[00:06] What if you had a way to reach people with your message 24 hours a day seven days a week? What if you could serve people across the globe even if you run a local brick and mortar business? And what if people had the ability to get to know, like, and trust you at their fingertips and could take your message with them everywhere they went? Would you want to know the secret? Well, good news! Today on episode number two hundred seventy-eight of the Amplify Your Awesome podcast, we’re diving into how you, too, can have everything I just mentioned and more with a podcast and how a podcast can actually help you to recession-proof your business.

[00:50:10] Welcome to the third installment here in the series all about recession-proofing your business. I’m your host Yong Pratt also known as Dr. Content because I help you here your content woes.

[01:21:27] This series is all about different ways you can diversify your business with the resources you all ready have. I am a huge fan of starting anything including a podcast with what you already have. Why? Because I’ve been on the other side. 

[02:08:09] So when you’re listening to this podcast, think about how you can start today with what you already have. Deal?

[02:16:28] If you’ve missed the previous two episodes in the series, I would encourage you to go back and take a listen. 

Part 1 with Nicole Thompson

Part 2 with Tammy Pereria 

[02:56:25] Yong’s podcast story and how people still find her from her first podcast  

[03:29:20] With over 1 million podcasts inside of Apple podcasts now and more than 80 thousand podcasts have hit the airwaves in the past month, the podcast trend is just getting started 

[03:59:13] Why do you think people are turning to podcasts? Come on over to the show notes at http://www.YongPratt.com/278 and share your thoughts.

[04:18:05] There are three reasons why Yong believes podcasts are trending and how you and your business can use this trend to help recession-proof your business right now with what you already have. 

[04:40:08] Reason #1 why people are turning to podcasts right now 

[05:22:03] How could you use reason #1 in your business and on your podcast?

[05:47:06] Come on over to today’s show note at http://www.YongPratt.com/278 and share with me how you can use your gifts and talents with your very own podcast.

[06:03:14] Reason #2 why people are turning to podcasts right now 

[07:00:02] How could you use reason #2 in your business and on your podcast?

[07:19:10] if you are at all interested in starting your own podcast, Podcast in a Weekend opens on May 11th, 2020.

[07:41:06] An example of how Yong uses her podcast a platform to shares opportunities to work with her and you can do the same thing on your podcast

[07:59:00] Reason #3 why people are turning to podcasts right now 

[08:40:15] How Yong is leaning into Reason #3 with a brand new Facebook Group that is currently free and open to accepting new members.

[09:15:05] How could you use reason #2 in your business and on your podcast?

[09:58:22] Share your thoughts on why you believe podcast listenership and creation are on the rise at http://www.YongPratt.com/278.

[00:10:22]:11 – [00:10:31]:22

Now that we’ve reached the end of today’s episode you’re probably wondering how podcasting can help you recession-proof your business

[10:32:22] How podcasting can help you recession-proof your business.

[11:27:02] Have questions about starting your own podcast or working with Yong one-on-one? Just head over to today’s show notes at http://www.YongPratt.com/278 and let her know.  

[11:59:01] Next week on Part #4 of our Recession-proofing your business series, we’ll dive into a topic related to podcasting…audiobooks.

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