For the past several years, I’ve been peeling back the curtain on how my own girls have helped me inside my business + how they’ve been hired to help other business owners.

Today in Part 2 of Kids + Content = Magic, I’ll be sharing more about this very underutilized business strategy.

Kids as Conent Creators

Kids as content creators is a growing trend in the world of digital literacy, with many experts applauding the idea of introducing this subject at a young age to stimulate creativity and imagination. Not only can our kids be guided in creating incredible content, they also have the opportunity to make money from it as both of my girls have done.

We as business owners can play an important role by guiding them through the content creation process by co-creating with us. By empowering our kids to tap into their own gifts, talents, and ninja tech skills we can work together to raise the next generation of content creators.

This article will provide tips for parents on how they can encourage their children to become content creators by helping you inside your business, as well as an opportunity to put this video into action with my help.

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Hi! I’m Yong Pratt, and I help content creators organize, systematize, and monetize their awesome content with out-of-the-box strategies like kids as co-creators in your business. We do this inside our 1:1 coaching programs, courses, and mentorship, Your Content Gold Mine.

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Creators in the Digital Age

Today’s children are being raised in the digital age, which means that it comes as no surprise when they want to create content on their own. As adults, it’s important for us to guide our children through the process of becoming content creators so they can have fun while learning valuable skills at the same time! A great way to get them started in the world of content creation is to invite them into your business to help you with your content.

Last week I shared how your kids can help you to organize and centralize all your awesome content along with a tool to make this process super easy.

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In part 2 of this miniseries all about Kids + Content = Magic, we’re diving into systems and automation and your kids (or someone else’s) can help you set things up! If you want my favorite content creation tools, type TOOLKIT down below.

It’s sooooo good!

Before we dive into our lesson on guiding kids to become content creators, let’s take a step back and talk about the word, CONTENT, and its creation.

What is content creation and why kids?

Content Creation is the act of producing any type of content. Whether it’s a blog post, social post, video, or podcast. Its purpose is to attract the right people to your business and repel the ones that aren’t a good fit.

It can be incredibly time-consuming and overwhelming at times.

The good news is that you do NOT have to go it alone. Your kids or someone else’s can be one of the most overlooked assets inside any business. Kids are naturally creative beings and they’re often more capable than they’re given credit for.

They have skills and abilities that can be really helpful in your content creation process in so many ways. From brainstorming sessions to researching topics that will help you grow your business, and developing ideas for new content is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kids also have a vested interest in your success. They understand your goals and values in ways people outside your business often don’t.

Guiding kids using the Teach One, Do One Method

This is a question I get all.the.time.

Our children learn so much by watching us. Sitting side-by-side and showing your kids how you create content is a great first step.

This is exactly how I started working with my then 11-year old.

Last week I shared how your kids could help you curate and consolidate your content using a simple spreadsheet. If you want access to that spreadsheet, type “spreadsheet” down below.

Another great place to get your kids involved in content creation is by documenting your unique systems and processes. It’s one of the most overlooked tasks in most businesses.

In this teach one do one type model, your kids will learn by watching and documenting the process as you perform each task. By learning in this manner, they’ll be able to complete the task on their own after a few repetitions.

The reality is that most of us don’t start out with documented systems yet it’s absolutely essential to have them in place before you can outsource effectively inside your business.

If you don’t already have written step-by-step systems for each part of the creation process, your kids could literally document as you do the work. Encourage them to ask questions about your process and ask for feedback on improving the system.

You can get started with this systemization process today.

Open up a google doc and whatever wordprocessing system you use. Pop a title on the top and then have your kiddo type up a numbered list with each step.

An example of creating systems

If you’re a podcaster, what are the steps you take before an episode airs?

What are the steps you take when it goes live?

What are the steps you take in the days, weeks, or months after the episode airs?

Systems are often a scary word for most business owners. Creating them can feel hard. If you create them with your kiddos by your side, do you see how easy and dare I say FUN it could be?

Once your systems are created and documented, anyone else can follow them. It’s the first step from extracting you from the day-to-day operations of your business so you can focus on your vision and spend more time in your zone of genius as Gay Hendricks would say.

If you like the idea of creating systems in your business or want to have your kids help you, I cover this in-depth inside my mentorship, Your Content Gold Mine. We go deep into this systemization process in great detail along with which parts can be automated.

I also give my members my exact 1-page systems documents for every content-related task from creation to repurposing to automation inside my business.

