[0:00] When it comes to your business, do you know your numbers? Do you really know them when it comes to making buying decisions, hiring decisions, or whether or not to add new programs or services to your business? 

Today’s guest is going to help us demystify the numbers inside of our business because she is someone who eats bookkeeping for breakfast.

[2:28] Candie’s backstory and how she got to helping business owners with the numbers in their businesses. 

[4:20]  The realization Candie made that’s helped her get where she is today.

[8:02]  The most critical numbers inside your business

“You can’t pay bills without income, but you also can’t run your business without expenses.” – Candi Conat

[10:59] Yong’s wish of bookkeepers, CPAs, and anyone that works with business owners on their numbers

[11:48] When Candie helped Yong simplify her numbers, it sent her on a quest to simplify other things inside her business

[14:07] How to make more money in your business without selling more

[15:18] How changing your attitude about how you look at your business and how you’re never too small to track your numbers.

[16:03]  Simplifying the language of numbers is one of Candie’s gifts

[16:52] Why summer is an ideal time to dig into your numbers

[20:40] Why knowing what you don’t know and not getting help with number in your business could be costing you money

[22:08]  Candie’s favorite way to create content to help more people.

[24:15]  Will a podcast be coming in Candie’s future?

[26:43] The ways in which Candie currently monetizes her business

[29:36] Connect with Candie at http://www.yongpratt.com/341 

[30:49] Come share your biggest takeaways from today’s episode inside the Arena of Awesome


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