Unleash Your Child's Super Powers TODAY!

Give Your Kids an Advantage

If you’re a parent looking to give your child an advantage in school and in life, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re new to parenting or a veteran, you want your child to grow in confidence, competence, and reach his or her full potential.


Your Child's Potential Is On The Line

With increasing focus on testing and a one-size fits all mentality in schools, your child is not being guided to reach the potential you know is inside. And the very classes that allow kids to grow in self-confidence, develop into leaders with great character, and foster service for community — the arts — are a dwindling commodity.


Your Child Is NOT Average!

Like a fingerprint, each of us learns in our own unique ways. In fact, each of us has 8 Super Powers that shape how we learn. Only two make up the bulk of teaching and testing in our schools. TWO of EIGHT! This can leave many kids being labeled as “average,” or worse, “below average” based on standardized test scores.

Raising a Superhero will teach you:

What the 8 Super Powers are any the reason they are important;

How to recognize and identify your child’s unique Super Powers;

Why the arts are vital to unleashing these Super Powers; and

How to communicate these Super Powers with your child’s teacher to create learning experiences that are meaningful and engaging, creating a true love of learning.

Are you ready?



It’s time to unlock and unleash your child’s Super Powers and begin raising a Superhero today.

The book is a quick read with so much valuable information!!!

“It gives you action steps to take to your teacher or yourself and implement to help your child reach their full potential. I enjoyed the book immensely and told all my friends and family to give it a read. As a teacher and mother, I gained valuable insight in helping my children and the children around me develop their own unique talents. Thanks, Yong for such an inspiring book.”

Jennifer Lackey
Teacher and
Homeschooling Mom of 2


A Must Read

This book is inspiring. I not only learned about my own learning style but also how to observe that of my 2 1/2-year-old son. This book gave me the tools to foster a learning environment at home that will help him thrive and to seek out the best environment for him as he grows and enters school. This is a must read for parents!”

Rebecca Cordes
Emergency Room Nurse
Mom and 2


Wish I had this book when my son was young 

I was privileged to be the editor of Ms. Pratt’s eye-opening book on teaching through the arts. This book is an easy and interesting read for any parent who wants to embolden their children to have confidence in their innate super powers…and have fun while doing so. Not only do I wish I had this book to help my son when he was a child, it also helped me to learn about my own super powers…as a child and today.

Lauren Johnson
Author, Editor, Mom


Purchase Options


To get the most out of the book, we recommend getting a paperback copy of Raising a Superhero so you can take notes, write notes in the margins, and highlight to your hearts content. The book can fit easily into a purse or backpack for easy travel and can be used as a reference when meeting with teachers or administrators.

What Our Readers Are Saying


Don’t just take it from us, let our readers do the talking!

Great read for parents

Great read for parents, grandparents and teachers! I loved the focus of positive reinforcement and arts-based education to help children grow.

Amy Rasmussen
Director, Bravo Arts Academy
Mom of 3


Making homework time and parenting a bit more fun!!

As I just finished reading this book my mind is buzzing with all kinds of fun ideas and activities I can do with my kiddos. So many of the 8 Super Powers/Learning styles match with each of my kiddos various personality pieces. Not just one, but multiple styles of learning and absorbing the world around them.

Lisa Turner
Realtor and Mom of 3


We all want to be special and so do our kids!

This book is a must for all parents. We all want to be special and so are our kids. Being able to unleash your child’s super power is PRICELESS!

Julien Marion

More Than Dancers
Move Dance and Fitness
Dad of 5


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