I do, as choreographing, because it's no different than that. So the analogy of coming up with this idea, figuring out okay, what do I need to make this idea work? How can I arrange it? Okay, I'll try it like this, oh, well, that doesn't work. So let me rearrange these people on the stage or in the business, we're in the program. And then at the end, you have this beautiful thing that has the capability and the ability to to reach people at an emotional level, where they feel things where they are inspired to take action, where they're inspired, just to go out there and really show up as their real selves. And that is definitely you know, such a great way to summarize this whole, this whole interview, Tammy is being the real you is possible, we just need to be a little bit open to the possibilities of what we know is inside and allow those ideas to be brought into the world in any way that we can imagine them because we get to make the rules. It is our business. To me, I want to make sure that people who want to know more about you and how you help people build businesses online using Facebook ads, where is the best place for them to connect with you?

Tammy Pereria 27:15
Yeah, the best place is in my group that is called it's a free group. It's Facebook Ads for Women Entrepreneurs.

Yong Pratt 27:23
And the name says it all. I know, you recently went through a name change and this one is so spot on, because it talks about exactly what you do and how you serve. And yeah, the women and they're always excited when you're in there, doing your videos showing up. You're always giving great value. And Tammy, I want to ask you one final question. And it's kind of a doozy. Are you ready for it?

Tammy Pereria 27:44
Oh, boy, let me prepare. Okay, yeah.

Yong Pratt 27:46
Okay. Tell me what is your number one tip or piece of advice. For everyone listening who's out there thinking, Okay, have a business or have an idea for a business, but I just, I don't know how to show up as the real me? How would you recommend that people find the real them so they can show up and amplify all the stuff that makes them awesome?

Tammy Pereria 28:10
That's a big, that's a really big question. Um, the thing is, is that. The thing is, if you don't show up, you're not really bringing to life, your gifts. And so I don't have a choice anymore. In showing up. I don't, it's not something like, Oh, I'm tired, I don't feel like getting out of bed today, I don't have a choice. Because if I don't bring my gifts, then I am not helping others. And I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my life. So I know that right now is what I do. This is what I'm supposed to be doing. I've had all of all, all roads have led me to where I am right now. And is sometimes listening is sometimes sometimes we know what those paths are. So if you're in a state of, let's say, kind of a lot of people, we use the term of like stuck, not sure where to go, whatever it is fill in the blank. But deep down, we know where to go and what to do. And we know if there was path a or Class B, which one feels better? And really it comes down to that like which one would you rather do? It's not any more complicated than that. If somebody said to me came out and said, Hey, I'm gonna give you a million dollars. If you go back into your corporate job, I would say no, because I don't want to do that. I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to help women succeed in business.

Yong Pratt 29:43
So good. And again, I love that you brought it back to like the theme of this episode, simplicity. It doesn't have to be hard, and we stop ourselves by making it more complicated than it needs to be. If you can embrace the simplicity. Listen to those those Inklings that come up sometimes and you just these ideas of inspiration. Those are the things we need to be doing every day. And just to show up, because if you're not sharing your gifts fully with the people around you, and helping them do whatever it is that you do, you're doing them a disservice. And if you can always come from that place of always wanting to serve and knowing that someone is missing out, someone's not accomplishing their goals, someone is not reaching their potential because you didn't show up. That's a big deal. It is a really big deal. We're all put on this planet for a reason. So when you can show up fully in that and serve and find joy, and embrace the simple. That's the magic of being an entrepreneur. Tammy, I want to thank you so much for being here today and sharing your wealth of knowledge. I really want to make sure people connect with you. I will put everything where I'll put the link to your group in today's show notes because, yes, if they have an online business, you need to be in there live. So I definitely want to make some connections. Thank you so much for being here.

Tammy Pereria 31:09
Thank you Yong. This is amazing.

Next week, you'll hear from Deb LaFlamme, the chief Ideapreneur at For the Love of Your Biz, and we're diving into one of my favorite topics, doing less to achieve more. Until then come on over and join me inside my Facebook community where I do live trainings every week, sharing real world examples of showing up as your real self in your business using your awesome content. I'll link the group directly at today's show notes. www.Yong pratt.com/312

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Recession-proofing Your Business Part 2 with Tammy Pereria

Recession-proofing Your Business Part 2 with Tammy Pereria

[0:01] Welcome to part two of this miniseries all about recession-proofing your business. Today’s guest is Tammy Pereira of TammyP.com and she is a Facebook ads expert.


[0:15] Whether or not you’ve run Facebook ads, you’ll want to stick around for today’s episode. We’re diving into how podcasters specifically, but business owners in general, can use the power of Facebook.


[0:46] At the end of the episode, Yong will share something new Tammy has put together to help you start today so that you can use them to not only recession-proof your business right now, but you can also start to scale your business.


