Podcast Repurposing: 3 Easy Tips

Podcast Repurposing: 3 Easy Tips

[0:00] When you hear the words simple or easy, what comes to mind?


[0:11]  As a recovering over-complicating-everything perfectionist, I can say that when I hear those words, it sometimes triggers some pretty strong emotions. What about you?


[1:08] Simple and easy sometimes don’t really seem possible because sometimes society tells us that to get something done, to get something done well, to do the next thing, it takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of hustle. It takes a lot of effort.


[2:46] You’re spending time and money creating every podcast episode – they’re assets for your business.


[6:23] Repurposing is essential since so few people see what you post organically on social media. If you’re not repurposing and sharing your podcast episodes in many different ways, you’re doing people a disservice.


[8:02] Why repelling people with your podcast serves your business.


[8:56] Tip #1


[11:33] Tip #2


[14:17] Tip #3 and Yong’s favorite tool of all time, Repurpose


[16:06] Why Yong considers herself a ‘lazy’ entrepreneur


[18:08] Episode Recap


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