[0:01] Welcome to part two of this miniseries all about recession-proofing your business. Today’s guest is Tammy Pereira of TammyP.com and she is a Facebook ads expert. 

[0:15] Whether or not you’ve run Facebook ads, you’ll want to stick around for today’s episode. We’re diving into how podcasters specifically, but business owners in general, can use the power of Facebook.

[0:46] At the end of the episode, Yong will share something new Tammy has put together to help you start today so that you can use them to not only recession-proof your business right now, but you can also start to scale your business. 

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[2:32] Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed and all of a sudden you just stopped? There’s something drawing your eye and when you click on the image, or the video, or the text, you get taken to something you’ve actually been looking for or thinking about?

[2:47] Today’s guest is going to share with us how you can use the power of Facebook ads in your business so that people stop their scroll and connect with you. Our guest today is Tammy Pereria and she is a Facebook ads ninja. 

[3:53] Tammy’s journey from corporate life to entrepreneurship

[6:10] How curiosity propelled Tammy’s adventure into Facebook Ads 

[9:17] Tammy’s $5 a Day Ad System unpacked  

[11:21] How video can fuel your Facebook Ads Strategy

[15:21] Ads can fuel your content and help more people find you 

[16:35] Ads are the perfect compliment to your repurposing strategy

[18:08] Connect with Tammy inside her Facebook Group, Tech Connect for Women Entrepreneurs where she chats ads, tech and marketing, offers free workshops, and more. 

Get started with Facebook Ads Today by using Tammy’s $5 A Day Facebook Ad System for only $27!!!

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