[0:00] Welcome to this bonus episode of The Amplify your awesome podcast. This episode was really inspired by a lot of conversations that I’ve had lately, with parents and other entrepreneurs, really getting together to brainstorm ways we can show up and serve at a higher level when people need us most.


[0:21] This episode is focused on our kids, and empowering them and equipping them with skills that are really techie, nerdy a little bit, but skills nonetheless that they can start to explore these days, especially because there’s an outpouring from the greater community at large, with free access to tools that students can create.


[1:18] How do we empower our kids and help them to start telling their own story about what life is like for them as a kid right now?


[1:33] What if our kids could start recording their own stories and documenting their reality for future generations?


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[3:02] Today we’re diving into helping our kiddos discover how to use technology in a positive way, help you out in your current business, or maybe even start to dream up a new business of your own.



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[8:35] Getting the most out of your content starts with strategy and systems


[9:49] The 1×30 Content Formula


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[11:18] Starting the adventure with your kiddos begins with conversations and finding out what lights them up.



[12:35] ] The backstory of how Yong’s daughters got started in her business



[14:44] Examples of what Yong’s kiddos have created for her business and others’



[15:18] Since kids are digital natives, it makes sense for us to include them in those parts of our business


[15:45] It’s time to raise creators – kids who can think outside the box kids who see opportunities kids who have big dreams. And we can start fostering that right now, at this time.


[16:15] Wouldn’t it be better if we equipped and empowered them now to start using these [digital] tools, when they have access to them? When you’re there to look over their shoulder to make sure they’re heading in the right direction? Wouldn’t that be better than letting them watch TV mindlessly four hours a day?


[17:03] Let’s let our kids explore together. Let’s let them create and show one another what they’ve discovered and what they’re doing and let them step up to the role of teacher. Because how often do kids get to do that every day, when they can learn a skill, and they can show someone else how to do it, their mastery of that skill increases exponentially. And that’s the best learning there is.


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