They never have to start from scratch when creating a system. They can literally take my systems and make the changes that suit them and their businesses. It’s pretty stinking awesome if you ask me!!!

If you want more information about Your Content Gold Mine, let me know. Type mentor down below and I’ll reach out to you personally.

Content Creating Kids & Online Safety

There’s no doubt that the internet can be a dangerous place for kids. It’s important to make sure you help them navigate the world of content creation without crossing any boundaries or becoming involved in inappropriate conversations and situations.

By first having your kids help you with your content, they’ll learn what’s acceptable and what’s not.

When you give kids the opportunity to help you create content, they’re engaged with the work and are less likely to stray into dangerous territory.

You can even install browser extensions that block certain websites from being opened during the times your kids work with you if you like.

While kids are curious and the world is at their fingertips every moment of every day, I’ve found that when you empower them to use their power for good, when you help them understand and lean into their talents, they’re less likely to stray.

Benefits of Co-Creating Content With Your Kids

We’ve already talked about how your kiddos can help you curate and systematize content and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you get curious and set out to discover their natural talents and encourage the development of those talents inside your business, I promise you’ll be in awe of how many amazing ways your kids can contribute to your business.

When your kiddo is invited in as a co-creator of content they have a vested interest in seeing your business succeed, which will go a long way in creating a sense of loyalty and passion for your brand.

And when you feel like your kiddo is ready to soar, elevating them to a content creator using the systems you co-created is when the true magic begins.

Like all of us, kids want to be seen. They want to be recognized for their talents. They want to contribute.

And learning to be a content creator with your guidance is one of the best gifts you can give.

Tapping into your child’s Super Powers

Teaching your kiddo to become a content creator is all about paying attention to the clues our kids leave. Observing how they solve problems, how they learn best, and how they like to create will go a long way in your kids feeling seen and recognized as a creator.

Want to speed up the process of tapping in and unleashing your child’s superpowers?

Grab a copy of my first book, Raising a Superhero

BTW: The second book in the series, Raising a Creator where I really dive into how to elevate and hire your kid as a content creator is coming your way in 2022.

Next Steps for You

Earlier in this video, I shared a little about Your Content Goldmine, my brand new mentorship program where I give you all my content systems to use in your business. What I didn’t share is that inside the program, there is an opportunity for your own kiddo or one someone else’s to join you and implement right alongside you.

Your Content Gold Mine is not a DIY class. I’ll be there guiding you through my Content ATM and Gold Mining Frameworks in-depth as you take action on organizing, systematizing, and monetizing all of your awesome content. And you can bring your kids along for the ride.

As a society, we’re becoming more and more digitally literate. The way our children access information is changing rapidly as they grow up in the era of social media and smartphones. If you want to ensure that your child has an edge in this competitive world, consider giving them opportunities to be content creators within your business or organization while still keeping their safety at the forefront.  By introducing your kids to these systems early on and guiding them through how it all works together, you’ll give yourself one less thing to worry about when they become adults who are navigating the internet and the world independently! It’s time to empower the next generation of content creators!

Thanks for joining me for part 2 of Kids + Content = Magic. Next week we’re going to talk about monetizing your awesome content with your kiddos.

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Until next time, go out there today and amplify MORE of what makes you and your kiddo so awesome!

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Yong Pratt 0:00
Have you ever been frustrated with the amount of time your kiddos are spending on their digital devices, checked out from everything else? Or have your kids ever been frustrated with you because you are consumed with your digital devices and maybe not paying attention to them?

Well, the good news, my friend, is that today, I'm going to be sharing a strategy that I've been using in our own family for a number of years now to really turn that bickering over digital device use into bonding time. Today, in a part number two of Kids + Content = Magic, we're gonna be diving into a simple way to involve your kids using their digital superpowers, inside your business to create together and create more good in the world. How does that sound?

If we haven't met yet, my name is Yong Pratt. I am the Chief Content Gold Miner and Podcast Host here at Amplify Your Awesome™. Here at Amplify Your Awesome™, we help content creators, just like you. Whether you are a writer, whether you are a video creator, or a podcaster. No matter what medium you're creating, we help you to take all of that beautiful content and organize it so it's easy to find when you need it. We help you to systematize your content creation and distribution processes and implement things like automation, and ways to simplify the content process. And of course, we help content creators to monetize all their beautiful content, because there is nothing worse than spending time creating content, only for no one to enjoy it or maybe not enough people to enjoy it. So we actually work together to find multiple ways that you can take the content you've already created, and turn it into something you can monetize. It is so good.

