When I say content, you say…


Hello beautiful and happy Independence Day to everyone in the U.S.!


When it comes to creating content for your business, what words or phrases come to mind?


—> It’s hard…


—> I don’t know where to begin…


—> I’m terrible at coming up with content for my business…


—> I just wanna hire someone to create content for me…


—> Will content creation never end???


These are a few of the phrases my students and private clients have shared with me when it comes to creating content.


Well, I’ve got good news and bad news for you.


The bad news when it comes to content creation…


You are the creator of your business and know it better than anyone else. 


Your gifts, your talents, your vision, and your passion makes your business what it is. With that being said, delegating content creation completely, whether it be video, audio, blog posts, books, graphics, etc., needs to come from you. 


Trust me. 


I’ve tried delegating the creation of content. Even with an outline, guidelines, or a system, whenever I’ve tried to delegate content, I’ve always been disappointed. 


More often than not, I’d end up re-doing the content and creating it all over from scratch. What I had delegated didn’t sound like me, didn’t convey the message I had intended, and certainly never felt authentic. Talk about a waste of time AND money! No one needs that.


What about plug-and-play content???


I’ve tried using many different “plug-and-play” methods for content creation on social media – you know, the kind where you get access to pics and even captions of what to share on social media and when to post it. This worked for me…never! Again, the content wasn’t me – especially the pics to which I was given access. 


I’m not a fancy-schmansy kinda girl so posting pics of perfectly curated photos of champagne glasses next to a pool or an office space you’d drool over on Pinterest just isn’t me. It might be for some and that’s cool. It just never worked from me because, well…


I felt like a fraud.


I felt like a failure whenever I’d try to use someone else’s content. It just didn’t feel right and for so long, I thought it was my fault – that I somehow had done something wrong.


The truth is, because I felt like I was “cheating” or was a “fraud,” I was energetically dooming myself. I was sending out that self-doubt into the universe every time I posted that content. So guess what???


That content never got much traction, engagement, comments, or anything else. Often, it just sat on my page glaring back at me – mocking me for trying to pass off someone else’s creations as mine.


I discovered the hard way, after investing in multiple plug-and-play solutions and hiring the creation of content that I had wasted a lot of money and TIME.


Until I discovered the truth and the very good news!


Content creation doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, or cause any sort of grief or overwhelm. Creating content comes down to THIS.


Start with where you are and the content you’ve already created.


Do you like to write?


Do you like to speak?


Do you like to create beautiful visuals?


Pick your favorite, which likely is the one that comes easiest to you, and start sharing.


That can’t possibly be all there is to content creation. Can it?


The short answer is YES. 


Start with ONE great piece of content and create it in the medium that resonates with you most.


Here on the podcast, we love helping our listeners SIMPLIFY. At its most basic, content creation is only 4 steps. 


The 4 Steps to Content Creation


  1. Pick the type of content you’ll create. Will it be in a written format like a blog or ebook? Will it be a video or audio? Will it be a graphic? 
  2. Commit to a creation schedule. Will you create ONE piece of content every week, every other week, multiple times per week? What day of the week will you commit to ensuring your content gets created? Then calendar it. 
  3. Decide on a distribution schedule – Once you’ve created content, how often and where will you distribute it? Will your content live on your blog or website? Social media? Emails to your list? 
  4. Multiply YOUR Message – All you have to do it take that content you’ve created and turn it into a different format. To Multiply successfully, you’ll need a strategy, the tactics, and automation. You read that right…I said automation.


Wait, what? 


Didn’t you just recommend NOT delegating content creation?


Isn’t automating the same as delegating?




When I talk about automation, I’m not talking about delegating your content and its creation. 


I’m talking about starting with and using your OWN content. Once you’ve done that, you can use start using automation tools along with a solid strategy and specific tactics, to transform it into a different medium. For example, I use automations to turn my video content into audio.


If you missed the recent series about transforming your content to Multiply Your Message, you can binge-listen using the links below to each episode in the series.




Taking Your Content to the Next Level


If you’ve been struggling with content creation for your business or want to simplify it, I have something special for you.


I’m now accepting applications for our monthly implementation accelerator, Multiply My Message AKA M3. M3 will help you create a content creation strategy that works for you – based on your strengths.


You’ll learn the specific tactics to transform your ONE piece of content into multiple.


—> Wanna learn what automation tool to use to transform video into audio? 


—> What about putting your FB Live video directly on your website automatically?


—> Maybe you wanna create beautiful graphics based on YOUR original content?


ALL this plus loads more, like a community of fellow Multipliers, is included inside of M3.


When you complete the application, you’re not obligated to join M3 when the door open (late summer/early fall). I just want to ensure M3 is a good fit for you and where you are in your business. I want to make sure you’ll be successful with M3.


Have questions about M3 or content creation in general?


Comment below and tell me your biggest obstacles and ask any questions about content creation. 


Plus, in honor of Independence Day, and YOUR independence as a confident content creator (say that fast 3X…LOL), I’m hosting a live Q&A next Thursday, July 11 at [11:11] AM PST over on our NEW FB Page 


On the Q&A, I’ll be answering your questions or challenges about content creation. When you show up live to the Q&A you’ll have an opportunity for some live on-air coaching, too. So be sure to mark your calendars!

Comment below and ask your questions or share your concerns then APPLY for M3 to get this Content Creation Party Started!!!