111 – What’s a Podcast Host?

We’re continuing our series all about the tech tools you’ll need to launch your podcast. This week we’re diving into hosting. On today’s podcast, we’re answering the questiosn:

What’s a host?

Do I need one?

Who do I use?

110 – How to Quickly Edit Your Podcast

On today’s episode, we’re diving into how to use Audacity to quickly and easily edit your podcast. To get the most out of today’s episode, head over to our website, ouryoungcreators.com, for the accompanying video walkthrough.

109 – My Fav Way to Podcast

There are lots of different ways to create your podcast. Today, I’m diving into my fav new way to create our weekly podcast here at Our Young Creators.

108 – Life and Academic Skills Through Podcasting

Did you know that you can reinforce not only life skills but academic skills through podcasting? Tune in to find out 3 (of the many, many more) lessons podcasting has in store for you and your kiddos. Be sure to check out the video for this podcast and join the conversation HERE