[0:00] Do you ever feel compelled to rush throughout your day to get more stuff done? What about hustling when you know you don’t even need to do that? If you’ve experienced either of these, you’re gonna want to lean in and turn up the volume on today’s episode because our guest, Savanna Schiavo is going to help us ditch the hustle and reprogram the rush. 


[1:09] About Savanna Schiavo


[2:25] Savanna’s life before becoming a life and confidence coach.


[5:55] Why hustle and rush often creep into our lives and how conditioning, culture, and our internal desires inform these activities.


“Hustle and rush are coming from a place of fear, and a place of lack. It’s us acting out of fear of not-enoughness essentially.” – Savanna Schiavo


[11:06] The correlation between fear of lack and confidence.


[11:59] “When we’re taking actions from the place of hustle and rush, it’s blocking our confidence. It’s blocking our creativity, our energy, our ability to flow, our ability to relax and tap into our gifts.” – Savanna Schiavo 


[13:18] “To access more confidence in our business, we have to solve for the fear that’s been driving our business. We need to look at the fear that is keeping us from feeling competent.” – Savanna Schiavo


[14:45]  How business owners can tap into and reprogram fear so it works for us and it becomes something positive versus staying stuck in that negative emotion.


[15:32]  What do you believe is keeping you going all the time? What are the beliefs that have been driving this behavior for me?


[16:10] Common beliefs we don’t even notice that we think are true.


[17:19]  Question 2: Is this true?


[19:30] Question 3: If you didn’t believe this, what would be different about you? 


What you’re doing is showing yourself, your subconscious mind, what would be available to you, if you decided to let go of this optional belief, and practice and open up to new beliefs. 


[22:02] How do we share ourselves, share our messages and attract the right people into our businesses using social media as a tool rather than a place to feel bad about ourselves?


[23:11] On attracting the right people by being magnetic.


[26:05] Savana’s favorite way to create content  


[27:10]  “I let myself be the really imperfect human I am so people really get to see me. I think that’s what is so powerful.” – Savanna Schiavo


[29:06] Connect with Savanna

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/confidencewithsavanna/ 


Website: https://confidencewithsavanna.com/  

Facebook group: Grow Your Confidence. Grow Your Business.


[30:36] Grab Savanna’s journaling prompts inside the Arena of Awesome Group and share your biggest takeaways. 





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Read Full Transcript

Yong Pratt 0:00
Do you ever feel compelled to rush throughout your day to get more stuff done? What about hustling when you know you don't even need to do that? If you've experienced either of these, you're gonna want to lean in and turn up the volume on today's episode because our guest, Savannah Schiavo is going to help us ditch the hustle and reprogram the rush.

Yong Pratt 0:26
Have you ever felt like there was something missing in your business? Something holding you back from the success you're seeking? If so, you are not alone. For nearly 20 years, that's exactly how I felt as a business owner. It wasn't until I discovered Human Design, that it all became clear. And it turns out that I was the missing piece in my own business. Join me on this journey of discovering the real me and hear stories from other business owners building businesses around all of their awesomeness. I'm Yong Pratt, and it's time my friend to Amplify Your Awesome™!

Yong Pratt 1:09
Hey there, Amplifiers! Welcome back to another episode of the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. As always, I'm your host, Yong Pratt and it's my absolute pleasure to be here today with our special guests, Savannah Schiavo. Let me tell you a little bit about Savanna. Savanna is a Life and Confidence Coach for ambitious entrepreneurs. And I know we have some of those on the podcast today, Savanna. And if you feel like you aren't achieving what you're capable of, because you're stuck scared or doubting themselves, you my friend are in the right place. Savanna, welcome to the show.

Savanah Schiavo 1:49
Okay, what an intro! I've been on many a podcast and I love that intro. You make me feel like a total celeb. I love it. Thank you so much for having me.

Yong Pratt 1:58
Of course, it's my pleasure. And you know, I love connecting in this fashion where I get to interview guests and talk about their awesome sauce. Because so many of us get so wrapped up and forget about all the awesome we actually have embedded in us. So I love to be able to to lavish it and and share all of your awesome back out you because it just sits a little bit differently. So I'm glad I could do that for you today.