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[2:32] Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed and all of a sudden you just stopped? There’s something drawing your eye and when you click on the image, or the video, or the text, you get taken to something you’ve actually been looking for or thinking about?


[2:47] Today’s guest is going to share with us how you can use the power of Facebook ads in your business so that people stop their scroll and connect with you. Our guest today is Tammy Pereria and she is a Facebook ads ninja.


[3:53] Tammy’s journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship


[6:10] How curiosity propelled Tammy’s adventure into Facebook Ads


[9:17] Tammy’s $5 a Day Ad System unpacked


[11:21] How video can fuel your Facebook Ads Strategy


[15:21] Ads can fuel your content and help more people find you


[16:35] Ads are the perfect complement to your repurposing strategy


[18:08] Connect with Tammy inside her Facebook Group, Tech Connect for Women Entrepreneurs where she chats ads, tech, and marketing offers free workshops, and more.



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Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast Episode 277 with Tammy Pereira


Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast Episode 277 with Tammy Pereira


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Yong Pratt 0:01
Welcome to part two of this miniseries all about recession-proofing your business. Today's guest is Tammy Pereira of TammyP.com and she is a Facebook ads expert.

Yong Pratt 0:15
Now before you stop and think, you know, Facebook ads...I've done it. I've tried it. They weren't successful, you need to tune into today's episode. We're diving into how podcasters specifically, but business owners in general, can use the power of Facebook ads, especially right now, when ad costs are at their lowest, and they are super effective. I cannot wait for you to learn from Tammy. I know that she is my go-to when it comes to Facebook ads.

Yong Pratt 0:46
At the end of the episode, I'm going to share something brand new she's put together. And I hope that you take advantage of it because it's gonna change the way that you view Facebook ads and how you can use them to not only recession-proof your business right now, but you can also start to scale your business.

Yong Pratt 1:07
I recently had a strategy session with Tammy, and she walked me through so many different ways that I could use Facebook ads for $5 a day, which is crazy right because when you think of Facebook ads so many people are out there sharing really bad information on how you have to spend thousands of dollars a day or thousands a month in order to get any headway, Tammy's way of doing ads, is far different than I've seen other people teach ads. I've taken several different Facebook ads classes, and lots of different strategies and tactics and by far Tammy's are the easiest to implement, and they are the fastest that I've seen that getting a return on your ad spend, so I'm excited for you to listen to today's episode.

Yong Pratt 1:56
When the episode is over, I want you to come over to Instagram and tag me over at @amplifyyourawesome, and tell me your biggest takeaway because I had a ton of aha moments during this interview with Tammy. And by the way, this interview was recorded back when the podcast was still called In a Weekend, so if you hear that at the beginning of the episode and at the end, you'll know why. This is episode number 277 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. I cannot wait to hear what you think. Enjoy!

Yong Pratt 2:32
Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed and all of a sudden you just stopped? There's something drawing your eye and when you click on the image, or the video, or the text, you get taken to something you've actually been looking for or thinking about?

Yong Pratt 2:47
Well, today's guest is going to share with us how you can use the power of Facebook ads in your business so that people stop their scroll and connect with you. Our guest today is Tammy Pereria and she is a Facebook ads ninja. It's been a long time coming to get this interview in place and I'm so excited to me that you're here today and we are finally connecting.

Tammy Pereria 3:15
Yes, I'm super excited too, Yong and thank you thank you so much for having me. I absolutely love your podcast. I love it so thank you again.

Yong Pratt 3:23
Thank you so much. I love that. I love talking to people who listen to the podcast because, and it just justifies everything that we do every week in order to make sure our message goes out to the world so for that. Now before we dive into Facebook ads and how they can be used in businesses, effectively, take us back to the beginning of the story and how you came to be online and how then you started working with businesses on their Facebook ads.

Tammy Pereria 3:53
Okay yeah I will share with you the journey. Really so my background is, I came from more corporate consulting. So my background is actually corporate and advertising. And that's what I did. I was starting so it was happening as I was starting to get a little bit burnt-out working in corporate and working consulting gets a little tiring.

Tammy Pereria 4:14
So I started to kind of dip my toes into the online world and kind of investigate and see what it was all about. And actually came into the online world. I thought about this a couple months ago, like how I actually came in, it was through Pinterest of all things. It wasn't through Facebook which is really funny and ironic. Um, but yeah. That's how I started. Reading blogs. I started blogging myself and just sort of getting indoctrinated into the online space that's really how it started for me. And then I said, Oh, this is kind of interesting. I'm really liking this let me, let me investigate a little bit more. And lo and behold, I started getting more working with clients and more working with entrepreneurs and going back to going back to school essentially school and not school in the traditional way. But going back to get an entire treat like an entire program and learning Facebook ads so I spent over the past couple years, over $20,000 learning Facebook ads.

