Love the food that loves you back

Love the food that loves you back

Today’s topic is one that few of us think about regularly. It’s a topic that has the potential to help us thrive as entrepreneurs or one that may cause us to struggle if we neglect it. And I’ll introduce you to an awesome entrepreneur that has simplified and has changed the way we view this very topic.


Timaree Hagenberger, AKA the Nutrition Professor, joins us today to talk about loving the food that loves you back.


You’ll discover


  • The importance nutrition plays on performance, especially as an entrepreneur,


  • How a plant-based diet can help you thrive,


  • Tips on creating meals your family will love WITHOUT you needing to do all the work,


  • And so much more!


Plus Timaree will share the resource for you or that would make a perfect gift this holiday season. It’s been a total game-changer in Yong’s house.


[0:00]  When it comes to building your awesome business, one of the things that gets overlooked most often is something that most of us don’t think about. So today, I wanted to bring on a guest who could really pull back the curtain and share with us how if we are missing this critical piece, when we’re building our businesses, it definitely could affect us, in not the best of ways. What is this thing I’m talking about? I’m talking about our nutrition. The things that we put into our bodies, day in and day out, absolutely can help us or hurt us as we are building our business. So with all of that in mind, I want to welcome our amazing guest today, nutrition Professor herself Timaree Hagenberger. 

[1:34] Timaree’s backstory  

[4:24] Taking care of your future self today

[10:03] Timaree’s recommendations for pantry staples and examples of how to use them quickly and easily

[19:01] The importance of breakfast for business owners and how taking care of your future self is a gift 

[24:46] The reason behind Timaree’s Book, The Foodie Bar Way.   

[26:50] Using foodie bars to make family meals more enjoyable and give kids autonomy   

[32:49] Where to learn more from Timaree and how to get her book, The Foodie Bar Way  

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Yong Pratt 0:00
Have you ever felt like there is something missing in your business? Something holding you back from the success you're seeking? If so, you are not alone. For nearly 20 years, that's exactly how I felt as a business owner. It wasn't until I discovered Human Design, that it all became clear. And it turns out that I was the missing piece in my own business. Join me on this journey of discovering the real me and hear stories from other business owners, building businesses around all of their awesomeness. I'm Yong Pratt, and it's time my friend to amplify your awesome.

When it comes to building your awesome business, one of the things that gets overlooked most often is something that most of us don't think about. So today, I wanted to bring on a guest who could really pull back the curtain and share with us how if we are missing this critical piece, when we're building our businesses, it definitely could affect us, in not the best of ways. What is this thing I'm talking about? I'm talking about our nutrition. The things that we put into our bodies, day in and day out, absolutely can help us or hurt us as we are building our business. So with all of that in mind, I want to welcome our amazing guest today that nutrition Professor herself Timaree Hagenberger. Welcome to the show to Timaree!

Timaree Hagenberger 1:34
Hello! I am so excited to join you. There, this is such a critical piece that people just don't even, they don't even consider it. They just feel what they feel and they try to push really hard to just keep working, working, keep working. And they don't realize how good they could feel and how much more effective they can be.

So you introduced me as the Nutrition Professor, and I am actually a full-time nutrition professor at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, California. And I've been doing this this is year 21 years. I'm also a registered dietitian, with a master's degree in Public Health. And I'm also a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. And I love what I do. So whenever I listen to a podcast about finding your passion and making sure that you have a way to live that passion, whether it be in your day to day work, or your side, hustle, I live it in every chance I get. I absolutely love sharing information with others, and helping them to optimize their quality of life, no matter what they want to pursue.

