The Studio Blog Star Masterclass is now open for enrollment!

Happy Wednesday studio owners! Yesterday, on my live video I let you in on an exciting bit of news. My very first live four week Masterclass inspired by all of you, and all of your questions, is now open for enrollment!

I’m happy to announce the Studio Blog Stars Masterclass is officially open! This is a four-week live and interactive videoclass. I’ll be walking you through setting up your blog step-by-step with live weekly training sessions as well as weekly Q & A calls so that we can build our blogs together. At the end of four weeks not only will your blog be live but you’ll have a system in place to regularly add content to your blog, which
we all know is super-important, and it will take you about an hour each week.

Pretty sweet right?

I’ve been testing out this new blogging method for quite some time now and I have to say it’s saved me so much time compared to how I used to do my blogs. During the master class I’ll be showing you how to do the process manually as well as share some cool tech tools with you to help you AUTOMATE the process.

How does that sound?

If you’ve been wanting to add a blog to your studio website, NOW is the perfect time to get it done before the rush of fall
registration begins very soon.

My name is Yong Pratt and I’ve just wrapped up my 16th season as a studio owner. In that time, I’ve learned a thing or two (hundred) about the technology needed to run my business effectively and efficiently in this landscape. As a fellow studio owner I know the daily challenges that come with ownership. I understand that time is precious to you. I’m on a mission to help you tame your technology and make it
work harder FOR you so you’re not working any harder than you already are.

When I talk to most studio owners that once a blog or any business owner for that matter, they’re usually put off by two challenges:

(1) one the time they think it’s going to take them to blog and
(2) the technology sometimes becomes a real struggle.

Well I want to put blogging into some perspective for you…For me, blogging is just like choreographing a
dance for me it happens in five distinct phases.

Phase #1 is all about the vision.

You have to start with their vision of what you want to ultimately create. In this case we want to create a blog to continually educate our clients and prospects without spending days in the process.

Phase #2 you outline a plan action.

Basically you decide when, where, and for how long you’ll spend putting this dance together. For blogging our action plan in this case is to spend four weeks together learning and implementing side-by-side a solid
marketing strategy.

Phase #3: setting a piece on your students with a deadline in mind.

The deadline is critically important. I don’t know about you but I’ll often set out to accomplish a task and I don’t create a deadline to
get the work done. And for me what happens is that the process either takes forever to finish and sometimes it doesn’t even get done.  Don’t worry. I’ll be holding your hand literally and holding you accountable to make sure the work gets done so that in just four weeks, not four months or, Yikes, 4 years!, you’ll have a fully systematized blog up and running.

Phase #4: rehearse, revise, repeat.

A blog is fluid and not static. As you gain comfort with blogging you’ll discover how you want your blog to look. You may have to revise the text or the page layout and repeat the process several times. Soon enough your blog will look and feel just right.

Phase #5: show time!

This is the day when all of your hard work gets seen and enjoyed. Blog launch day is like putting on a show it’s so full of emotions and certainly a day to be celebrated. We’ll all be launching our blogs together the week of July 24th for all the world to see!

Are you ready so take massive action and get your blog up and running in just four weeks?

If so I invite you to join me in the Studio Blog Stars Masterclass. With the Masterclass, you won’t need to spend thousands of hours scouring
YouTube for how-to videos or googling step-by-step directions like I did when I first started blogging years ago. You won’t even have to spend thousands of dollars on DIY and how-to courses to understand the technology and learn this ever so many strategies. Believe me I’ve tried so, so, so, so, so many different methods to build websites add blogs and I’m going to fast-track you to blogging success in just four
weeks time.

The Studio Blog Stars Masterclass is $497, which is a super small fraction of what I’ve paid over the past
several years to learn from the most brilliant marketers on the planet.

But remember I’m in celebration mode!

My daughters are celebrating their 11th and 14th birthdays this week and I want to extend the celebration to all of you! The
first 25 people to register for the Studio Blog Stars Masterclass, will be GIFTED the Founding Members rate of only $297 — a whopping 50% off the regular price!

Once those 25 spots are filled you’ll be placed on a waitlist for the next Edition of the Masterclass at its regular rate of $497. The master class begins on July 5th so you have exactly one week from today to get yourself registered. And remember even though the class is live we’re going to record every session and give you access to all those recordings so you can go back and review to rinse and repeat the process.
Over the course of four weeks I’ll hold your hand every step of the way and we’ll build our blogs together side by
side. No excuses. Just massive action and no one gets left behind.

Here’s what you’re gonna get with the Studio Blog Stars Masterclass. Weekly emails with checklists so you know what
you’re going to be completing each week.

+ Four live training sessions with me.
+ Four interactive Q&A sessions so we can make sure we address all of your challenges and tackle them together.
+ We’re going to have a LIVE launch on Facebook so everyone’s blog launches together on one day in a big celebration.
+ You’re also going to have access to our online headquarters for the Masterclass, which is a private Facebook group.
+ And the most important thing you’ll had at the end of four weeks is a studio blog with a strategy in place that you can
continue to do yourself or you can enlist the help of a virtual assistant or a staff member and have them take over the process for you. Are you ready to be the next Studio Blog Star if so click on the link below to register.

Remember, if you’re one of the first 25 people to register you’ll be gifted the founding members rate of only $297 during this
week as I’m celebrating two birthdays. Once those spots are filled you’ll be placed on a waitlist for the next edition of the Masterclass at the regular price of $497.

Okay my friends, the choice is up to you now.

You can continue to wish your blog into existence or you can just do the work with me and make it happen in just four weeks time. Well I hope to see you inside the Studio Blog Stars Masterclass!

Cheers my friends.