What’s Your Harvest Strategy

What’s Your Harvest Strategy

[0:02] Do you make it a point to celebrate your wins intentionally?


[0:08] Most business owners don’t. They hit their goal and move on quickly to the next one.


[0:21] Today’s strategy is an intentional way you can use to get the most out of celebrating those wins and acknowledging your accomplishments


[1:05] How a recent conversation following Yong’s monthly interviews with Hani Mourra sparked the topic of today’s strategy


[3:25] How learning to systematize her business led to the creation of Harvest Strategies within her business


[3:55] What a harvest strategy is and some examples


[4:49] How planning out your own harvest strategy as part of your goal setting and planning process can make all the difference


[6:13] Today’s strategy goes hand in hand with Episode #251: How much time can you save by planning? Along with Yong’s upcoming workshop: 1-2-3: A Podcast for Me Workshop. Save your seat at http://www.YongPratt.com/252


[6:32] Why a harvest strategy is ideal for the holiday season


[7:51] Share your harvest strategies with Yong at http://www.yongpratt.com/252


[8:24] With this final episode of 2019, Yong wishes you the most amazing holiday season! May it be filled with friends, family, and lots of fun!