Yong Pratt 3:01
Oh my gosh, so much goodness, just in that little bit. The fact that you have been living the work that you're doing in nutrition, helping people to optimize our health for all these years is huge. And I just want to give a little backstory to that too. Timaree and I actually met fairly recently. She attended a summit that I was part of over the summer. And then via email, we've been keeping in touch - reaching out. And then we connected and we had so many things in common. And then when I knew that she was doing all this with nutrition, she has an amazing book, which I'll share with you at the end, how you can get your hands on it, because it is just amazing. Your family is going to thank you for it. I just knew I had to have her on the show. So Timaree, thank you so much for being here and for sharing your vast knowledge in this particular arena of nutrition because it is definitely something that I know, I personally have overlooked at different parts of my life. And when I have, I can definitely tell the difference. And so when it comes to building our business, and making sure that we're caring for ourselves most appropriately, what is something we just need to remember going in because nutrition can sometimes be tough. There's lots of conflicting information out there on the internet. What's something that we can all start doing today?

Timaree Hagenberger 4:24
All right, well, there are a lot of different things we can do. And one, the first thing that I think about when I think about someone really committed to building their business, which means working. Unfortunately for many of us because of so many competing priorities, we need to work late or start early in the morning. And so not having food at your fingertips, that can optimize your mental status is a huge overlook and so when we

Just interestingly. When I talk to my students, when we had classes in person right now we're all remote, I told them that I had worked for years and years and years at the college that I do. And in that whole time, I had gone out to lunch probably maybe two or three times over 15, 16, 17 years. And they look at me in they're thinking what? We go every day. You know, my students do fast food and whatever all the time. And they said, don't you get bored? And I said, No, absolutely. I could most certainly take the time, rush off campus, be subjected to whatever options were out there, and pay, be pointed back to campus, or can take the time, over the weekend, which is typically what I do make up my lunches for the week, have them in my little fridge, so that I get to choose exactly what I want. And I can enjoy them at the speed that I wish. And I am saving. I'm sitting down, I'm saving time, and I'm giving you exactly what I want. Because the my past me, right took care of my future me. And it's so it's, it's the true definition of have it your way.

So now, let's fast forward into COVID times where we're not, we're not even at work, we're trying to do all of this at home. And when people who are trying to get a lot of work done, and also are doing that work at home with a refrigerator in another, you know the kitchen in another room, they can if they don't plan ahead end up spending either a bunch of time in the kitchen making a breakfast that took away maybe 45 minutes of their work time because they didn't plan ahead. And they just decided, Well, what do I feel like, or they end up going into the kitchen and just trying to find something quick, like some kind of snacky overprocessed product, or energy drink or something like that, where they think I'll just eat this. And it'll just get me through. And they don't realize that they're not optimizing that opportunity. But when they walk into their kitchen, and they open that fridge and they see their breakfast, let's say breakfast, oatmeal, that they've made a little overnight oats. That's something that people you know, are interested in and they see the little containers, they grab a jar. It already has some goodness in there that they prepared all in one shot on Sunday, bring it back to their desk, or take that 10 minutes to sit outside. When the air is clean, right? Take a nice little time to themselves and get right back and focus on what you need to for their business. Taking that extra time pays you because you're taking care of your future self pays you big dividends all week long.

Yong Pratt 8:24
You brought up a ton of good points to hear and and really the idea that our society tells us that we need to be moving fast. Things have to go fast, fast, fast, and we're always in a hurry, and the temptation to grab something on the go. While it seems convenient in the moment, like you said, we need to think about our future selves, when you should really consider how that food we're going to intake into our bodies is going to affect us throughout our workdays, throughout the weekend. And I know for me, I've been working on doing a new eating program, which has been a plant based program. And I'm prepping on Sundays. So literally, I'm making my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner on Sundays. Yes, it takes some time, but it's kind of become my favorite day of the week. And then when I wake up, I just know what I'm going to have. And it's there. I can take it out of the freezer, I can pop it in the microwave, I can take it with me. It makes it so so convenient. So for those of you who are out there wanting to grab things fast, definitely take Timaree's advice and prep things that are easy. Prep things that are delicious. And prep things that are going to really give you the energy you need to run a business because if you're like me and you run a business and you have kids and you have all sorts of things that you're doing, and if you're not feeding yourself the right things, we can definitely run out of energy quickly. So Timaree let's talk about some thoughts for how people can quickly prep their breakfast or their lunch to take with them. What are some of the staples that you would recommend we all have in our pantries.

