Increasing productivity and time management with rhythm calendars

Increasing productivity and time management with rhythm calendars

[0:03] Now that you know where you’re spending time by doing your time tracking experiment, and you’ve learned to take those activities and put them on your calendar into blocks of time to be more productive, the next step in the process is to create something called a rhythm calendar. And in today’s episode of the Amplify Your Awesome podcast, we’re going to dive into creating a weekly rhythm, a monthly rhythm and a yearly rhythm, so that your calendars, can be set up and ready to go to help you be more efficient in your business.


[0:42] Be sure to listen to episodes #270 and 271 before you dive into part 3 of this mini-series on time management and productivity.


[1:11] Discover where Yong first learned about Rhythm Calendars, what they are, and how they tie in so beautifully to content repurposing


[2:06] Rhythm Calendars are all about working smarter daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly


[2:27] Examples of Rhythm Calendars from Yong’s local brick and mortar performing arts school she ran for 17-years


[3:23] How a Rhythm Calendar allows us to repurpose content


[4:06] Examples of weekly rhythms to reduce stress and anxiety with social posting


[4:38] Rhythm Calendars help us to not only plan, but take consistent action in our businesses.


[6:10] More examples of Weekly Rhythms you could implement in your business


[7:34] Once you’ve established your weekly rhythms, it’s time to look at tasks that need to get done monthly


[8:32] If you need some inspiration or help on what to post on social, check out my friend and fellow podcaster’s Facebook Page and Group to get free access to her monthly social posting calendars


[9:20] Social post calendars + post scheduling + backups = awesome sauce


[10:26] The importance of taking Yong’s system in your business in a way that makes sense for you


[11:57] Putting tasks on your calendar isn’t enough. You still need to put in the work and time to take action in order to make progress.


[13:02] Think about the cycles in your business to create your rhythm calendars and use tools to automate posting on social media to save more time and ensure that you’re posting regularly


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[14:21] You or your staff can take action on your rhythm calendars with checklists you create in your favorite project management tool like Google Keep or Trello so that you can recycle and repurpose your content like a pro


[15:28] Rhythms Calendars allow us to ensure the content we create is repurposed and recycled rather than ending up in our ‘Content Graveyards’


[16:36] Permission granted to recycle and repurpose your content regularly


[16:59] Now that we’re all wearing more hats at home, it’s more important than ever to establish routines and rhythms in our days, our weeks, our months, and our year.


[18:14] Have questions about rhythm calendars or want to show off your rhythm calendars? Tag Yong on IG @amplifyyourawesome. Ask your Q’s and share your pics.