Today, in part number two of Kids + Content = Magic, we're going to dive in to lots of reasons why your kids can be an asset inside your business, and use their digital ninja skills for good by helping them and nurturing them to become content creators. In the beginning, they're going to be co creating with you. And today I'm going to share with you one of the strategies to help you systematize your business and how your kids can really play a crucial part in helping you to do that. The first thing I want to cover though, is what is content?

And why are your kids can be an essential part of the process. Or how can they become an essential part of the process? That's the question.

Content for those of you who are not maybe familiar with that word is any type of video, a post an audio, any type of content or any any piece that you put out into the world, to help other people to find you to be attracted to your business, and to repel those people who aren't going to be a good fit. It is literally everything we do all day every day in our businesses. While not every business owner considers themselves a content creator, we all do create content for our businesses. We are putting our messaging out into the world in lots of different ways. Back in the old days, I can say old days because it was part of these days. We used to do that by printing flyers or brochures or taking that out an ad in the newspaper. Now that we are in this digital age, we can do it much more easily by doing things like this by going live and sharing our messages, having conversations with people about what we do, who we serve, all the things that we love and want to help other people do. So that, my friend, is a big picture of what content is.

I would love to know if you are joining me live or catching the replay. What type of content is your favorite to create. Do you like to write? Do you like to make videos? Do you like to create audio podcasts? let me know. I love connecting with fellow content creators, because it's so much fun to see where and how we all draw our inspiration for creating things that people can enjoy, like video. So let me know down below.

And by the way, if you know somebody who could benefit from this, maybe they want to get their kids involved in their businesses, and they aren't sure how to go about it. Or maybe there's someone who has kids that have grown up and are no longer at home yet they know a kid in their lives, who could use a little bit of extra support extra love extra time, and you can invite them in to be part of this process with you, I would love for you to sprinkle this video out amongst your people. And let them know where to find this video because this is a conversation I love having. Talking about nurturing and empowering the next generation of content creators.

While we are here live or on the replay, if you have a takeaway, and aha moment, I would love for you to put that underneath this video, type the word GOLD and let me know what the biggest takeaway is so that I can address that and maybe create more content around that topic if it is of interest to you.

And one more thing before we dive in any further, if you want a copy of the show notes, my playbook, my step-by-step process for involving your kids in the content creation process, and how that can create magic in your family, as well as your business, pop the word KIDS below this video. I'm also going to share with you when you request that a list of my favorite content creation tools, because there are many, many, many, many, many, many out there and more pop up every day, I'm going to share with you my absolute favorite, the easiest to use the most dynamic tools that I have discovered over the past 20 years as an entrepreneur. And I would like for you to discover them too. Okay, let's go ahead and dive in a little bit deeper. So content, we're going to go back to this.

Oops. That's the wrong caption. You gotta love the power of live video and the unexpected things that pop up.

Kids. Why would you want to have your kids be part of this process? Well, for one, because kids are spending an increasing amount of time on their digital devices. They are very savvy. They know how to do things that sometimes we have trouble doing ourselves in our businesses. Content Creation is also something that takes some time. And if we're able to bring our kids in to this process and show them how to do things, and empower them, and equip them with the right tools, that is a win all around. Kids are digital ninjas. They are very stealthy. They are very fast, they can do so many things. It's just a matter of being recognized and being invited in to your business to put those skills to the test.

And we've been doing this process in my family. And also when I ran a brick and mortar performing arts school. I always really believed in this Teach One, Do One methodology. What does that mean?

At its core, it means that if my daughter and I were working together, we would be sitting side by side with a laptop on each of our laps. I would show her how to do something like design something in Canva. For instance, I would show her how to do it, then I would have her do it. So I would teach one. She would do one. We do it again. I would teach one. I would do one. And again, this is how I did it my performing art school. All of our classes were like this. Our teachers would guide the learning process and teach some skills. Whether that was choreography or whether that was a musical composition or whether that was a passage from a play. Our teachers would teach the students how to do it.

Every kid would do it. They're learning by repetition. And by doing it, it's very experiential, very hands on, which is by far the best way for all of us to learn as we are moving through life, by having someone show us how to do something, and watching over our shoulder, and sharing ways to improve the process, and then repeating that over and over again, our kids are really great at picking things up quickly.

Back when I was first starting this process, my youngest was 11. And if you've heard this story before, you've heard me talk about this. She was 11 at the time. And so when I told people I wanted to bring her into my business, and I had this crazy idea to do this experiment, people kind of looked at me a little strangely, because they thought, wow, well, she's 11. She's a kid, what could she possibly do inside your business.

