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Get actionable tactics and strategies with real-world examples and success stories of business owners (and their kiddos) transforming their lives and businesses fast. You’ll learn ways to save time and money by simplifying, automating, and leveraging assets (like your own kiddos) inside your business and your life. It’s time to find out what YOU can create In a Weekend!

Create Your Own Podcast In a Weekend

Creating a podcast doesn’t have to take weeks, months, or years. In this step-by-step actionable class, you’ll quickly learn to craft your podcast and launch in as little as a weekend even if you’re uber busy, aren’t famous, or not tech savvy. You’ll learn to save time and money with automation and how to distribute across platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, and more.

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Get support for your podcast by enlisting the help of the ninjas at Our Young Creators. You’ll be paired with a Young Creator who will ensure that you stay in your Zone of Genius, make you look good, all with less time and effort on your part. You’ll leverage your time and support a Young Creator on their quest to design a life THEY create!

I have a Podcast! Setting everything up was so easy. The way the class is taught is right for everyone, because you can go at your own pace through the videos and the steps.  I learned so much that I did not know, and look forward to putting everything into action now that it is all set up.  Thank you Yong.

Cheryl Stevens

Host - Back to Living Podcast

Technology has never been easy for me, but

Yong Pratt makes this course so user friendly that I felt confident that I could ROCK this in my 50s!

I was able to manage the course in my free time as a mom of 3 with a hectic home, work and business schedule! And I’m so proud to say I DID IT!

Sheri Dyas Mellot

Host, GLAM State of Mind Podcast

Podcast in a Weekend was simply amazing how much you get in a weekend!

Going through the class I gained a new avenue to reach my audience without adding more time to my already busy schedule.

The work that you do in the beginning also helped put a fire underneath my feet on focus on what and how I deliver content in my Facebook Live videos.  

Mary Jo Staebler

Host, Witty Web Gurl Podcast

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