Savanah Schiavo 2:23
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Savanah Schiavo 2:25
So I would love to know before you became a life and confidence coach, I know, I saw a post on social media, I think today or yesterday about your investment in life coaching and what that look like and sort of the big investment you made and how scary it was. So yeah, what were you doing before you jumped into your training certification? And what were the decisions? Because that kind of led you to that step?

Savanah Schiavo 2:48
Yes, great question. So I got certified by one of the top schools in the world a couple years ago. Now it's been several, several years. But before that, I had my own business. It was a small online store where I designed clothes and put clothes out into the world that with beautiful messages. And I was so excited. And I was so terrified. So that was in my late 20s. And that business survived for about a year because I was terrified to take any action, terrified to invest in myself, terrified to let people see me because I was so sure they were going to judge me and really scared to make moves that after a year, I decided to close my little business down. And honestly, I think I felt ready because I was so exhausted from feeling so much self doubt that I knew I didn't know what I was going to do next. But I knew that I wanted to work on that area of my life and brain before I figured out what was next for me in the future.

Savanah Schiavo 3:53
So I started working with a coach, I didn't really know much about coaching. And I started making all of these changes hugely in confidence in my ability to make money, lose weight change habits have better relationships. And with time and seeing the incredible results. I was able to give myself through coaching, I decided I was going to be a coach. And now I work with people who looked like me once upon a time they know that they can do amazing things, but they're feeling stuck and afraid there's a ton of self doubt they don't want to be judged. They don't want to be rejected. And they're standing still, even though they know they could be doing more because there is a lack of confidence there and a lot of other fear and doubt that's holding them back.

Yong Pratt 4:40
So as you're sharing your story, there's so many parts of that that I know I personally resonate with and I know my listeners are gonna resonate with too because it's kind of the human condition to doubt ourselves and compare ourselves to others in the hopes to make ourselves better. When in reality doing that is probably the worst thing we could do right? That comparison itis is is such a rampid part of social media culture. And I think it's definitely time to change that because everyone is on their own journey. Everyone's journey looks different. You had your other business for a year, I ran my brick and mortar performing arts school for 17 years, all the while, I doubted myself the whole time. And I was, especially in the end, really afraid to assert myself. And then when I did, I discovered a lot of people really didn't resonate with who I was. So it took a lot to sort of, you know, close that chapter down and move into a new space. But definitely, being an online entrepreneur in particular, putting ourselves out there is the one thing that is going to help bring people to us. So let's talk about this mentality, or this desire or compulsion, I'll even call it to hustle and rush throughout every single day. Where does that come from do you think?

Savanah Schiavo 5:55
Okay, yes, the hustle and rush, I need to start off by saying, if you are listening to this podcast, and you're like, I am someone who hustles and rush rushes, I want you to know, yeah, that was me. And that is so many of us. And I'm going to talk about what happens, what's going on behind the scenes to help you slow that process down, I just want you to know you're not alone, it almost feels like a rite of passage. For some, for the high achieving entrepreneurs were like, just gotta like, go balls to the wall and go crazy. So let's talk about where that comes from. I think in a large part.

Savanah Schiavo 6:33
On the one hand, we are conditioned to believe as entrepreneurs, that the hustle is necessary, that the hustle is good, that you should be praised for overworking and sacrificing yourself and sacrificing things. And entrepreneurship, more than any other space is this. We have huge guru type entrepreneurs telling us that we gotta hustle. And we have all these beautiful hustle slogans that just look really good on a poster on a wall. And they totally destroy our competence, and creativity, and energy and all of these things. Because we are acting from a place that doesn't actually help us. We've just been conditioned to believe that this is important and necessary. I want to start by saying, it's not, it's not necessary. I know, it's gonna feel necessary if you're in the hustle and rush mode. But it's not necessary.