Whereas I on the other hand, I'm always a believer in seeing the possibilities. It is one of my super special superpowers. It is part of my Human Design as a Projector. I have this ability, this superpower to see things and the possibilities that could become. For instance, I can walk into a building a rental property, a commercial property, and I can literally see things in the future, seeing what things could be possible for that space. I know not everyone can do that. And that is one of the gifts I bring to my clients is that we work together. And I can help them to start to see what is possible for their content, especially in regards to the monetization of that content.

So using the Teach One, Do One methodology is really, really powerful. Last week, we talked about how your kids can help you to organize your content, how to centralize your content. And why that is important.

If you want access to that video, let me know down below. Last week, I shared my content ATM framework. So just put ATM under this video. And I will be sure to, to circle back around and get that video to you. Because that was really kind of part one of how to involve your kids in the content creation process. Again, in the beginning, it is all about Co-creating and teaching one thing and then doing one thing over and over again, until there's a comfort level on both sides.

So today, one of the ways that I have my kids help is to have them, help me systematize my business. And now systems are another word or another phrase that when I talk about them, sometimes people's eyes glaze over. And there's a lot of confusion about them. Because they're not sure what the word means. So let me just tell you what a system is.

A system is basically the process the step-by-step process you go through to do anything in your business, whether that's posting on social media, whether that's before your Podcast, episode airs, what are the steps that you actually take. And for me, a system is not a system until it is documented, it is written out step by step, so that I can literally take that piece of paper or that digital page, share it with somebody else. And they could follow along step by step and make it happen.

So a way for you to make this happen with your kids is to sit side by side, spend time bonding, spend time being together, and use both of your digital skill sets to create something greater.

I have had a lot of conversations with business owners about systems. And I have to say that many businesses, whether they're solopreneurs, or they are long established businesses, when I ask them about their systems in their documentation, they don't really have anything. It's all in the owners head or the managers had. nowhere is it written down. So when it comes time to training and your staff member, or if that person who knows all the system goes away to business literally does not know how to run, right.

So we really want to prepare ourselves, no matter where we are in business to systematize things and our kids can do this beautifully for us. As you're doing the Teach One, Do One method. You can have your kids document step-by-step. Step number one, open the software. Step number two, use this templates. Step number three, change the title. Step number four, change the graphic. Step number five, all the way through to the end of that process. If you have them document as they're learning, and have them do the process, the ability they're going to have to take that process over, is going to be great because they are actually doing so many types of learning. They're doing it experientially, they're writing, they're making a list, they're documenting for themselves in a way that makes sense for them. So that somebody else eventually can also take over that role. And that is, the whole point of systems is that we want to take ourselves out of the day to day operations.

And our kids are great allies for making this happen. Because once they start doing this in your business, they have a vested interest in wanting to see the business succeed, because they are part of it, that part of the growth or part of the trajectory of the business, and really empowering them to see, awesome, this is how mom does this. This is how dad does this. Hmm. Could I do this on my own? And really, again, opening that door to the future where they can start seeing themselves creating things on their own, not just for mom and dad. How cool is that?

And you know, one of the things, one of the questions I often get, when I talk about having kids help us in our businesses, a lot of parents are very, very leery to do this, because it means their kids have more access to things on why. Now I know that our people and probably hold courses about internet safety.

As a content creator, there are tools that we all use, that are internet-based. You can even install timers, and blockers on your browser to make sure only certain things are available during windows of time. So if you're concerned about this, you can use something that says okay, only these four websites are available when my kids are helping me so they can't be going out and searching for all sorts of inappropriate things.

Here's the thing, though, when you involve your kids in this process, then they see the possibilities of what you're doing in your business, they're able to give you ideas, they're able to start seeing themselves doing these things. And I have found they are much more likely to be on track in staying where they are creating rather than being distracted by other things. And I know that's not a blanket statements for all kids. However, I have seen that in my kids when I empower them to use certain things, they go there by themselves to look or to create things. Well, for my girls love using Canva, my graphic design tool of choice, it's super easy for them to use, they both learn how to create inside of it. And they are both masterful at doing that. So I have no qualms at all if they want to log into Canva and create something because again, we're shifting the paradigm from consumption time to creation time. And all day, every day, I would allow them to create.

So when it comes to safety, you get to make your own choices. You get to have informed conversation with your kids. And you can move forward together. And everyone has a different level of tolerance when it comes to their kids being online. So do what works for you and your family.