Yong Pratt 5:19
Oh my gosh, there's so much to dissect in that story. The first thing I want to point out is the idea that you started with Pinterest and here you are, Facebook ads. Like so many business owners, we start in one place and we don't really know what the journey is going to look like. And it's okay I'm giving everyone listening permission pivots. If you're feeling called to do something else a little bit different, don't feel tied into the one thing because I did that for far too long and looking back and thinking, wait. Why did I wait so long to make pivot so permission was granted to make pivots? And the other part about this is investing in yourself so that you could get what you needed in your business so that you could ultimately help other business owners get what they need. Kudos for that.

Tammy Pereria 6:10
So I really was curious about Facebook ads. I have this whole digital marketing background, and I always felt that Facebook ads for some reason we're super mysterious. Everybody was talking about them online. I saw people having success with Facebook ads, but at the same time, they felt unattainable to me. So I went on this journey to learn them. I really went back and I spent a solid year training with some high in some high level programs that help teach Facebook ad consultants so I really took it to the next level, because I knew that I could not only help my own business but I could also help others learn Facebook ads and what I found is I had just I was super passionate for it so I have this background in advertising. And I love them. I love love love them. Some people are always like, why do you love Facebook ads I don't understand? And I do like they are. They're fun for me.

Yong Pratt 7:09
When I think there's a mystery like you said to them, they're kind of this unicorn that for some people they work and for others, they just don't. So being able to go in and learn all the different strategies and different ways that you can use them and then being able to break it down in a real world way where you take step one. You take step two. You take Step three, and I think you and I have that in common for sure. How we like to be curious and ask questions, selfishly because we want to know these things. And in the process, we come to discover that we have a love or a passion for that thing we're curious about. And maybe it is the Aquarian in us that draws us to ask all those questions because my whole life I've been asking questions, always doing things, just a little bit differently, just to be not like everybody else.

Tammy Pereria 8:05
That is so true. I'm so happy you brought up - the whole aquarium thing. Because I mean that I just found that out about you the other day that we share, you know, February birthdays together which I love so much and probably why we connected in the first place, a year or two ago when we did I can't remember exactly when. But yeah, I think, also, there is a piece of me that wants to do it my way as well so I have been told. Oh you do Facebook ads this way and I'm like, you know what, let me dig into that a little bit. Let me see. And let me put a little twist a little, a little ad in my little spiciness to it and make it my own, so that's what I've done really with Facebook ads and knowing also that they are super impactful, if they're done the right way. So I know how much they can help businesses, and that people don't have to struggle for them.

Yong Pratt 8:59
That's so amazing and I know recently we reconnected because I hopped on one of your live videos, and you shared a strategy that you've been using and employing for the past year, and you've had some tremendous success with that. Can we go back and can you walk us through what that journey looked like and what that story is?

Tammy Pereria 9:17
Yeah, so about I mean now it's over a year but probably. It's been over a year, probably fall a year ago in 2018 already. When I was dipping my toes into Facebook ads and everyone always talks about the ads that generate and this is going to be super nerdy, but I'll just dive into the super nerdy a little bit. That's how I roll. I know Yong you can relate to that right so like all that we like all the tech stuff we like talking tech together. Um, so yeah, I started running everybody talks about you know ads for leads and running ads to like a freebie to get signups and things like that that's the traditional way, but I also knew that video was super impactful. Yong you know how much video is super impactful. And so I started creating a methodology which is my $5 day ad system. And that is how you can run ads (video ads) for anywhere from two to $5 a day and get a great impact on your business, grow your business, grow your audience and keep your existing audience. Just Top of Mind, which is really, really powerful. Really powerful.

Yong Pratt 10:24
And I want to unpack that for just a moment because you said, $2, to $5. Now for those people listening and watching you may be thinking to yourself, I've spent way more than that. Why didn't I get those results? And what Tammy is sharing is a very specific strategy, using live video, and for longtime listeners, you all know that live video is one of my favorite ways to create everything from not just video content but then audio content and written content. It all starts with doing a live video, and she was able to turn those live videos into ads to connect with people in a really relational way - not pushing stuff at them really pulling them into her world by sharing the things that are important, and that she's passionate about, like these Facebook ads.

Tammy Pereria 11:21
And that is the thing you know. If you are, whether you're meeting someone locally, I know I think you do some events and things like that, but like what I found out with this methodology is that it works because even if I've been doing more or less local ones. If I see someone online, and then we connect, they're going to continue to see me. So that's a really powerful, powerful thing because how many times we meet people, and then we're like, oh we forgot about that person right. So what this does, it actually will keep you and your business Top of Mind, which I think is so powerful I used to get. I used to get people say, you know, hey, I want to work with you on this or that are you still in business, and I never get that anymore. Now people see me online, and they see what I'm doing and they know and it all starts with video. I love video so much, I really do.

