Get more eyeballs on your videos with these 3 tips.

Get more eyeballs on your videos with these 3 tips.

[0:00] If you’re looking to get more eyeballs on the awesome videos that you are creating for your business, stick around because I have three tips on how to repurpose your existing videos in order to reach more people and have more people get to know, like, and trust you with your videos.

[1:09] Today we are going to talk about three ways to get more eyeballs on your videos because if you’re investing time, energy, and money to create videos for your business, you want to get as many eyeballs on those videos as possible.

[1:38] If you’re not using video in your business *yet,* TODAY is a great time to start. If you need help getting started or finding the right tools, grab Yong’s Content Marketing Toolkit

[2:34] Yong’s 2-decade journey to using and loving video

[4:30] Video Repurposing Tip #1

[6:57] Wanna know Yong’s favorite automation tools for video? Grab her Toolkitcontent marketing toolkit - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome

[9:13] See an example of #1 over on Yong’s IG

[10:12] Video Repurposing Tip #2

[11:59] Grab Yong’s list of Fav Tools

[12:29] Video Repurposing Tip #3

[14:28] Grab Yong’s list of Fav Tools

[15:36] Quick Recap

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Podcast Repurposing: 3 Easy Tips

Podcast Repurposing: 3 Easy Tips

[0:00] When you hear the words simple or easy, what comes to mind?


[0:11]  As a recovering over-complicating-everything perfectionist, I can say that when I hear those words, it sometimes triggers some pretty strong emotions. What about you?


[1:08] Simple and easy sometimes don’t really seem possible because sometimes society tells us that to get something done, to get something done well, to do the next thing, it takes a lot of hard work. It takes a lot of hustle. It takes a lot of effort.


[2:46] You’re spending time and money creating every podcast episode – they’re assets for your business.


[6:23] Repurposing is essential since so few people see what you post organically on social media. If you’re not repurposing and sharing your podcast episodes in many different ways, you’re doing people a disservice.


[8:02] Why repelling people with your podcast serves your business.


[8:56] Tip #1


[11:33] Tip #2


[14:17] Tip #3 and Yong’s favorite tool of all time, Repurpose


[16:06] Why Yong considers herself a ‘lazy’ entrepreneur


[18:08] Episode Recap


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3 Super Simple Ways to Repurpose Blog Posts

3 Super Simple Ways to Repurpose Blog Posts

[0:03] If you’re a blogger, or you’re looking to start a blog, it’s super important to get the most leverage the most traction out of every single blog post you create so you don’t waste time and money.

[0:25] But here’s the thing about blogs…Not everyone likes to read So what’s a blogger to do?

[0:45] Bloggers need to turn those awesome posts into different forms of content through a process called repurposing and it can be done in as little as 15 minutes 

[1:21] Welcome to this live recording of Episode 287 of the Amplify Your Awesome Podcast with host Yong Pratt, AKA Dr. Content 

[1:55] Drop the link to your blog on today’s show notes at http://www.yongpratt.com/287

[2:36]  Repurposing your blog post doesn’t have to be hard, or time-consuming or complicated. 

[4:37] Tip #1: Extract text

[7:14] Using tips 1-2, you could easily turn one blog post into 11+ pieces of awesome content


[9:03] Examples for the lovely ladies that shared their favorite blog posts on Monday, Lucy, Krista, and Susan. 

[10:00] When it feels like you’ve shared too much, share some more and here’s why

[10:52] Making it easier for people to consume your blog (or any content) is the name of the game in repurposing.

[11:25] Tip #3: Audio posts using your smartphone

[13:15] Can you guess what it is probably some of you who are here live, can guess what I’m going to say.

[13:22] BONUS Tip #4: Turn your blog into videos and the many ways to create video

[15:57] Yong’s content workflow 

[17:10] Be sure to post your repurposed content and tag Yong on social media

[17:50] What questions do you have about turning your blog posts into other forms of content AKA repurposing content and what a 90s slogan has to do with your content. 

[19:53] How using today’s tips can set you up for success even if you’re new to blogging 

[21:24] If you want more tips like these and a community of fellow creators to hang out with, you’re invited to join us inside of our new community, Creators Landing.

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3 Super Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts

3 Super Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Posts

If you have a blog or want to start one, getting the very most traction and leverage from every post is super important. After all creating blogs is an investment of time and money.

But here’s the thing about blogs…not everyone likes to read or consume content in text form.

So what’s a blogger to do???

Turn your awesome blog posts into different forms of content through a process called Repurposing.

And good news, today we’re diving into 3 super simple ways that YOU can repurpose your favorite blog post in less than 15 minutes using a tool that probably never leaves your side 😲

Welcome to this live recording of episode 287 of the Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast. I’m your host, Yong Pratt, AKA Dr. Content because I help business owners diagnose what ails their content. Whether you’re new to create content or you’re looking for ways to get the most leverage from your content, you’re in the right place. Here on the podcast, we talk about the many ways you can breathe new life into the content you already have

Drop your questions down below and be sure to sprinkle this video out to any blogger friends looking to get more traction from their blogs.

