When it comes to creating content for your business (i.e., blogs, podcasts, videos, etc) have you ever:

—> Felt Stuck?

—> Experienced overwhelm?

—> Don’t know where to begin because it’s just do darn daunting?

What if there was and EASY button to content creation?

Would you PUSH it?

Good news, there IS an actual EASY BUTTON.

In fact, it’s the secret the PROs use to ensure you see their content everywhere!

And now, I’m revealing how YOU can do it, too.

AND…it takes LESS time than you’re probably thinking, especially when you can use tool and automate in a very smart way.

On today’s livestream, Yong answers 4 content creation and automation questions:

1. How can you maximize the testimonials you receive?

2. How can you maximize your livestream content?

3. How can I be more consistent when it comes to content creation?

4. Do I create content for all the different segments of my biz (i.e., email subscribers; blog readers; podcast listeners)

What other content creation and automation questions do you have?