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Step into the spotlight of the life
you know you’re meant to live

You are Awesome!

An exquisite, irreplaceable being.

A 1 in 400 trillion impossibility, a miracle.

Your life is the ultimate production, and you are itsStar!

It’s time to step into the spotlight of the life

You know you’re meant to live. 

Yong Pratt - Human Design - Illuminating You Productions

Hiya, I'm Yong.

I'm a 4/6 Emotional Orchestrator (Projector) with the Right Angle Cross or Passion (Contagion). As an Embodied Business Guide, I help you remember and take action on the dreams you've set aside to care for or be of service to others. Together we'll harness the power of your Human Design and its embodiment so that you can live on purpose, out loud, communicate your gifts in the way only you can do, and create a business that's a reflection of the REAL you. I invite YOU to LIVE your Heart Song 💚

Here at Illuminating You Productions,

everything begins and ends with the inner knowledge and wisdom within the body which you may have learned to override or discount because they weren't logical.

We love working with fellow Wellness Professionals (i.e., you help others feel better on the inside or out) in getting out of your overthinking brain and back into your feeling and sensing body so that you can...

✨ Reclaim the starring role in your life

✨ Remember that your dreams matter

✨ Align internally and externally so you can shine brighter

✨ Craft messaging that attracts more ideal clients

✨ Confidently live YOUR Heart Song 💛


Center Stage.

If you're feeling unmotivated, stuck, anxious, indecisive, overwhelmed, or just "not yourself," you're absolutely in the right place!

These types of disruptions are messages from the body that something is out of alignment. It's time to realign with the abundant, vibrant, and on-purpose life you're designed to live. Discover who you're designed to be by requesting your Quantum Human Design Chart 👇

Illuminating Journeys


Glow from the inside with my online monthly Moving with the Muses events.

By shifting your energy, we’ll release your stuckness, uncertainty, or overwhelm into peace, love, and confidence. 

Each experience is lovingly curated to help you let go of what no longer serves you. We’ll integrate the mind, body, and spirit using the Emotional Freedom Technique [aka tapping] along with holistic, feel-good movement.

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Within you lies a unique blueprint, a map to find buried treasure. With this map, you'll discover that YOU are the treasure you've been seeking.

Uncover the brilliance that's always been within you, the gifts you hid away long ago. Together we dig into the unique ways only you can communicate and share your gifts with the world.

Ignite your superpowers and step confidently into your spotlight with a personalized Human Design Reading.

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It's time to embody your true self and create YOUR ultimate production!

Within the custom guided body, mind, and soul experiences inside The Embodied Success Solution, you'll explore the many ways in which to radiate your light in a way only YOU can do.

Together, we'll illuminate the awesomeness that already lies within you. Discover ways to harness your innate creativity and align with the the truth of who you really are at your core as you step confidently into YOUR spotlight.

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Discover Who You Are Designed To Be…