Kids as CO-creators. This is such a powerful, enlightening thing to think about. I actually have goosebumps right now. Because this idea of teaching kids to co create content in your business with you. With the idea of planting the seed that they too, could be content creators in their own right. Both of my kids have been hired by other entrepreneurs, other content creators to help them manage their businesses. They have done things like manage YouTube channels and create thumbnails and graphics for Pinterest and different social platforms. They have managed podcasts where they literally are taking the raw podcast, editing, just barely, we don't really believe in heavy editing, but really about putting an intro and an outro creating the full experience of a podcast episode and uploading and scheduling for distribution along with some show notes and some graphics.

The skills they have learned sitting side by side with me. As I am empowering them to tap into their own abilities as creators, has been really fun for me as a parent to watch unfold, because as they gain more competence using different skills, they gain more confidence in themselves, their self-esteem is elevated. The way they feel about themselves, and the things that they can do the things that they are capable of doing. That's a really, really powerful way to show our kids to demonstrate that we trust them that we appreciate their skill sets that we appreciate what they bring to the table. And because of that, we're going to invite them into our businesses. And for most kids, they don't have an opportunity because there's not an entrepreneur in the home.

So if you are an entrepreneur, this is one of the greatest gifts, I believe, that you could give to your kids is to help them co create alongside you with the intention of letting them create independently of you at some point in your business.

Now, if you want more ideas about how to observe your kids, and really tap into their superpowers, I wrote a book all about that. It's called Raising a Superhero.

It's all about tapping into the eight different ways each of us live and learn, and how we as parents can become detectives, and discover how to best help our kids. Once we discover how they learn best, we can use that information in our businesses to help guide the learning process. If you're interested in getting a copy of that book, just pop the word book below this video. And I'll reach out to you personally and let you know where you can get that.

And if you are here live or watching on the replay, let me know your biggest takeaway, pop the word GOLD down below. And let me know what your biggest aha has been so far in this video.

Okay, my friend, we are coming to the end of our time together. And I want to thank you so much for taking time out of your day to really tune in and join me on this conversation and this quest to help us raise the next generation of content creators.

Before we wrap up, I want to do a very speedy recap, for those of you who may have missed the beginning. Ready, here we go.

If you've ever been frustrated by the amount of time your kids are spending on their digital devices, and it's led to some bickering, or perhaps your kids are frustrated with you because you are spending so much time on your digital devices and that's causing some bickering. In today's video, Part Two of Kids + Content = Magic, we're diving into a simple strategy to bring your kids into your business, and to help them learn how to become content creators.

And the things that we talked about. In this video, we talked about the Teach One, Do one method. In the longer version of this video, you can get all the details on what the Teach One Do Onemethod. But really what it boils down to is, as your kids are learning to become content creators are going to co create with you first. So as you teach something, they're going to do something, you teach something else, they're going to do something else. And going back and forth in this process multiple times, they are going to be able to learn how to do things the way you want them to be done. Because of your kids. They definitely have a vested interest in seeing the business succeed. So it is a win win all around.

As you are teaching your kids to teach one to one, you can also have them be involved into the systemization. So documentation, the processes that you go through in your business, making sure they are documented so that it's available to anyone you bring into your business at a later point.

One of the things that parents often tell me they're concerned about is online safety. In this video, I'm going to talk about how to deal with this topic and how to make the best decision for your family. And we talked about kids as CO-creators. What does that mean? What does that mean for your kids now? What does that mean for their future, which is the most exciting thing.

And of course, I'll share with you, I have a book all about discovering your child's super powers. There are eight ways in which we all live and learn. And knowing how your kid learns best, is going to greatly inform how you include them in your business, and the topics and tasks you're going to have them do on their quest of becoming content creators, independent of you.

Okay, my friend, I am so excited to continue this conversation with you.

Come on over to your favorite platform, make sure you hit that subscribe button, give me some thumbs up some hearts. I would love to see that. Hit that bell on YouTube. If you want to be reminded of my next video. I go live but now on Thursday mornings Pacific time. And if you are watching over on Facebook or on LinkedIn, definitely just put the word Remind Me in the comments under this video. I will for sure circle back around, reach out to you so we can continue the conversation. And you can be reminded of future videos. Because next week we're going to cover part three of Kids + Content = Magic and we're going to talk about ways your kids can help you to monetize your awesome content. Until then my friend go out there today and amplify more of what makes yoh, so awesome. Cheers.