[0:00] If you’re a podcaster, or you’re creating video in your business already, or you want to learn to do these things, you’ll definitely want to tune in to today’s episode of the Amplify Your Awesome podcast. Today, our guest on the show is Derek Doepker. And he’s going to peel back the curtain on how you can use audio books and your skills as a podcaster or a video creator, to not only create and record your own audio books, but to do that for others to diversify your business using the skills and resources you already have. 

[0:41] Once you’ve listened to the podcast, come on over to the show notes at http://www.YongPratt.com/279 and share your recording setup.Let us know if you’re going to record an audio book for your business using your words, or you’re going to be in service to others and help them turn their words into audio books. 

[1:18] Our guest today is Derek Doepker – a best selling author, speaker and a consultant on the art and science of mind, body and business mastery. I first heard Derek on a webinar and was really curious if I could use my podcasting skills to create my own audiobooks. 

[2:50] Derek, can you talk to us about how you got started with creating audio books and how you’re helping others do the same thing now.

[3:00] Find out how Derek first came to the world of audio at the age of 12 and how it led him to writing books and then creating audiobooks. 

[4:25] The comment Derek kept getting and the trend he noticed that led him to research and helping otheres

[6:44] “The great thing about being a messenger, a teacher, a thought leader, and however you identify yourself – as a leader of any sort – is that when you have people that you’re serving, it gives you this motivation to go I want to figure this thing out.” 

[7:38] Derek can you talk about how to get high quality audio using things lying around the house? 

[10:47] The type of microphone Derek recommends  

[13:01] How being a problem-solver helped Derek discover a practical solution that anyone wanting to create a high quality audiobook can use   

[14:41] How this new recording set-up could double as a getaway or a hangout with your kids. How a small shift in your mindset can help you start creating audiobooks today.

[15:48] What to do when you don’t like the sound of your voice

[18:44] “It’s not about whether you love your voice or not. It’s about being in service to others.”

[20:20] How training your voice is a form of self-development  

[22:39] The benefits of recording your own audiobooks

[25:19] ] Something that you bring to the table that only you might be able to bring to the table. 

[29:24] How Derek serves others. Connect directly with Derek by visiting today’s show notes at http://www.YongPratt.com/279   

[30:56] Yong’s experience of going through Derek’s audiobooks program  

[34:26] What did you think about today’s episode. Come share your take-aways action items over at http://www.YongPratt.com/279 So what did you think? Are you excited to take this idea of creating an audio book 

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