Timaree Hagenberger 10:03
Okay, so I have many, many articles on my website, the Nutrition Professor dot com, that will detail all kinds of tips and recipes. And I have videos of me shopping, and then cooking and just podcast episodes. I have all kinds of resources. And one of my articles I talked about meal planning wisdom, and this idea that everything can be personalized.

So the question about let's take breakfast, and you can also transition this slowly. So I, we didn't talk about this yet, but in 2011, so I've been a dietitian for years and years since 1999. But in 2011, we transitioned my family to plant based whole foods. And it was a big transition because we were omnivores. We ate everything before and we have not ever stepped back. We have just never felt better. And with that transition, I was looking at what are the foods we enjoy? And how can I make those in a way that truly loves us back. So my little tagline for my nutrition professor is love the foods that love you back. And so when we think about that, I want you to always make this personal to you.

So for breakfast, what do you enjoy? And that can honestly be the types of foods but also thinking about textures. So, for example, my husband does not enjoy the texture of oatmeal. So it doesn't matter how its prepared. As far as like a porridge. He's not interested. Whether it's overnight oats. Whether it's hot, that's not of any interest to him. But he does like bars. So I could take the oatmeal and bake it into oatmeal bars. And he will eat that or oatmeal muffins. So when you have, so the oatmeal is wonderful because it's a whole grain. And it's going to give us the complex carbohydrate that we need to sustain energy for our brain and our red blood cells. So when you think about now doesn't have to be oatmeal. No, could it be something like a quinoa or a bulgur or some other grain whole grain? Absolutely.

And if you don't want a grain, you have sweet potato. You can do all kinds of things for breakfast. But once you have an idea about what you enjoy, then being able to customize that and add in the most nutritious options possible, makes the most sense.

So when you think about oatmeal, and we'll just drill down so people can get an idea kind of the mindset. But if you think about oatmeal, we go from very processed to whole. So very processed would be a cereal that's made of oats, like Cheerios, or oat squares. So those poor little oats have been processed heavily, and blown up and cooked. And so those are going to be the least healthy. And then you're moving into instant oatmeal, which is pretty mushy, it has lots of sugar and other additives. Then you get into old fashion, which is the five minute oats and those have just been steamed and rolled. They've been cut and rolled. And then you move into steel cut, which have just been cut, and that's why the different texture, and then you get into oat groats, which are the little hard oats that you would be able to soak and then cook. They do take a little longer, but you're getting closer to the whole grain which has all of nutrition that it was meant to provide because it's the closest version to the way it was grown. So when you take something like the that basis and you can be anywhere on the continuum, and just be moving towards the more whole version. But then we don't want just oats. We want to take that opportunity to add in some fabulous fruit that full of antioxidants. So that's why you asked the question, what kind of berries because berries are the highest level as far as fruits for cell protection, so your own self protection. So what kinds of berries could you have? So, when I think of berries, I think of expensive raspberries. The little plastic package that somehow molds between the time I get them at the grocery store and the time I come home. And that frustrates me to no end, so I spend my resources financially on frozen berries, and then they're ready whenever I need them. So, grocery outlet close to me sell organic frozen berries, I always have them in my freezer. They also have mango. They also have strawberries. And so then I start to think, okay, I'll add those. So now I have berries, and a grain. And then spice is really important flavor. So I have a choice is blend in Foodie Bar Way Cookbook, as well as I have it on my website. And that adds in not only flavor, but antioxidants, which can also further protect yourselves. So now we've built oatmeal with berries and spice: chai spice, pumpkin pie spice, whatever your favorites are. And then you can take it to the next level. And this may sound a little loopy, but it's amazing. Don't knock it before you try it is to add a legume - a bean. So I often will add black beans or white beans to my oatmeal. Because I want even more staying power. I want more fiber. I want more protein. And then I'll add flaxseed, ground flax on top of that, or chia. I'll cook it in with the chia. And I make this I usually will add the beans just the morning of but everything else, I'll make it for the week. Have those little containers. And that's just one way that I do. I wash one pot, and I've got all my little containers. I'm ready to go. So that's a little bit of information about how I would mindset wise, start with something like breakfast.

