It’s time to bust this big fat LIE!

It’s time to bust this big fat LIE!

[0:05] Has someone ever told you that something you’re about to do is going to be hard or that you have to work hard to accomplish, X, Y or Z?


[0:17] That’s the lie we’re going to address today here on episode #250 of the In a Weekend Podcast.


[0:58] Have you ever been told something is going to be hard? Let me know below in the COMMENTS


[1:15] Examples of the lies Yong heard growing up which she’s since learned are LIES…


[1:51] Podcasting is made out to be so dang hard (and confusing)…it’s time to bust that lie and start podcasting the EASY way


[2:14] What you DON’T need to buy at the beginning of your podcasting journey


[2:45] You can start a podcast with what you ALREADY have


[3:23] You don’t have to have all.the.things figured out BEFORE you start your podcast


[4:01] Learn how to podcast the EASY way inside of Podcast in a Weekend  


[4:57] Will you beat one of our star student’s fastest time of 4 hours to launch your podcast?


[5:40] Podcasting is an ideal medium to serve more people and make a bigger impact with your gifts and talents


[6:26] Tools you can use to start your podcast TODAY


[7:38] This is the FINAL time Podcast in a Weekend will be offered at only $397. In the new year, the price will be at least DOUBLE as we introduce Podcast in a Weekend 2.0. So save your seat now  


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