Savanah Schiavo 7:34
The other part of where it comes from. So, of course, we're conditioned, our culture is telling us this is important. It's vital, it's what's going to make you successful or not. But the other part, it comes from it. And much more largely, it's coming from within us. And it's coming from a place of fear, and a place of lack. Rush and hustle. Sounds pretty, right? It's like maybe not rush. But hustle sounds like a pretty word. But hustle and that rush that I need to get more done, and I need to work harder, and I need to do more. And I need to make more money, and I need to get more time that is coming from a fear that will that we won't get where we want to go. And a fear that there isn't enough, there isn't enough time, there isn't enough money, there isn't enough customers. It's this fear that we're not going to be okay. And so we're trying to act out that trying to find relief, right. So we're, we're like, if I just act out more, if I just do more, if I just work harder, if I just work faster, if I just find more customers or clients, if I just make more time, I'll be able to feel okay, I'll be able to get to that place. Because we don't actually believe that we're going to get there. And we don't actually believe that there is enough now. And really, there's even sometimes a belief that there's not going to be enough there. So it's us acting out of fear of not enoughness essentially.

Yong Pratt 9:11
That is fascinating. And I never had ever thought about hustle and rush in these terms about it is just my fear coming to the surface and my fear of lack. What an amazing way to sort of shift how we think about something that is so embedded in our culture, especially an entrepreneur culture.

Yong Pratt 9:31
What if instead of feeling proud of doing that, and and feeling exhausted as well, that we just, you know, we never tell anyone we feel exhausted, but we're always just going going going, What? What if instead we all started thinking about when we feel the compulsion to rush and hurry and do more things. We need to stop instead and take a look inwardly and really dive into the fears that are coming up and Especially this fear of lack, because I know growing up as a kid, that was kind of our world, right? Everything. There was a lack of finances a lack of a lack of a lot of things. And so those are just things that I just have ingrained, so deep into my being. So now looking at things in the past have happened as you're sharing all these things about fear, and lack, and I can see this pattern happening so many times in our lives. So for all of you listening, maybe press pause on this recording, and just think about it. are you rushing right now? And if so, why? What is the underlying fear?

Yong Pratt 10:40
So I want to dive deeper into this because it really gets into your work with, with life coaching and confidence coaching. And before we started recording, we talked about how hustle and and rushing is always also part of the bigger picture of confidence, which I also didn't realize, but can you talk about the connection or the correlation between this, this fear and lack and confidence and how they kind of all tied together?

Savanah Schiavo 11:06
Yeah, so good. Okay, so thinking about it, when we think about how we are rushing, because we don't believe we're going to get there, or we don't believe we're going to be okay, or we don't believe we're enough. There's some version of lack there. I'm not enough until I succeed, I won't be okay until I make this much money. I won't be okay until I have this many customers. And we are rushing to get that done to hit some sort of arbitrary milestone our brain has said is important. What we are doing is trying to get to a place where we can feel safe and relax, right, we're trying to get to a place where we think we're going to be able to feel confident, we're like, oh, you can, you can like relax right now. And you don't have to worry so much. We're trying to meet fear and take action to get out of fear. Right.

Savanah Schiavo 11:59
And what I teach my clients and what is so backwards is that we are trying to take action from fear, to feel more confident. But what we have to do is recognize that we are creating fear, by the stories, we're telling ourselves that is actually blocking us from competence. So here's what I think about right when we are doing this hustle and rush really, a lot of the times what we're doing is sacrificing something, some part of ourselves, we're like, I'm going to sacrifice time, I'm going to sacrifice personal energy, right? My health or my and I don't mean just physical health, it includes mental health, time with people, time to relax, we think we need to give up something. And that that's and then that's makes us more worthy. A lot of the time is what our culture teaches us. And what that does is when we're taking actions from those place from that hustle and rush, which is really rooted in fear, or lack or there's not enough notice. It's blocking our confidence, it's blocking our creativity, our energy, our ability to flow, our ability to relax and tap into our, to our gifts.

Savanah Schiavo 13:18
Those are all very magnetic energies. Right. And by magnetic I mean, people recognize when you are relaxed and confident and just welcoming people into your world. And we get away from that when we are busy trying to take all of our actions from pressure, rush, desperation, urgency, neediness, fear, lack scarcity. And so to access more confidence in our business, we have to solve for the fear that's been driving our business, which if we're in the hustle and rush spin, and I know it so well. We need to look at the fear that is keeping us from feeling competent.

Yong Pratt 14:05
Oh my gosh, yes. So much fear. And again, I can really just think about times in my life when my business was a struggle and when you felt challenging, and it was those times when I was feeling rushed, or felt like I needed to prove myself to other people. Those were the times when businesses was really hard. I really didn't love my business back then. Yeah, so there's so many so many big things that happen to here. So how do we as business owners, as humans then really tap into and reprogram that fear? So it works for us and it becomes something positive versus staying stuck in that negative emotion?

