If you’re not doing *this* with your content, you’re wasting your time

If you’re not doing *this* with your content, you’re wasting your time

Are you getting the very most out of every piece of content you create?

If you’re anything like most business owners I work with privately and in my classes, you’re probably only scratching the surface of what your content can do for you.

That’s right. 

I said what your content can DO for you.

Here at Amplify Your Awesome™, we believe that content serves 3 main purposes in your business

  1. To help people get to know, like, and trust you.

  2. To Attract the right people while repelling those that aren’t a good fit.

  3. To demonstrate the transformation YOU provide in your business whether you’re product or service-based.

And the best pieces of content, no matter if it’s video, audio, text, and to some extent graphics, are delivered using stories along with a proven formula.

I shared a 7-step live video formula last week that you can literally use to create ANY type of content. You can get access to the formula along with the entire Super 7 Live Streaming Video Challenge that I hosted last week inside of our brand new community, Creators Landing. All you have to do is click on the image below to request access now while the community is still free and open to new members.

Creators Landing a Community of Amplify Your Awesome™

Join fellow content creators inside our brand new community, Creators Landing.

And if you want more insights into using stories, be sure to take a listen to Episode 274, The Power of Story. 

Now let me ask you this…

Once you’ve created that awesome content, what will you do with it?

Will you share it once? Maybe twice or even a half dozen times?

Be honest.

For most business owners, they’ll share their awesome content a couple of times and then move on to creating another piece and another and another with no end in sight.

Before you know it, you amass an entire Content Graveyard™.

The Content Graveyard™ - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome™

You know…the place where your amazing content goes to never see the light of day again.

BIG SHOUTOUT to my youngest that created this awesome graphic of the Content Graveyard™


I’m here to tell you that your awesome content deserves SO.MUCH.MORE!

What if instead of sending your awesomeness to your Content Graveyard™, you were able to breathe some NEW life into it?

What if you could magically turn every single piece of content you create going forward PLUS resurrect what’s currently in your Content Graveyard™ by learning to Repurpose it?

If repurposing content is new to you, it simply means taking a single piece of content and using it in multiple ways and offering it in multiple mediums.

Think: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

By repurposing your content, you can REDUCE the amount of new content you have to create.

You can REUSE your content in many different ways and you can even automate a large portion of it.

And you can RECYCLE the same exact content when it’s done strategically.

How does repurposing your content sound to you now?

If the idea of repurposing content sounds as exciting to you as it does to me (I literally geek out on this stuff 🤣), I’m hosting a special live workshop on Wednesday, July 1st at 11 AM PST.

I’ll be going live on Thursday at [11:11] AM PST to share all the details about the workshop and how you can save your seat for a fraction of what you’d pay for a 1:1 session with me.

On Thursday’s live lesson with Yong, AKA Dr. Content, you’ll discover:

1. Why you might be wasting your time creating content

2. What content repurposing actually is and why it’s vital for your business and you may not like the answer…

3. How you can get started with content repurposing with a little help from Yong


Why Content Repurposing is VITAL to your business - Amplify Your Awesome™ - Yong Pratt

Just click on this image above when it’s time or head straight over to Facebook.

Until then, grab the live video formula that you can use to create any piece of content inside of Creators Landing.

And take a listen to the Power of Story NOW.

Do me a favor? 

Tell me 👇 what excites you most about repurposing your content.

Cheers to repurposing!