203 – Raising superheroes, dance competition, and celery juice…

203 – Raising superheroes, dance competition, and celery juice…

Raising superheroes, dance competitions, and celery juice.


What do these 3 things have in common? Find out on today’s episode.


If you’re at all curious about eBooks or becoming an author, I invite you to register for “Are eBooks Dead?” – a free live workshop hosted by myself and Kim White.

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On the March 21, 12 PM PST workshop, we’ll dive into

—> The current state and stats on eBooks
—> Do eBooks help or hinder your credibility?
—> Are eBooks worth the cost of publishing?

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Episode 202 – The Evolution of a Podcast

Episode 202 – The Evolution of a Podcast

Nothing is constant but change – Heraclitus


Change, while constant, can be challenging. Find out the changes and the evolution of the podcast and what the new name for the podcast is going to be moving into the future.

Podcast in a Weekend Student Success – Irena Miller

At the beginning of 2018, I chose the word, “impact” as my focus for the year. Never did I imagine that my love of podcasting and teaching would lead me to create and launch, Podcast in a Weekend.

Since our first graduating class in September, we’ve seen the most amazing success stories from our students and continue to receive feedback and reviews.

If you don’t already know Irena Chace Miller, my personal yoga teacher, and intuitive energy teacher, be sure you follow her online and stay tuned for her upcoming podcast, Everyday Inklings with Irena.

Thank you, Irena, for your kind words. I am so grateful our paths have crossed and I look forward to watching your podcasting adventure unfold.