Savanah Schiavo 14:45
Yeah. So this is deep work. This is work I do with my clients one on one, but I want to offer some thoughts and questions that listeners can ask themselves to be exploring this Before we get into the questions, I want listeners to know too, that if you are aware of yourself hustling, and rushing, that is step one. We don't even notice it. A lot of the time, I didn't notice it. I was just like, yeah, it's normal to work this many hours in a day. And it's normal to work on the weekends, and it's normal. And when I really watched myself do do what I was doing, I was able to then get to the next question, right? And really understand what's going on.

Savanah Schiavo 15:32
So that question is this. And I would encourage listeners to take a pen and paper and actually write the answers down, because they're going to come by really quickly in your head. But when you actually see them on paper, it's really going to help illuminate some stuff for you and work through it. So I think a good first question would be to look at the hustle and rush in your life and ask yourself, what are the beliefs that have been driving this behavior for me? What do you believe that is keeping you going all the time?

Savanah Schiavo 16:10
So I'll give some common ones that we don't even notice our beliefs, we just think their observations of the world, we just think we're telling the truth. I won't have enough money. There's not enough money. You need to work hard to be successful. Hustle is necessary. I need to find people today. I won't be okay, if I don't hit my goal. hitting my goal is what makes me important, right? Or what makes me worthy. We need to look at those beliefs, which are stories that our brain has just adopted and thinks our observations, because those are the stories driving us. I need to be okay, and I won't be okay, if I don't get there. Or there's not enough people. So I need to go out and work harder to find people. There's not enough people, there's not enough money, I won't be okay. These are stories that are scaring us into the hustle and rush pattern. Right. So that's one.

Savanah Schiavo 17:19
Another question. The next question they can ask themselves is, Is this true?

Unknown Speaker 17:27
I really love that from Byron Katie asks for questions. She's an author that asks for questions when you find thoughts and beliefs. And I highly encourage you to read her book, loving what is from the author Byron, Katie. But she asks, Is that true? Is this true? Can I know for sure that it's true? I want to add one more in there. In what ways? Are you wrong about that? So what you're doing here, when you ask yourself, Hey, is this true? And in what ways? Am I wrong about that? What we're doing is we're offering our brain a different perspective on the stories, it's been feeding us. You need to work hard for money. I love to ask my question my clients that how is that not true? Well, we know lots of people that don't work hard for money. Maybe that's not a truth, right? Or I won't be okay, if I don't hit my goal this month. really ask yourself, how are you wrong about that? What are all the ways you will be okay? What are all the ways that it's going to be fine? Right? Or there's not enough people out there, dispel that story in your brain by asking it, how am I wrong about this. And what you're doing is you're opening your brain up to the possibilities. It's just not saying it just wants to keep telling you the same things, because it already knows those things. It already thinks those things, it's easier to believe those things. And we're just introducing a new perspective to it.

Savanah Schiavo 18:59
And especially when you write this out, and you give yourself a lot of answers. This helps you change core beliefs, it helps you go maybe I've been wrong about this. And then the third question I would offer is, if you didn't believe this, right, when you look at your beliefs, like there's not enough money, or I won't be okay, or I need to get a goal to be worthy. If you didn't believe this as you are busy dispelling this belief in your second question.

Savanah Schiavo 19:30
Your third question, if you didn't believe this, what would be different about you? What you're doing is showing yourself your mind your subconscious mind, what would be available to you, if you decided to let go of this optional belief, and practice and open up to new beliefs. Right. We think it's an observation so much of the time but what we're learning is we don't have to keep telling ourselves this story and if we don't we change behaviors that are being driven by those old stories and introduce new stories. So that we can introduce new habits, patterns and behaviors into our journeys.

Yong Pratt 20:13
So good. And so first of all, I want to say that I'm going to put these questions over on today's show notes at my website, Yong Pratt calm, just look up the words hustle, or rush or savannas name. And you're going to be directed to today's episode, because I do think that if we were to all take time, in the next week, in the next month, and sit with these questions, and really address these fears, I'd be curious to know how everyone's confidence kind of shifts, you know, because I, as you're asking these questions, I'm answering them in my head, you know, I can feel a shift sitting in this chair in this moment. So I mean, I can only imagine if we all were to do these exercises, and really commit to them, and really start diving in to the underlying fears that we have, that we associate as hustle and rush.

