More Than Just Great Dancing Member Rally 2017

More Than Just Great Dancing Member Rally 2017

MTJGD Member Rally 2017 Road Trip

Three thousand one hundred sixty eight point nine miles to and from the 2017 More Than Just Great Dancing Member Rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Like so many programs and services we put into action in our businesses, our second annual #roadtriptorally started as an idea. Of course, ideas bring forth lots of questions.

Was is possible to drive over three thousand miles with a teen, a tween, and my mom? My longest drive prior to this road trip was 12 hours for last year’s rally in Colorado Springs. My hubby is usually the driver for our road trips. Since he had to stay home and work, it was up to me to do the driving.

Did I really want to spend a week and a half in the car and in hotel rooms or would it be better to just fly and get back home quickly?

How could I balance long hours in the car with fun activities to keep ensure the kids weren’t constantly asking, “Are we there yet…”?

Can I “afford” to be on vacation for so long without working?

What would it be like to spend so many days away from my hubby? This trip would represent the longest we’ve been apart for more than 15 years.

Our epic 11 day journey was one of self-discovery, learning, inspiration, and a renewed vigor for business. This trip made me realize just how much I love being an entrepreneur and the lens through which I’m privileged to see the world.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get a bit myopic. We’re so immersed in the doing, we often forget about the experiences we’re creating for those we serve.

It was truly enlightening to step away from and look at the businesses and experiences others entrepreneurs have created – some good, some not so good. All provided real world take aways that made me think of my own business and whether or not their strategies would work for me. One striking example was our visit to the American Girl Store at the Mall of America.

The attention to detail, the boutique culture they’ve created around a commodity (a doll), and the how they’ve distanced themselves from the competition with respect to pricing was enlightening, to say the least. You can check out the Q& A Thursday FB Live Video for a recount of this experience. If you haven’t been to one of their stores, I highly recommend it, one business owner to another. At the very least, it will get you thinking about every interaction you have with your clients.

In the month of August, I’ll be sharing some key takeaways from our epic journey to the 2017 More Than Just Great Dancing Member Rally on Mondays. Catch you tomorrow for our #techtiptuesday at the Tech Savvy Studio Owner.

Cheers Tech Tamers!

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