Welcome back to #4 in the #marketingmonday series! Today’s lesson from our 2017 More Than Just Great Dancing #roadtriptorally is all about perspective.


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One of the things I adore most about traveling is gaining new perspective and challenging my current thoughts and beliefs. While travel experiences can be similar to ones that might be had at home, the difference in surroundings, people, and circumstances, make them feel different somehow.

  • A meeting with a staff member from a hotel room or airport feels different than a phone call from a home office or studio.
  • Recording a live video from the road feels different than recording a live video from the studio.
  • Enjoying a meal while traveling feels very different than a meal around a kitchen table.


These are just some of the examples of the many experiences in our everyday lives that can start to feel “stale” at home. When traveling, these same experiences take on a new vibrancy and excitement (at least for me). 


Yong Pratt - Marketing Mondays - Perspective

By changing my surroundings, I gained new perspective on business.

This is one of the reasons I’m so keen on changing up things in the studio several times each season.


  • moving pictures around during breaks.
  • adding a new splash of color here or there
  • changing up the furniture arrangement in the lobby
  • creating a new display, etc.


When I give my students (and their parents) new perspective, here are some of the things I’ve witnessed:


  • Engagement in class increases;
  • Focus is more intense;
  • Skills they may have been struggling with become easier;
  • They start to NOTICE things they overlooked previously; and
  • They show up with renewed vigor


Have you experienced this when you’ve made changes in your physical spaces?


Throughout our 11 days trek to and from the 2017 More Than Just Great Dancing Member Rally, I experienced some profound paradigm shifts simply. These shifts may have happened had I not been on the road, though probably not as profoundly. Simply by changing the lens through which I saw my life and my business, these shifts are informing my business and I head into Season 17. 


Shift #1: You cannot copy someone else’s success.


If there’s anything I’ve learned these past 16 years as a business owner it’s this: there is no shortage of ideas you can implement into your business. In fact, there are often too many ideas that it can be overwhelming. Within the More Than Just Great Dancing Tribe, for example, there are so many brilliant and uber creative studio owners that inspire and amaze me EVERY day. There would be absolutely no way that I could implement on even half of those amazing ideas (even though I may want to do so).


With that being said, even the best ideas shared between peers and mentors, may or may not work for you at this time. Be inspired by those ideas, programs, promotions, etc. and then make them your own. Take these ideas (with permission, of course) and put your own spin to them.


  • Give them your unique voice.
  • Create your own story around these ideas.
  • Be authentic during implementation.


Remember this next time the studio down the street copies your latest program or company names (yes, it happens to us all). This is easier said than done, of course (I’ve experienced just this more times than I care to count). While they may be able to copy what you’re showing on Social Media or your website, they cannot copy you, your perspective, your heart, or your motivations.


With our growing digital economy, it’s easy to start comparing ourselves (and our businesses) to others in our same town or on the other side of the country. Here’s a video I made for you on this very topic


So my challenge for you today is to celebrate YOU and your studio. Celebrate your accomplishments. Celebrate what makes your studio unique. Be inspired by others and then put your own spin on everything.


Don’t just copy. Create and celebrate!


I want to hear from YOU! Comment below what experiences you create to change the perspective at your studio and in your life. Comment below and then join the conversation over at The Tech Savvy Insider. See you there!


Yong Pratt - The Tech Savvy Insider


Next Monday, I’ll be diving into Shift #2: Rock the boat more. Piss people off more. Go boldly into the world more.


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