Yong Pratt 12:14
Yeah video is definitely my favorite way and I'm a huge proponent of it, and we talk about it a lot inside of podcasts In a Weekend for instance because it is the fastest, most efficient way to get your content, to connect with people on a really relational level. They can see you. They can connect with you. They get to know your values and your personality, and they get to really come to respect what you're doing because you're showing up consistently week after week after week. And then there's no question about hey are you still doing that because the way you're using ads, they're making sure that they see you.

Yong Pratt 12:52
Yeah. Yeah, it's a perfect strategy. It works so well and the other thing that like with video people can decide. They can say well I don't, they might say, Oh, I don't like her voice or I don't like the color of her hair right and so it's also polarizing at the same time, right? We talked about kind of attraction marketing attraction or not, they can decide well she's really annoying, right? We can listen to this podcast and say, I don't like her. She's annoying, right? I don't I don't subscribe to it, and that's fine. Like we want that we want. The people that really are interested in what we have to say, leaning in a little bit closer so the video as for sure do that, I, I am a huge proponent as well I go live every week. And then that video, the ads themselves, they really kind of blow things up much bigger so this is something that I personally have done myself for my business over the past year. And I've seen a lot of success with it I really have, and then I rolled it out gradually to some of my clients and they've also seen a tremendous amount of success so anything I talk about, it's because it's been tested and experimented, and I know it works.

Yong Pratt 14:03
That's so cool that you're actually doing it because there's so many experts or quote, unquote experts out there who are teaching things and they know about this much about something and when you start to really dive into it. There's not a whole lot of substance. So I love that you are always tweaking and testing and your clients are experiencing successes, you're figuring out what works and what doesn't and you're always coming back and being very generous with the information sharing within your group. And the people who follow you, because that really serve them again to build that deeper connection that whenever they show up, they know they're going to get value from you. You're going to have things to take away and implement, so they, too, can see the value of what you bring. So thank you so much for being so transparent and so generous with all the things that you're testing and tweaking. Can you share a couple of tips for everyone listening, if they have a podcast or maybe they're already doing live videos. How can they take what you've shared today and dip their toe into Facebook ads in a way that's going to help them grow and not be frustrated by the experience.

Tammy Pereria 15:21
Yeah. So really, um, and I'm not. I don't want to get super nerdy here, but maybe I will, you know, everybody talks about, you know, I post something on my page or I post something, and people just don't see it, right? So if you are creating a podcast, or even a blog post for that matter, really, the goal is to get your client - you want more people who would be interested in hearing it or reading it, to actually see it, right? So that's really a big thing. And the ads can help you do that. So the ads will really help not only blow up your audience faster, but get more people to see the content that you're creating because we're working so hard every day. I know Yong is working every day to create new content for your podcast and your blog and all the things that you're bringing to your community. As I, as well. And really I don't want that to be kind of fruitless, right? We really want to maximize the number of people that see all of the wonderful things that we're creating and to have more opportunity for our community to grow and to be able to experience all the greatness that we're creating.

Yong Pratt 16:35
That's so good. And that reminds me so much of what I talk about a lot and that is repurposing. We don't ever want as content creators to create something once and never see the light of day again. We want to be able to take that content and put it out in different ways by repurposing it. And then using ads to strategically get in front of the people who are connected to us or who are similar to those who are connected to us, so that our sphere of influence can go from this to really grow exponentially. And the way that we do this is to take what you're already creating. Repurpose it and then connect with Tammy. Have her help you walk through a strategy that makes sense for you and your business so that you're really putting that fuel on the fire, and really exponentially growing your audience. You're amplifying your message because the bigger your message gets, the more people that you can have a direct impact on. And isn't that why we're all in business, in the first place? So Tammy I want to thank you so much for saying yes to hopping on this interview, and being so open with sharing your knowledge about Facebook ads. And before we wrap up I want to make sure that people know where to find you because I know you have an amazing Facebook community, I think every female business owner should be part of.

Tammy Pereria 18:08
Yeah, thank you so much for bringing that up. Yeah, I have a group that I really really love and I put all of my heart into. It's called Tech Connect for Women Entrepreneurs. We talk about everything - ads, tech and marketing, because I love marketing. Marketing is my true passion. Digital marketing is my true passion. And I do free workshops all the time. I share all the time and so that is the best best place to, to learn, to learn from everything that I have going on.

Yong Pratt 18:37
Thank you so much for the community. So for all of you listening, all of you watching, I want you to do this today, is go to the Show Notes for this episode, www.YongPratt.com/277, so that you can connect directly with Tammy and her community because we're all like minded in there. We're all looking to use Facebook ads to reach more of those people to make that bigger impact. So thank you all for tuning in today for spending time with us, learning about what Facebook ads can do for you and a little strategy, you can implement right away. To help you reach more people with your podcast, and with your videos. Thank you, Tammy you so much.


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