Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 1

Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 1

[0:02] Have you ever found a recipe that you loved, and then modified over time? Maybe you needed to halve or double the recipe. Perhaps you had to substitute ingredients because you didn’t have the ones required on hand. It could be that over time you added in your own personal touches. A dash more of this. A pitch less of that.


[0:29] The same is true for your podcast. The recipe you use when you start your podcast may change over time to suit the needs of your listeners as well as yours as hostess.


[0:48] We’re spicing things up today and in the upcoming three episodes of the podcast with a brand new miniseries. We’ll be diving into in many ingredients or ‘spices’ you’ll need, and you’ll get to make some choices so that you can build a strong foundation for your podcast.


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[2:33] It’s been said that variety is the spice of life and the same can definitely be said about your podcasting life.


[3:04] Origins of the phrase and what “Variety is the spice of life” and how it applies to your podcasting life


[4:02] What Yong’s reading now and how it inspired this episode on the miniseries


[5:20] As a podcaster, you are in the driver’s seat. You get to call the shots and make up your own recipes


[5:45] Two spices for your podcast (1) the type of show you want to create and (2) your show’s personality.


[6:09] Overview of the 4 types of show formats you can create


[6:32] Show Format #1: The Solo Show – pros and cons


[7:21] Show Format #2: The Interview-Based Show – pros and cons


[8:26] Show Format #3: the co-hosted or panel discussion podcast – pros and cons


[8:59] Show Format #4: the combination podcast – pros and cons


[9:34] ] Today’s second spice: culture/personality and examples


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[10:53] Share your unique spices from today’s episode BELOW.


[11:08] An important thing to remember as you launch and grow your podcast


[11:38] Coming next week: 2 Bonus episodes + Live Q&A


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Start your podcast with what you already have

Start your podcast with what you already have

[0:03] Live video.


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[0:47] Start with what you have. It’s a simple enough statement yet one that doesn’t always provide the comfort we’re seeking, especially when it comes to launching your very own podcast.


[1:03] When it comes to doing things that push us outside our comfort zone, it’s all too easy to take a look at external circumstances and decide we don’t have the right tools or resources to get started.



[1:43] 3 examples of what starting with what you have may look like for you today



[3:11] Why Yong chose NOT to even look at any new mics at Podcast Movement



[3:50] Find out which mic Yong has been using since 2013



[4:18] The Super 7 challenge isn’t about perfection. It’s about progress. It’s about taking action, no matter how messy.


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[5:14] How the Super 7 challenge can help lay the foundation for YOUR podcast



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