Yong Pratt 17:16
That's so good. And it reminds me so much about how we look at business, right. We start with, we have different elements we put together. And when you have them together, it creates this complete thing, whether it's a course a program, a video, a podcast, but layering all those different elements, those different spices. And I did a whole series of podcast episodes called The Spice in Your Podcasting Life.' And it was about this about all the different flavors, all the different textures, you can add in to whatever you're doing to really give people this wow factor. And even just you describing all these yummy things and how you prep, just one meal. And you can have it all week. And you can change up the variety. You can add different texture, you can add different flavors, different spices. It's making me hungry just talking about this because I can just see it happening in my mind's eye and it brings a smile to my face. Because when we take the time to prepare things, and not always do things, spur of the moment. And yes, I realize sometimes we have to do things for the moment. And that's where things like you know, the fast foods come in. But if we just are thinking about how can we make food prep? Super easy? How can we make our food delicious? How can we make our food less costly? You've given us ideas on all these things. And this is just breakfast. So thank you so much for laying out how to really go out there and prep and start to build better breakfast because when you had that great breakfast, it really sets you up for success in the rest of your day.

Timaree Hagenberger 19:01
And it does. And the a couple of things that makes me think of the first is that the research about when to eat because there's a lot of information now about intermittent fasting and people are confused about a lot of things. But their research has come back incredibly in support of having your meals earlier in the day. So the idea of having a good amount of time between your last meal and your next meal The next day, but having that first meal in the morning. So your body physiologically is set up to handle food earlier and it's it's crazy. They even change your life. They think people that work night shift right who are kind of their circadian rhythm is upside down and they still have a much more difficult time handling digestion of their food after like after 7pm. So eating that making sure that breakfast. To go back to the old adage of breakfast, like again, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. That idea actually rings true in the research. The other thing that what you had said made me think about is the Foodie Bar Way Cookbook. Because in there, we have an oatmeal Foodie Bars. So that idea is that you customize it. And depending on how you like I said, you want to know yourself. So if you're someone who says, I can eat the same breakfast every day, and I'm good, then you can make that breakfast like I mentioned. You can add everything you wanted to it on that night that you prep it. But if there's someone who's oh, I get bored, I don't want the same thing every day as far as like flavoring, then what you do is you make your base oatmeal, let's say with with apples, and I have this set up in the Foodie Bar Way. And then every day, you add different textures. So one day, it's lubitz. Another day it's mango. Another strawberries. And then if you're someone who says I can't even do oatmeal every day, then you do oatmeal, and you have it two or three days and you spread it out. And then in between, you make my scramble, which I have a Foodie Bar for breakfast scramble, and then you get to switch off, but you still use those ideas and that prep that you did on Sunday. But then every day is an adventure that you can just personalize and individualize.

But like you had said this, when we take care of our future self in this way, it truly feels like a gift. And I have my little container of whatever it is right? If it's the breakfast or lunch, I look at it and smile and think, yeah, someone really important made this for me, me, you know. I really took that time to say I am and my health is important enough because a lot of people rely on, I can't miss class students can miss a class teacher cannot miss the class. So I never have had a substitute in 21 years. Because it's that important to me to be there. And so I take care of myself, though. And that's through nutrition and exercise. And something else that obviously we talked about. But there's so much that we can share about nutrition.

