It’s #techtiptuesday. Today we’re talking about quizzes. Post the links to your quizzes below.

Hey, hey and happy Tuesday studio owners! I hope you had an amazing weekend celebrating your loved ones and those that have served our country and are no longer with us. Hopefully you enjoyed
some beautiful weather and you were really able to be thankful about having those people in your life and what they did for you and how they’ve helped you to become the person you are today.

So earlier this morning I posted a link to one of my mentors who is Denise Duffield-Thomas of the website Lucky Bitch dot com and I posted her quiz for your money archetype.

The more I learn about personal development the more I realize that the more other about myself the better I am in the better that I can serve all of you as well as those families at my own performing arts academy. So today it’s all about quizzes. I don’t know about you but sometimes when it’s late at night and I should be in bed sleeping, I will be trolling through Facebook and I find my friends have taken all these quizzes because of course Facebook likes to tell us that our friends take certain quizzes and what they scored on them which piques our interest even more and we usually dive right in. And I’m definitely a sucker for quizzes. I want to know what my aura color is I want to know what kind of personality I have all of these fun quizzes that are available online these days.

So Denise’s quiz is really quite interesting because it talks about your money archetype and how your archetype really affects the way that you handle money they’re your feelings around money and what money comes into your life. So if you haven’t checked out Denise definitely go check her out follow that link and take your quiz and let me know what you get. My top my number one archetype was the Alchemist which is so interesting because I took another quiz just the other day about my copywriting personality and I was surprised to discover that my copywriting personality is the Rebel. And when I first thought saw it saw the results I thought there’s no way that is me. But as I read through the copy from these copywriters in their quiz, it was really quite revealing about how I come across my copywriting and how I can use my personality to really speak to my own customers and my own clients and take them on the journey that I want to have with them. So my question for you today on this #techtiptuesday. It’s a little longer than I anticipated going today but I want to know how many of you in your Studios use quizzes? If we’re all [cap divided] captivated by quizzes and we all want to know our results for a myriad of different things why are we not using quizzes to get people to engage with us and our studios?

So if your studio has a quiz you use openly onFacebook or you give to your new clients, I would absolutely love to take a look at it and be inspired by you as with all the others through your owners in this particular on this page and over in our group the Tech Savvy Insider. If you’re not over there please join us there as well it is a private community where you can ask your questions privately to me and I’m in there as well on Tuesdays and Thursdays going live and if you have questions please just go ask them over there.

So for this tech tip Tuesday I would love to see your quizzes for your studio and if you don’t have a quiz yet, what are you waiting for? I know the idea of having a quiz is a little bit daunting as far as the technology concerned but if this is something that you’d be interested in learning about I would be happy to bring on some experts in this area to help you build your quiz.

Just comment below and let me know if you have a link to your quiz, if you would like to create a quiz, and if you would be interested in me bringing somebody into our private group and sharing with you how to set up all the techie pieces that go with an online quiz.

Alright my friends go out there and make it in an amazing day and impact many lives through what you do best and that is the arts. Alright my friends I will see
you soon