[0:02] Have you ever thought about hiring your own kids or even someone else’s to work inside your business?

[0:12] Most business owners are surprised when Yong inquires about including their kids in their business 

[0:36] Today’s Topic: 3 Reasons Why Kids are often the most overlooked assets inside any business and how including your kiddos, or again, someone else’s if you don’t have kids at home at the moment how helping them and train them is really all about training up and raising the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

[1:07] Welcome to Episode 285 of the Amplify Your Awesome podcast with host, Yong Pratt, also known as Dr. content 

[1:50] Why the idea of kids, business, and raising entrepreneurs is one of Yong’s passions 

[2:16] “I believe raising the next generation of entrepreneurs is one of the most important things as entrepreneurs that we can do.” – Yong Pratt

[2:57] Reason #1 why including kids in business is important to Yong

[3:20] Reason #1 why including kids in business is important to Yong and celebrating her oldest daughter’s birthday

[3:51] “The desire to want to see kids step into the special gifts and talents they possess, help them recognize those talents, and then show them ways that they can use those gifts and talents to serve other people is a big deal.” – Yong Pratt

[4:25] Bringing her kiddos into her business began by asking one simple question…What if…

[4:44] Why Yong feels like Nancy Drew most days 

[5:30] Why business owners “should” create content 

[6:04] How shifting her performing arts school and coming to the end of her Virtual Assistant’s contract fueled the “What If” question for Yong 

[8:38] Yong’s girls were raised inside her business, were included in the business with various tasks as they got older, and got to see behind the scenes 

[10:21] How the prospect of snuggling up side-by-side helped Yong’s youngest daughter become part of her business. 

[10:57] The surprising talent Yong’s 11 year-old had that helped tremendously with webinars 

[12:30] How, with her daughter’s help, their first co-hosted webinar turned out better than expected.

[13:23] How Yong’s love of tech helped fuel the tasks her daughters learned in business

[13:42] The tasks Yong’s 11 year-old learned and was hired by other businesses to do for them

[14:37] Reason/Objection #1 when it comes to hiring kids to work in our businesses

[16:12] Reason/Objection #2 and questions to ask yourself when it comes to hiring your kids

[17:55] They “KEY” to hiring your kiddos, employees, or contractors in your business 

[18:09] Reason/Objection 31 when it comes to hiring kids to work in our businesses

[18:40] The surprising discovery Yong made when she looked at the tasks her kids were doing for her and for other business owners and how it all ties into how she serves today

[20:04] In case the terms content and content repurposing are new to you, be sure to tune into last week’s podcast on today’s show notes

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[21:08] What the hands-on, do-the-work-together Quickstart Workshop includes…

[22:19] Yong’s workshop promise 

[23:09] Why the workshop is called Quickstart

[23:39] Even if most of your content is text based now, Yong will show you how to turn that into video or audio quickly


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[25:26] “I believe in you. I believe in your kids. I believe in the power of empowering our kids to see the possibilities that exist for them by becoming entrepreneurs. I’m going to raise my glass to you today and say cheers, to raising entrepreneurs. It starts with you and I cannot wait to see what you do with your kiddos.” – Yong Pratt

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