Yong Pratt 22:58
Absolutely, there's so many facets. And I think this is what I think this is why it's so easy sometimes to not do the things we know we need to do. Because there's so much conflicting information out there. You know, one site you go to says this is good one site you go to so this does that same thing as bad. So as consumers, it's sometimes hard to wade through all of the vast amounts of knowledge. But having you here with all of your decades of knowledge in this arena is awesome for us as business owners, because it's just nice to know that people are out there talking about real foods. They're living this lifestyle, and they're teaching others to do the same. And the fact that you've been able to help your students who are in college, you know, have these great meals, they can prepare on a budget that suits them. That's a really big deal, too. And you mentioned a couple times now about your book, The Foodie Bar Way and I wanted to dive in more about this because you were so sweet. You sent me a signed copy of this book, and it's such a cool book. And I will have to say when you first started telling me about the footie bar away, I was thinking of a bar you took with you with you. And I think I don't know if you can talk to that because I think some people might be thinking when they bars, the bar that's processed from the store that we take. Timaree's book is awesome, because it basically it's, if you imagine having this beautiful breakfast bar laid out with all these different foods for all the different meals. You said earlier that this is an adventure, eating can be an adventure, and if you set up these Foodie Bars for your family, everyone gets to go on an adventure they want to go on and no one is subjected to eating the same thing. Because not everyone likes the same things. So let's go back and tell me the backstory behind this book and why you published it.

Timaree Hagenberger 24:46
So yea the Foodie Bar interesting because that's one thing that's hard for people if unless they hear me speak and I can explain it. When they hear The Foodie Bar Way, they think of a new trick quote unquote You know, nutrition bar energy bar granola bar. And that's not it, we're talking about like the Taco Bar. So the idea is, is kind of most people have had experience with like the Chipotle you know, experience. So it's like Forks Over Knives, if anybody's ever watched that movie meat, which is health, you know, reversing our number one killers with food. So Forks Over Knives, meets Chipoltle with a sprinkle of The Flavor Bible, which is a book that shows how different flavors can complement each other. It's like something of a chef's reference, because I teach cooking classes.

So this idea that everybody gets their own choices, but you only put out the very best options for everyone. So this was my answer to the challenge of taking care of my family. So I have two kids, and they're very close to your kids age. If they're not exactly I think they are 15 or 14 and 17. Exactly the same age. Yes. And so we transition when they were five and eight, to plant based. And so I was the one who was responsible, you know, for all this food. And so I was trying to figure out how can we do it, where it's safe to experiment. And it's safe to personalize without having the the casserole scenario, okay, this is casserole scenario. You make a casserole, and then your kids say, there's olives in there. And you say, yes, of course, there's all because yesterday, you told me how much you love olives.

Yong Pratt 26:50
So true.

Timaree Hagenberger 26:51
And they say. No, no, no, no, no, not in that. I mean, I like olives in the other thing but not in this, and then nobody, right? And then you're like, forget it. I'm fine, go out, right. And this whole little thing explodes. Instead of doing that, you have all of the options set out and everybody gets to make their own plate, or their own whatever if it's pizza. So this makes all the difference. In fact, let me share something quickly.

So myself and my very close friend that was with me right through this whole process of me developing this book. afterwards. She said, I have to tell you last night, I had a moment she said I was just done with the family. Like I was just they were all just letting me get to eat. There's nothing... everybody's complaining. She said I thought of you and decided I was going to do your own Foodie Bar. She said instead of it was for dinner, and it's fun to do breakfast for dinner. So she said okay, so I made some oatmeal. And then I had all the little things for them to add the cinnamon and the nuts and all you know, because I give lots of options for what to put on top. She said you would have thought that. She's worked Disneyland said you could she said if I was mixed up and put it on the table. They would have all had conniption fits just so upset. But the fact that they had their own little bowl, and they put their own little you know, whether it was maple syrup, or you know, whatever she wanted, she may have even you know had little bits of coconut or chocolate chips or nuts or whatever works for her family, right blueberries all that. She said they were so excited to make it on their own. And that may you know be it may sound like too good to be true. But how often do we love to be able to say I would like this and this and this and this and that on it? Nope. I think another scoop of that. Perfect, thank you. I mean, that is just a dream. So whether you do you know just a family with this or when we all can spend more time together, the Foodie Bars make the best potlucks ever, because everybody can bring an item. And then you set this up. We do a baked potato I've done a potato bar Foodie Bar, they just follow the guidance I have in the book because every bar has a Basic Bar and a Raising the Bar section and so the basic bar are just the ingredients you need to put something together where you have no time, no money and no cooking experience, which is where my students are at. And then Raising The Bar is where I'd like to try something a little different. Maybe instead of for that big potato bar, maybe instead of buying a can of chili beans. I will make Timaree's seasoned black beans or garlic mushrooms or maybe homemade salsa instead of jarred salsa. And so they took these lists. And he had 63 people contribute to a big potato Foodie Bar, we had five tables of things to put on potatoes. I mean, it was just