Yong Pratt 21:00
And the story that we've told ourselves before, or people in our lives who are well meaning have instilled into us for a very long time. I'm excited to hear the results from the listeners who are who are going through this process, because I know that I'm committing right now on this podcast episode, I need to do this because I think it's so important. And, you know, if I can feel slight shifts, just in chatting with Savannah and talking out loud, I can only just imagine the possibilities. So Savannah, I want to shift gears a little bit and talk about the idea of attraction. So we're going to get rid of the fear of lack, we're going to dive into our fears of what we're doing there. How do we then in the world of social media, where comparison itis is really rampant? How do we share ourselves, share our messages and attract the right people into our businesses? using social media as a tool rather than a place to feel bad about ourselves?

Savanah Schiavo 22:02
Oh, yes, I coach a lot on this. And this is the perfect podcast, because you're always talking about content and how we can write put it out into the world in powerful ways. I think the the emotion that I think helps us so much is the emotion of competence. And that is truly a belief in ourselves and our abilities. And I say that because, of course, competence is really magnetic. When we talk about, you know, relationships, that's what we people are always saying that I really like this person, they're so confident. But it also makes other people listen up and feel safe with us. And that's what I mean, when I'm talking about competence in business, I think when we are willing to be ourselves, which means we have to have a belief in ourselves and what we're capable of, and in our value, when we're willing to be ourselves and to believe in ourselves and not need it. You know, we're all we all want the outside some sort of approval that is a human trait, but when we don't need it from outside of us, and we can give it to ourselves.

Savanah Schiavo 23:11
That's when we are truly the most magnetic on social media. So you can say something that is very vulnerable, and know that you're okay, and people get to honestly and authentically see you. And you can say something like a great success or make offers or talk about what you're up to. And people listen, because that magnetic energy of you just being who you are. And thinking that you're good enough, which by the way comes across in videos and podcasts and writing content and all of the things is magnetic, we want to we want to hear from people who like themselves, because so many of us know what it's like to not, so many of us know what it's like to judge ourselves, all of us know what it's like to judge ourselves, we are all human, I don't think you cross this line. And then you're you don't have the human traits anymore. But to have someone have the audacity to show up and be themselves and be and that can be vulnerable and honest. And whatever it is, that is super magnetic. And it requires feeling confident in ourselves having self confidence to really go and do it. It's big.

Yong Pratt 24:23
Oh, so big because when I think about the people who come to me to help them with their content, and to amplify it and to really bring out who they are on the inside with their content. It's interesting because it's it's again this this idea of lack that comes into this as well because they're not they're afraid to put themselves out there for fear of what others are gonna think they're, they don't want to be judged. They don't want to do all these things because they're judging themselves so harshly and so critically, that they just presume that everyone else out there is doing the same thing and what if like Savannah said, we could flip that. Just again, think of it as a light switch, if you will. I mean, just flip it on or off, like, wow, what would it be like, if I were to come out content creation, from the place of, I'm confident, I have awesome things to share. And that's very much why this podcast exists.

Yong Pratt 25:13
Because I really want to demonstrate to everyone that there's more than one way there's hundreds, if not 1000s of ways to run a business. And by tapping into this critical skill of confidence, this is what's going to help you do all the other things create the content magnetize the people towards you. I think I could talk about this topic all day long. But I really want to make sure that I'm being conscientious to everyone listening, because one of my values is to make things simple, and actionable. And Savannah has given us such great questions to ask ourselves, again, I'm going to put those in today's show notes. And so then I would I want to ask, I guess a couple more questions. One of which is, as you're talking about magnetizing people and attracting people and sharing with audacity or sharing all of your awesome out there, what is your favorite way to create content that brings people towards you?

