When Human Design found its way to me via Amy Isaman and called me out nearly three years ago, I had no idea the journey on which I was about to embark.

It was February 2020, right before the world shut down and I was feeling lost. It felt as though something was missing in my life. I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

I had built several businesses by this point, yet I wasn’t experiencing the fulfillment I thought I would. Looking back, I can see many habits and familiar patterns that kept repeating themselves because I thought I “should” or needed to do those things.

Hindsight is a funny thing. Looking back, I could clearly see that I was caught in a

Never-ending spin cycle:



Move on to build the next thing.

Celebrations, if any were rare and often silent. After all, I didn’t want to be a braggart as I checked off off little boxes on my metaphorical life tally.

It was a time of profound emotions that I kept locked up inside myself. On the outside, all looked well, yet internally there was tremendous turmoil raging. Couple all that with a global pandemic and you can surmise that something big was about to go down.








There were but a few of the emotions that raged inside, taking their toll on my physical body in ways I would not discover until later.

It was mass confusion.

There wasn’t a clear path forward…

So many years of my entrepreneurial journey were spent seeking out the next best strategies, tactics, mentors, and courses.

And none of them got me to where I wanted to go.

Naturally, that led to the conclusion that maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Isn’t it interesting how we humans can make seemingly unrelated things have meanings that are so far from reality?

On that day in February, I discovered there was one path I had yet to explore in depth.

A path I had ventured onto a time or two, yet one on which I was extraordinarily uncomfortable and unfamiliar so didn’t bother to stay on for long.

All I knew was that I needed to “do” something to relieve the pressure that was building inside me.

And so I did the one thing I didn’t want to do.

I chose the path less traveled.

Yong Pratt wearing a hat sitting on the porch

I stepped into the discomfort, into the unfamiliar, and chose myself.

Choosing to “know myself” was really the only possibility I had left to explore.

Human Design allowed me to fill my cup in more ways than one.

It quenched my love of learning, my love of science, and all things metaphysical.

At the beginning of my Human Design Journey, it was more about gaining knowledge than applying it to myself.

I kept Human Design at arm’s length for quite some time and that worked…

until it didn’t.

What I soon realized was that Human Design was calling me out from the darkness I was feeling and beckoning me into the light of a life well-lived.

Calling me out to…

  • Be the person I was designed to be, not the person I was currently being.
  • Speak up, and share my gifts, my talents, and my passions in a bigger way, not hide them behind a computer screen, locked away in a cloud vault.
  • Live and embody my full design, not hide parts away the parts I don’t think people won’t like or accept.
  • Share what I’ve learned from self-study and so many incredible mentors who have lovingly stepped up to share their wisdom with me including Jackie Johnstone Jamie Palmer Alexandra Danieli Karen Curry Parker.
  • Guide YOU on your quest for transformation, so that you can step into the best version of yourself. To step into the spotlight of the life YOU know they’re meant to live.
  • Be a channel to write these words, to invite you along on this journey of self-discovery, self-realization, of living and embodying YOUR Human Design.

This journey into the heart and soul of me of nearly three years hasn’t always been easy. Detangling from life’s conditioning, from the belief that logic and using my thinking brain is the answer to everything, to questioning beliefs and the meaning that I’ve held onto for so long.

This is the work and the magic of Human Design.

To get back to the heart and soul of who you really are, who you’re designed to be.

To fulfill your role on the planet at this time.

It’s your turn to choose.

You are enough.

You know enough.

Everything you need is already inside you.

If you’re feeling called to take the path less traveled and dive into the depths of you, I’d be honored to be your guide.

Schedule your Human Design Reading with me.

xo, Yong