Yong Pratt 30:15
Oh, my goodness.

Timaree Hagenberger 30:16
So fun. And it was great because some people don't feel comfortable, you know, with new recipes, but they'll bring a package of canned or a package of frozen organic corn, or they'll bring, you know, a red cabbage slice, and others will say, Oh, no, I'll make your sofritas. I'll make your beans. So just that idea of, you know, someone grabbed a potato and could just pick what they wanted. If they don't like olives, great, just skip them, you know, for you. But this works in your family and at work, and in the community as well. Just a different approach entirely to thinking about food and meals.

Yong Pratt 31:02
Absolutely. And I can definitely attest to the fact that when we do these bars, dinner is so successful. So for all of you parents out there who may be dealing with kids having school from home, like my kids do. They were given Chromebooks and they get to do school, on their Chromebook during the day. They're home all day long. And so literally, food is always a question, you know. What's for this meal and what's for this meal? But by having some of these core ingredients available, and having lots of options that I can chop up and pre cut up and have them in the fridge, it makes it so easy. So there are fewer arguments. There are fewer, there's less time being spent on having to meal prep, because everyone can kind of choose their adventure. And I know for us, it has saved so much time. And now going forward, I pretty much want to make every meal a bar, because it's just so much easier just to have all the individual ingredients, and everyone gets to choose what sounds good to them right then. And like you said, it's not a casserole, where everything's baked in, and all of a sudden, nobody wants it, there's always going to be something. And this is from our experience, there's always something that everyone likes. And some people will choose more of one thing and less of another. And that's totally okay. But at the end of the day, at the end of each meal, everyone's gotten exactly what they wanted. They weren't told what to eat, because they got to choose your own adventure. And I just love the whole philosophy Timaree of The Foodie Bar Way and I want to make sure that people can get their hands on this book, because I truly believe that every family, especially if you have kids, or you're just busy, and but you will still want to take good care of yourself. You want to feed yourself well. So you can build this business that you're building and do your awesome work. Where can they get a copy of this book?

Timaree Hagenberger 32:49
So the best way is to actually go to FoodieBars.com So f-o-o-d-i-e b-a-r-s dot com. And that's my website for my book. Um, you can get it on Amazon. But for those of us business owners, we know how much Amazon takes, though it's actually. If you get it through foodiebars.com, I will sign a personalized note and stick it in there and take it to the post office myself. Or my husband will take it for me. And it it is full of all of the family favorites, the pasta, the pizza, the nachos. It's breakfast, lunch, dinner bars, and dessert cookies and but they're all here, and I teach you how to make salad dressings. And without any oil. It's just it is the best of the best for your body. And the more you spend time eating this way as a family, the more you will be able to save resources, which we can talk about on another episode for healthcare and all the rest of it. But it this is a really fun, fun book it every recipe has a picture that I took, because my students wanted to see pictures. So there's even a section about how to keep produce lasting longer. And it's every single type of produce I use in the book. So it's exactly the idea not something I just cut and pasted from the internet. So it's just it's, it's how to set up your kitchen, how to set up your mindset. And then you jump right into very easy recipes that everybody can help contribute.