Savanah Schiavo 26:05
Okay, I need to tell you that awesome is one of my favorite words, I can probably say it too many times. The best way for me to be right. Um, I think my two I have two favorites, for sure in the ways that I share content, and it really comes back to what I was just talking about. So I really like to share writing. I like to write, I run a Facebook group, I'm on Instagram, I have my personal profile on Facebook, and I send out a weekly newsletter. So I get to write a lot. And in those spaces, I also like to do video. And the reason I think those are so fun for me is because they give me a platform to really be me and really be seen as me. So I get to you know, the way I write and I have had people tell me this for years and years, the way I write is the way I talk so I don't try and remove the likes or you know, when you say Oh, it's like this or whatever, I let those all be part of it.

Savanah Schiavo 27:10
And I let myself be the I want to say imperfect, really the imperfect human I am. So people really get to see me and I think that's what is so powerful. When I when I think about my business what has helped people connect with me and feel connected to me before they've even worked with me is that they get to see me as a real human. And I like those platforms getting to write and getting to be on video because I feel like it allows people to connect with me before they've even reached out. And to connect with me because I'm being actually me instead of some, you know, version of myself where I can I can really synthesize it down or I just get to like, be who I am and be seen in a big way. So those are my favorite for sure.

Yong Pratt 27:58
So good. And I can relate to both of those two cars there are some days when the writing part for me comes more naturally I let that happen. And other days where videos like I want to just share a story quickly I don't want to have to edit myself in the writing process. So I'll just make a video. And I think it's important for everyone listening to that there's no one perfect way to create content. If one day you feel like you want to record an audio for a podcast do that. If another day you want to write something down do that I really feel like we need to lean into the way we're being called to show up because those are the ways that the people who really need us are seeking those particular ways so if you aren't already following Savanna on social you definitely need to do that because her images in particular Savannah your images in particular always draw me in because so much of what I see is like a whole body a whole person sitting next to a house or on a boat or in a car and you just like show snippets like there's a picture of your eye or you know they're they're just so intriguing that it makes me want to click to read what you've written because they're just so unique. So with Barrett what are the best places to find you online?

Savanah Schiavo 29:06
Oh, that's so fun to hear. Because I speaking of confidence once upon a time did not feel comfortable being seen on camera so to be able to put my work out into the world and feel so good and fun about it is amazing. Okay, so yeah, I have a couple of different places people can find me I am freshly new to Instagram after years of not being on it. You can find me on Instagram at confidence with Savannah. Savannah is spelt Sapa and the name you can find me on my website confidence with savannah.com. And there I have a free guide where people can learn how to overcome the fear of what other people think talking about what we're talking about. Really good and get my coaching emails. And then I also run a Facebook group called grow your confidence. grow your business where I'm teaching and offering a lot of different tools and ideas in that Facebook group. So you're welcome to join as well.

Yong Pratt 30:09
Oh, so good. And I will definitely link those up in today's show notes on my website at Yong Pratt, calm. Savannah, this has been such an amazing conversation, I have learned so much. I have my work cut out for me to answer those questions and really dive into what is underlying my compulsion to rush and hustle. And you've deconstructed that so beautifully today on the show. So thank you so much.

Savanah Schiavo 30:33
Thank you so much for having me.

Yong Pratt 30:36
Holy smokes, my mind is just blown right now with the amount of information Savannah shared, and the tips she shared, and the writing journaling prompts she shared to help us really dig into the stories that we have embedded in us that are based in fear and based in lack and when we can get rid of those things, and we can tap into a higher level of confidence. Who wouldn't want that? I would love to continue this discussion with you over inside my Facebook community, the arena of awesome comm show your biggest takeaways, your aha and how your journaling exercise went going through savannahs questions because I know. Again, I'm recommitting to the fact that I'm going to take the time today after this interview is done, to go through her questions and really start to tap in to some of the fears that I've been holding on to that I didn't realize were fears that are blocking me from reaching my highest level of confidence. Okay, my friend, thank you so much for being here today to listen to this podcast. I so appreciate you and look forward to connecting with you inside the arena of awesome tears.

Yong Pratt 31:56
Thanks for tuning in to the Amplify Your Awesome™ podcast. Let's continue this conversation inside my Facebook community, the arena of awesome while it's still free and open to new members, come share your biggest takeaways and Aha. Plus, every week inside the arena, you'll get access to me and I may even share content I don't share anywhere else. Until next time, my friend, go out there today and Amplify Your Awesome™!


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