Do you remember…

That feeling of playing and moving your body freely, unattached to any goal?

Many of us have been conditioned to disconnect from our bodies from a very young age.

We’re Taught to…

Sit Still.

That we can play only at designated times (i.e., recess, and lunch breaks). Basically, we’ve been taught to logic our way through life.

In disconnecting with our bodies, we’ve lost touch with its innate wisdom – the abilities to feel, sense, and know from the depths of our beings.

That’s why…

EVERYTHING we do here at Illuminating YOU Productions begins and ends with the body. When you reconnect with your body, explore its possibilities, and nurture it, YOU show up differently in the world. When you practice moving your body regularly,

  • Stand a little taller
  • Your posture improves 
  • Discover or re-discover muscles you didn’t even know you had
  • You start craving experiences that invite your body to participate
  • Experience the awe at the beauty and abilities of YOUR body

In other words, you’ll…


Glow from the inside out…


All YOU have to do is choose the Movement Experience that speaks to you ✨

Movement Experiences

Designed to Move Audio Exploration

Audio Experience

Get ready to reconnect to the wisdom of your body and invite it to move intentionally and in ways that feel good to YOU with this new audio exploration.

To get your copy of my Designed to Move Audio Experience, simply click on the “Audio Experience Button👇




Moving with the Muses - Yong Pratt

Moving with the Muses

You’re invited to move your body in many different ways in order to shift and explore your energy during these monthly online gatherings.

Each experience is lovingly curated to help you let go of what no longer serves you. We’ll integrate the whole body using holistic, feel-good movement.   

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Custom Experiences [prices vary]

Looking for an experience that is transformative and out of the ordinary for your next team building, education, or workplace event?

Together, we’ll customize an experience to help all participants get back into their bodies and rekindle their inner GLOW.

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