On that last thing I wanted to mention were saying that you really enjoy us with family. And not only can you enjoy the meals, but you can also use it as an opportunity to give them a little autonomy in prepping certain depending on their age. You can have them work in a team or by themselves. To prep certain pieces of the bar, and all come together to share the meal, that's for grandparents, that's good for parents, especially now when we feel like they just are doing too much school on their, you know, just too much sitting too much computer. So to give them something to do, that's fun. I know a lot of grandparents end up trying to them, the cheap foods, instead of this would be a much better experience. If you said, hey, let's do a Foodie Bar, a specialty bar for dinner and help me with the parts that we're going to make to put together is way better than Hey, let's go to McDonald's drive thru and then eat in my car, you know, that's, we can do better.

Yong Pratt 35:47
So true. And you brought up a really, really, really key point that I want to, to make sure that we repeat. And that's the fact that as parents, Mom and Dad, we don't have to be responsible for all the meals. If we're gonna include our kids, get them up from behind their computers. Get them interacting with you. Get them having fun in the kitchen, to help them understand that food is our fuel, food can be fun. And when it comes to choosing, we ultimately get to make our own way down this amazing journey when we do the footie bar way. So Timaree I want to thank you for so many things for saying yes to this podcast, for sending me a copy of this book so we can test it out. And then just for sharing your wisdom with your students at your college and online. And I will definitely make sure that over on our show notes at www.YongPratt.com, I going to link directly to where you can get Timaree's book, definitely get it from her. I'm going to link out to her blog so if you need more ideas, you want to see more pictures, you want to see how she does things, I will definitely link it up there as well. And with that Timaree, I just want to say a big thank you for the work that you're doing right now. Because

Timaree Hagenberger 37:02
You're welcome.

Yong Pratt 37:02
It's so needed. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Yes, it's so needed right now, in a time when we're all thinking a little bit more about our health, given the situation in the world. And if we can take these small steps every day and employ things like creating Foodie Bars for our family and take back our health, by feeding ourselves well, that my friend is going to have huge ripple effects across the globe. So thank you.

Timaree Hagenberger 37:29
Well, it does. It allows all of these business owners that have so much to give to the world, we have to take care of ourselves. Because if we're not feeling well, then we cannot contribute. And we need to make sure that our businesses are thriving, so that we can get the word out and we can help more more people. And the other thing is we don't want to be super successful, and then be unhealthy. Because there was a fabulous quote that said that Healthy People have 1000s of wishes, and unhealthy people only have one. And I think that just rings so true, that we pushed so hard, but we were not able to enjoy the health that we can actually have. And we need to model that for the kids. So this is really important.

Yong Pratt 38:28
Yes. Yes, you're very welcome and Timaree and I would both definitely tell all of you to take care of yourself first. Because like she just shared that if you're not taking care of yourself, if you're not at your optimum health, it's really hard and exhausting to take care of all the other people that depend on us. So when you take control of your health, and the first step, of course, is grabbing Timaree's book, it's going to make all the difference for you. So thank you again, Timaree for being here. And for all of you listening. Thank you for tuning in. We're giving you permission to take a step back, do a little self care. feed yourself well, so that you can support your family and you can support your business and cheers, everyone.

Next week, you'll hear from Facebook ads expert Tammy P, and her story of building a business around everything that makes her so awesome. Until then, come on over and join me inside my Facebook community where I do live weekly trainings, sharing real world examples of showing up as your real self in business.

Until then, come on over to join me inside my Facebook community where I do weekly trainings, sharing real world examples of showing up as the real you in your business with your awesome content. I'll link the group directly at today's show notes at www.YongPratt.com/311.

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We have to take care of ourselves as business owners. If we're not feeling well, then we cannot contribute. And we need to make sure that our businesses are thriving so that we can help more people.Click To Tweet

The Nutrition Professor on the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast with Yong Pratt

The Nutrition Professor on the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast with Yong Pratt