When it comes to repurposing your blog posts, it doesn’t have to be hard or take lots of time. It’s just a matter of finding the ways to repurpose your content that are easiest for you to create using tools you already have.

I’m a huge believer in choosing the path of least resistance and starting with the tools you have so you’ll hear me say this a ton.

So let’s dive into 3 super simple ways to repurpose your blog posts in less than 15 minutes…

Tip #1 for Repurposing Your Blog Posts

Extract short snippets of text from your blog and use it verbatim on social media.


But didn’t you say earlier that not all people like to read or consume text-based content?

Yes. Here’s the difference.

Blog posts, for the most part, are considered long-form content. In places like social media land, not everybody wants to stop their scroll and spend a lot of time digging into long-form content so we need to give them bite-sized nuggets.

Think quotes, takeaways, tips, or lists.

Copy and paste these nuggets verbatim on social media.  Even though this is still text-based, it’s short-form content meaning it can be enjoyed quickly and is easily sharable.

Repurposing content has a compounding effect.

Let’s do a little math…

If you grabbed 10, 20, or even 30 little nuggets from every blog post you ALREADY have, you’ve 30x your ability to reach more people with your awesome blog content!!!

To be conservative, even if you grabbed just 5 nuggets from every blog post, you’re still 5xing the content you can now share.

Ninja repurposing hack – post your nugget on Twitter and then screenshot the post. The end result will look a little something like the image below which is a computer screenshot. From the mobile app, it will be square which is awesome for sharing on IG.

"Given the opportunity, kids will rise to the challenge every single time" - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome™ Podcast



Tip #2 for Repurposing Your Blog Posts

Turn your text into graphics fast.

Use a free tool called Canva (available via a web browser or mobile app), to create graphic images for that same text from Tip #1, doubling the nuggets you can share.

If you’re keeping up with the math here, you’ll now have 20-40-or even 60 pieces of sharable content which you can then schedule, saving you more time and money – crazy, right?!

Using our conservative math from above, you’d now have 10 separate pieces of repurposed content!

You can save even more time if you already have graphics in your blog posts. Just upload them into Canva and paste the text over the images.

Voila – beautiful graphics you can share on social over and over again.

Here are some examples from the Amplify Your Awesome™ videos, podcast, and blogs.

Recession-proofing your business by teaching what you know with Yong PrattAmplify Your Awesome™ Podcast - 3 Easy Ways to Repurpose Blog Podcast CoverAmplify Your Awesome™ Podcast - Does your content need c.p.r.

Tip #3 for Repurposing Your Blog Posts

Create an audio snippet on your smartphone

Pull out your smartphone and open up the voice memos app or my favorite real-time transcription app, Otter.ai, and press record.

What are you going to record?

The SAME nuggets from Tip #1, tripling your sharable nuggets!!!

At this point, you could literally have 30, 60, or even 90 nuggets to share!!! On the conservative side, 15. Considering you started with 1 blog post, even 15 more pieces of content to share is quite a feat that will only take you or your team a few minutes per week.

Holy repurposing!

Because I love you guys, and I know that you’re spending time with me today, I want to give you a bonus tip. Of the 4, this is the one I recommend to all my students and clients.


BONUS Tip for Repurposing Your Blog Posts

Create a video for each of the nuggets in Tip #1, quadrupling your sharable content.

Why video?

It’s the fastest way to build a connection and rapport with people when you aren’t able to be in the same room. Video is real, raw, and people get to know the real you fast. Whether you choose face to camera, screen sharing, live, or pre-recorded videos, video is here to stay.

BTW: If you need help with your live video efforts, you can grab my Super 7 Live Streaming Video Challenge HERE.

Super 7 Live Streaming Video Challenge - Yong Pratt - Amplify Your Awesome

Over the course of 7 days, you’ll get access to my personal live-streaming video script. It’s a script that only taken me a dozen or so years to dial in and literally cost me tens of thousands of dollars to learn from many coaches and mentors.

And now back to repurposing your blog posts…

At this point, the compounding effect of repurposing gets super crazy and almost overwhelming…

Using the same 10, 20, or 30 nuggets from tip #1, and using all the tips in this blog post, you’re looking at 40, 80, or 120 individual pieces of content you can now share.

Imagine if you did this process with 10 blog posts you already have. You’d literally have upwards of a thousand nuggets you can sprinkle and share across all social platforms.

Using our conservative approach with 5 nuggets from Tip #1, you’d still end up with 20 pieces of awesomeness to share.

Can you understand why I get so excited about repurposing blog posts?

And this, my friends, is just the TIP of the repurposing iceberg! This is just ONE piece of the many that I walk my 1:1 clients through because if there’s one truth you should know it’s this:

If you like this topic of repurposing as much as I do, or simply want to learn more, I invite you to join me inside of Creators Landing, our new community on Facebook.

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I cannot wait to see how you’ve repurposed your blog posts!

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