It’s Wednesday. It’s as good a day as any to act on an idea planted over the holiday weekend. This idea has presented itself to me multiple times over the years. I’ve never felt called to put it into action until now. 

The idea was sparked while listening to Pam Grout’s book, Art & Soul Reloaded: A Year-Long Apprenticeship for Summoning the Muses and Reclaiming Your Bould, Audacious, Creative Side.

The book contains 52 weeks of prompts and playful challenges. Listening, the book was the ideal length to fill the entire drive from Reno. If you’ve made the trip, you know it can be a bit tedious. This book made the drive a veritable ideas factory on wheels.

Here’s the idea…

To write for 30 consecutive days and publish at least one blog post per week. Maybe even one per day 😳

Yong sitting on her porch swing
Yong swings on the porch allowing the ideas to flow to and through her.

While not a newbie to blogging, it’s not something I’ve done with any consistency for many years. Yes, I share my podcasts and videos on my blog and lots of other interesting things. However, most of my written posts that begin as blogs have been done sporadically and I want to change that.

Since May 16, I’ve been writing every weekday. I’ve occasionally written or spoken my words on my phone on weekends when an idea presents itself to me. 

And boy, oh boy, there’s been a flood of ideas coming my way. 

So if you need ideas, hit me up for reals!!!

What started out as a fun way to understand the Human Design Gates more deeply, has turned into so much more. Writing has unleashed a wellspring of words and ideas that have taken many different forms. 

From poetry to web copy, new business ideas and even bigger dreams, have been finding their way to me. I find the ideas have been flowing more readily as I’ve been consciously letting go of “shoulds.”

I’ve been randomly drawing one card per weekday from the Quantum Human Design Activation Card Deck by Karen Curry Parker. Before drawing, I ask a question of the Universe. I allow my intuition, my inner guides, to choose the card I most need. The card acts as my prompt to contemplate or put into action that day. 

Today, I drew Gate 11

It’s the Gate of the Conceptualist | Gate of Ideas.

In Human Design language, I don’t have this gate defined. I’m not always able to be a vessel of overflowing ideas. I also don’t have a consistent way of accessing ideas like someone with a defined gate. I do, however, want to do everything I can to be a conduit for ideas when they arrive.

Gate 11 is calling me to share this idea of writing for 30 consecutive days.

If you’re still reading and have been waiting for a sign or a loving nudge so that you can explore your creativity and how writing [or speaking] might help you do that, I invite you to join me. 

It will be fun, I promise 🤪

– Yong

For the next 30 days, here’s what I’m committing publically.

I’ll share more…

  • thoughts
  • musings
  • inspirations, and
  • investigations

that have been finding their way to me by hitting publish. 

I may even share some of the more than 20K+ words that have been gifted to me from the Universe. Especially those from the past month and a half.

If you’d like to join me on this writing adventure, you’re invited!

If you want to know when I hit publish on the blog, it’s easy peasy to do so.

All you have to do is say YES.

xo, Yong