How Irena Miller is Multiplying her Message with a Podcast


[0:09] What you may have missed on previous episodes


[0:36] Today’s guest and Podcast In a Weekend Graduate, Irena Miller is here to share her story of using video to fuel the content for her business.


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[1:26] Meet Irena Miller, an intuitive yoga teacher, and energy healer and host of the Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast


[2:17] Find out how long Irena had dreamed of having a podcast and what helped her launch


[5:57] Find out what helped Irena finally succeed at creating and launching her podcast


[7:23] Irena’s biggest takeaway from Podcast in a Weekend


[11:19] Who the Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast was created for?


[14:34] Finally, a podcast for the whole family


[15:54] If you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast, find out Irena’s advice on finally making a podcast a reality for you.


[18:05] Connect with Irena on her website, IrenaMiller.com

Everyday Inklings with Irena Podcast

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