Content Creation isn’t just for grown-ups

Kids are Creators, too!

Did you know that KIDS are the most often overlooked asset inside any business?

It’s time to turn consumption time on digital devices into creation time.

Let’s equip our kids with real-world skills like podcasting, writing blogs and books, creating videos and MORE. By learning to turn their devices into tools from creation, they can craft and FUND their own brighter futures!


Choose your adventure below and let’s raise creators together!

Start here

Raising a Superhero

If you’re looking to help a kiddo reach his or her full potential, look no further than Raising a Superhero by Yong Pratt. You’ll discover what the 8 superpowers are, how to unleash them, and how to partner with educators to raise YOUR very own superhero!

video scrapbooking

Super 7 Live-Streaming Video Challenge

Crank up your scrapbooking with video! Turn your family memories into video keepsakes. In this 7-day video challenge you’ll gain confidence on camera and learn to use live video to preserve your memories for future generations OR share your passions and teach with others.

Amplify family time with audio

Podcast in a Weekend™

Want to reach MORE people with YOUR message OR create a dynamic record for your loved ones? Learn to turn your message OR memories into an audio podcasts even if you’re uber busy, aren’t famous, or not tech savvy. There’s someone out there waiting for YOUR podcast. What are you waiting for?

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