184 – Meet FamilyPreneur, Meg Brunson

Meet FamilyPreneur, Meg Brunson. She’s the founder and CEO of EIEIO Marketing, a digital marketing agency focused on Facebook Marketing for family-focused businesses.

Meg is the mom of 4 little ladies, a former FB employee, and started the FamilyPreneur Podcast after helping her daughter launch her first business at the age of 10. 

183 – Let’s get real about money with our kids

Let’s get real about money with our kiddos, shall we?

Raising kids who understand the value of their service to others and who can create a future where they can fund their own dreams is what we want for all of you, fellow entrepreneurs and parents.

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182 – How will your kids pay for college?

How will YOUR kids pay for college? 

Today I’m sharing the story of how my 11-year old has started to FUND her own college journey and how your kids can do the same.

Help your kiddos fund their futures by giving them skills to use the devices to create and serve others, not just consume information. Save your seats and join us inside of Podcast in a Weekend at bit.ly/podcastinaweekend

178 – The top 3 myths about podcasting BUSTED

When I talk to would-be podcasters, there are 3 reasons I hear that stop people in their tracks.

These three reasons people don’t are actually myths and today we’re gonna bust through them.

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177 – How will you capture family memories this holiday season?

How will you capture your upcoming holiday memories?

Discover my fav new way of capturing memories, especially family stories, and how you can do the same.

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